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reviewed Blackberry Curve. April 14, 2009
The Curve
I've had my Blackberry curve for about a year now. I believe it has both good and bad qualities, when compared against the iPhone.    The Good  -It's MUCH easier to …
reviewed Trader Joe's Soy Nuggets. April 14, 2009
Trader Joe's Soy Nuggets
These soy nuggets - when cooked in the oven, NEVER in a microwave - are decent, at best. They are edible, even to meat eaters. I just don't think they're that enjoyable.     These …
reviewed Maple Syrup Diet. April 14, 2009
Lemon, water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper
The Maple Syrup Diet, also known as "Master Cleanse," is great if you wanna lose 3-5 pounds really fast, and then gain it back next week. I don't have any idea what the detoxing effects are, but I do …
reviewed Bobby Flay. April 14, 2009
Initially, I was far from being a fan of Bobby Flay. In the early days of Food Network, before he was their lingering trophy head, Flay was best known for his terrible stunt on the original Iron Chef. …
reviewed Kombucha by Synergy. April 14, 2009
I love Kombucha! My bestie Colin turned me onto it when he started "brewing" his own at home. His is really tasty stuff, and when you make it yourself, it's practically free, as opposed to the $5 a bottle.  &nb …
reviewed Bechamel Sauce. April 11, 2009
Bechamel Sauce
Bechamel is your friend in the kitchen. Mastering this basic sauce will enable you to easily make countless dishes and variations to spice up your culinary routine.    Just melt butter …
reviewed Ricotta Cheese. April 10, 2009
Ricotta Cheese
I love ricotta cheese so much that this rating system fails me. It's super versatile, creamy, smooth and so delicious. You can use it in anything from blueberry pancakes to crostini to magical pastas …
reviewed Candied Bacon. April 09, 2009
Candied Bacon
Despite my earlier rant about how sick I am of all things bacon (not the meat itself exactly, but the t shirts, panties, and blogs created in its honor), I have a secret to share with you.   …
reviewed Bacon. April 08, 2009
People have gone so bat sh*t for bacon, I kind of feel like a loser admitting that I love it. Bacon explosion! Baconnaise! Other Bacon stuff! I dunno! Stop talking about bacon - you're ruining it for …
reviewed Sperry Top-Sider. April 08, 2009
I don't know about this Sperry business, but I do know that right now I'm wearing my blue patent leather top-siders and couldn't be happier. They are comfortable, great for walking, and rather stylish!  Psshht! …
reviewed Sarah Palin. April 08, 2009
Sarah Palin Headshot
Hating on Sarah Palin is old news, I know (for liberals at least). Just wanted to say how much my past disgust with her still resonates with me.  Today I asked my coworker to pick up a pack …
reviewed Cats. April 08, 2009
I have two little guys - brothers- Scraps and Hi-Hat, and they are the collest dudes around. I totally recommend getting a pair of kittens instead of one, so that they have each other to play with and …
reviewed Gin and Tonic. April 08, 2009
Gin and Tonic
I love a good Gin and Tonic on a hot summer day. Add a dask of bitters to liven it up! It transports the drink into a whole new palate-pleaser.
reviewed Yogurt. April 08, 2009
Though I enjoy having a Dannon Light & Fit here and there, I don't usually have a tub of yogurt in the house. I bought some non fat plain yogurt to use as a substitute in a sauce, and now I'm …
reviewed Urban Outfitters. April 08, 2009
Urban Outfitters
I'm sorry to say that I worked at Urban Outfitters for over a year, working my way up to Cash Wrap Team Lead (that means I rang people up, and was in charge-ish of other people who rang people up). …
reviewed Guy Fieri. April 08, 2009
Guy Fieri has to be one of the most annoying television personalities in the world. Even his hair is obnixious. I still have nightmares about Guy's Big Bite.  His current show, in case you're …
reviewed McDonald's. April 08, 2009
Fast food behemoth McDonalds has to be one of the most recognizable brands in the world, a terrifying fact.   I say we start finding new ways to spend our food dollars! Is it really good value …
reviewed NonSociety. April 08, 2009
Mind you, not the meal in the middle of the day (har har).  I kind of love NonSociety. It resonates to see young gals trying to figure out how to do their own thing and be successful at it. It's …
reviewed Jane. April 08, 2009
When I was a wee young thing (college years) I used to dabble in modeling.  I hit it off with a make up artist I worked with on a shoot for Nylon, and she asked to take my poloroid as a possible …
reviewed The City. April 08, 2009
Reality tv show
...I'm happy to report that The City is about as far from reality as you can get!    Here are some inconsistencies:  1. Most of us live in Brooklyn! (Or Queens.) Remember …
reviewed 100 Calorie Packs. April 07, 2009
100 Calorie Packs
I love cheese crackers as much as the next guy, but i don't understand why people can't portion them out themselves into baggies - or better yet - reusable containers. With prepackaged individual portions, …
reviewed Wii Sports. April 07, 2009
Wii Sports
Wii Sports can be ADDICTIVELY fun. I would not recommend doing the following, as I did last Friday AND Saturday nights:    1. Cook dinner for your friends.  2. Make COFFEE …
reviewed Sea of Shoes. April 07, 2009
Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes
This young gal is thoroughly adorable. I am extremely jealous of her 79,000 billion million pairs of designer kicks, perfectly angelic face, and top model figure. She is very stylish and sophisticated! …
reviewed Heat: An Amateur's Adventures as Kitc.... April 07, 2009
Heat by Bill Buford
As a big foodie and fan of food writing, this book was right up my alley. One of the neatest things about the book was the behing-the-scenes look into the kitchen at Babbo, a Batali restaurant in Manhattan's …
reviewed Seven for All Mankind. April 07, 2009
pocket logo
I have a couple pairs of these knocking around from the early 2000s, when it suddenly became mainstream trendy to invest over a hundred dollars in a pair of jeans.   I will say that they're …
reviewed Brown Sugar. April 07, 2009
Brown sugar is a really fun ingredient to se in unusual ways. Try it in a cocktail I invented for my thirsty BF the other night!    Rosemary-infused vodka (pour vodka into a pitcher, …
reviewed Purple. April 07, 2009
Pretty Purple
I give the color purple, and the color category in general, a top ranking, because this is hilarious.   
reviewed Bloody Mary. April 07, 2009
Bloody Mary Drink
I like how the data point includes "other spices or flavorings."    The ultimate Bloody Mary includes:    Clamato! (Never use anything else - Clamato is perfect.)  Vodka& …
reviewed Trader Joe's. April 07, 2009
Trader Joe's
I totally dig Trader Joe's! I shop there for my staples: canned beans and tomatoes, pastas, basic cheeses, milk, eggs, and so on. When it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, however, I find their selection …
reviewed Misto Gourmet Stainless Steel Olive O.... April 07, 2009
Misto Gourmet Stainless Steel Olive Oil Sprayer
Olive Oil should not be sprayed. That's weird.  
reviewed The Chipmunk Song. April 07, 2009
I'm such a huge fan of animals' number one hits! The Chipmunks really hit it out of the ballpark with this jam. I just hope Dave didn't steal all their money after they became major stars.  
reviewed He's Just Not That Into You. April 07, 2009
I went and saw this movie because I went to high school with one of the ladies in the film. She was good! But then I had to sit through the other 3 hours of the movie.  I love bad romantic comedies, …
reviewed Bud Light Lime. April 07, 2009
Bud Light Lime
Bud Light Lime makes me want to grab a tub of manic panic, repierce my lip, and throw on a Death Cab album. It's like college all over again, but way stupider and better.  It's a delicious, …
reviewed Hendrick's Gin. April 07, 2009
Now Let's Talk Tonic
Gin scented with cucumber that comes in a green glass barrel?  I'm yours.  
reviewed Eat Less Diet. April 07, 2009
Eat Less Diet
But yeah, I agree. Eating less is better than eating more, unless someone gave you a humongous plate of pork. They call them pigs for a reason right? Shouldn't we listen to Mama English and follow suit?   …
reviewed Grilled Veggie Sandwich. April 07, 2009
As a recovering vegetarian, I can't tell you how many times I've forced a bland eggplant, squash, onion, roasted red pepper and mozzerella sandwich down my meat-free gullet. This sandwich is TIRED, and …
reviewed Let's Party Roasted Crab. April 07, 2009
Let's Party Roasted Crab
I would like to party with one of these small bags of roasted crab.  
reviewed The Cheesecake Factory. April 07, 2009
Cheesecake factory
Dessert chains totally gross me out. Why do we need 70 kinds of cheesecake?!  
reviewed Hell's Kitchen. April 07, 2009
Hell's Kitchen
It's like rubbernecking at a car crash, but in an obviously crappy restaurant with obviously crabby patrons and everyone is yelling. In other words, it's a really funny show.  Also, everyone …
reviewed Sex and the City - The Movie. April 07, 2009
Movie Teaser
I've probably seen every episode of SatC every made. This is not necessarily because I think it's a great show, but rather because I have a penchant for trashy TV, and I love to imagine what living in …
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