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Sheila Deeth (SheilaDeeth)
posted "Satisfying end to a zombie vs superpowers young adult series" about Even In Death (Book 3 of 3 in The Starborn Saga).   October 08, 2013
Satisfying end to a zombie vs superpower
   Author Jason D. Morrow brings his Starborn saga to a satisfying conclusion with this third volume, Even in Death. The story starts with i
posted "Beautiful world-building" about Dark Children of Naor.   October 08, 2013
Beautiful world-building
   Beautiful and immensely detailed world-building characterizes the three short stories in Justyna Plichta-Jendzio’s collection, Dark
posted "Space opera with a female bounty hunter" about Rogue Hunter: Inquest.   October 08, 2013
Space opera with a female bounty hunter
Action, politics, sex, drama, romance, temptation and more... this opening volume to a space opera series has it all, as bounty hunter Zyra Zanr purs
posted "Short action-packed comic-book sci-fi fiction" about Rogue Hunter: Gaia #1: Into the Abyss.   September 26, 2013
Short action-packed comic-book sci-fi fi
Life is cheap in the far-future world of Rogue Hunter, Gaia #1. Hormonal impulses are the stuff of jokes as female protagonists conquer the opposition
posted "Dystopian fiction with zombies and a nice storyline" about If It Kills Me (Book 2 of 3 in The Starborn Saga).   September 26, 2013
Dystopian fiction with zombies and a nic
Second out of three novels in the Starborn Saga, If It Kills Me continues the story of teenager Mora as she struggles to come to terms with her new po
posted "fun middle-grade high-school fantasy fiction" about Into the Spiral.   September 04, 2013
fun middle-grade high-school fantasy fic
Ronnie’s about to start high school and celebrates by getting a spiral tattoo, without her parents’ permission. She makes a very believabl
posted "Intriguing eco-thriller / romantic-suspense / future fantasy novel" about Psyche's Prophecy (Transformation Series).   September 04, 2013
Intriguing eco-thriller / romantic-suspe
Psycho-analyst Lara lives in a near-future resource- poor Seattle where she tries to restrict her use of psychic abilities to the minimum. But sometim
posted "Harry Potter meets Malory Towers" about Destiny, by Andrea Buginsky.   September 04, 2013
Harry Potter meets Malory Towers
Lonely Elena’s looking forward to seeing her Godmother Isabel when she turns 16. But her family has some surprises in store as Arthurian myths b
posted "An intriguing, haunting short story" about The Fractured Boy.   September 04, 2013
An intriguing, haunting short story
A wonderfully haunting short story, Meredith Skye’s The Fractured Boy vividly juxtaposes two worlds—a past or future land of peace and ser
posted "Feels like a strong restart to the series" about Downpour (Greywalker Series #6) by Kat Richardson | 9780451464262 | Paperback | Barnes & Noble.   August 26, 2013
Feels like a strong restart to the serie
After dying, again, Harper Blaine’s skills in the Grey have changed, and author Kat Richardson does a great job of restarting this exciting myst
posted "Intriguing premise, YA dystopian fiction" about Out Of Darkness (Book 1 of The Starborn Saga).   August 21, 2013
Intriguing premise, YA dystopian fiction
In a well-imagined dystopian future, a teenager sets out on a quest to save her village. People are starving. “[T]errible monsters that used to
posted "Fun start to a kids' fantasy series" about An Unexpected Adventure (The Distania Chronicles).   July 20, 2013
Fun start to a kids' fantasy series
Chris wants to play with his friend Alex, but Alex’s family has moved away and playing together by computer just isn’t the same. Or is it?
posted "Paranormal mythology crossed with modern spy story" about Book of Death.   July 19, 2013
Paranormal mythology crossed with modern
Mythology and a 60s spy story combine as the Transylvanian prologue to S. Evan Townsend’s Book of Death gives way to an intriguing first chapter
posted "excietment, fun and chance of a role-playing game" about Nature's Unbalance (The Chosen).   July 09, 2013
excietment, fun and chance of a role-pla
Second in the Chosen series by Andrea Buginsky, Nature’s Unbalance returns readers to the world of Phatasmna, where the brave warriors and spell
posted "Time travel, bringing a sci fi series full circle." about Lagrange Point (The Progeny of Evolution Series).   July 09, 2013
Time travel, bringing a sci fi series fu
Author Mike Arsuaga brings the subspecies series full circle in the novel Lagrange Point. The story’s set further in the future than its predece
posted "Exciting and clever sci fi romance" about Lone Wolf.   July 09, 2013
Exciting and clever sci fi romance
Set in distant future, Dellani Oakes’ Lone Wolf combines space flight, mining guilds, treachery and romance into an exciting action adventure wi
posted "Nicely different take on vampires and salvation" about Grace Through Blood (The Holy Damned).   July 09, 2013
Nicely different take on vampires and sa
Ranging from secret chapels of ancient France to high-tech military establishments in the modern world, but centered firmly in Charleston, A. J. Lee’s
posted "oddly different fantasy of heaven and hell" about Search for the Fallen: Angels of the Sword (Volume 1).   July 09, 2013
oddly different fantasy of heaven and he
With an oddly different take on Heaven and Hell, J.E. Hudson’s Search for the Fallen is the first in a series—Angels of the Sword. A prank
posted "paranormal fantasy of the afterlife" about The Journey (Guardians, #1).   July 09, 2013
paranormal fantasy of the afterlife
A nicely symbolic imagining of the afterlife underlies Michael Abayomi’s The Journey, first in his Guardians and Lost Paradise series. Daniel wa
posted "X-Men on the dark side" about The Forbidden Trilogy (Special Omnibus Edition).   May 24, 2013
X-Men on the dark side
Reminiscent of X-Men, The Forbidden Trilogy introduces readers to seventeen-year-old Sam, a genius artist and student in a special school for children
posted "Great characters and plot in epic fantasy series" about Between Dark and Light.   May 14, 2013
Great characters and plot in epic fantas
Enter a world of dwarves, ogres and more, of dark powers and light hope, of tortured (sometimes literally) protagonists, politics, rebellion, friends
posted "Short, sharp and intriguing" about Trilogies: 18 sets of short fiction.   May 14, 2013
Short, sharp and intriguing
The stories are short and fun, grouped into intriguing sets of three by location, time, topic and genre; all very organized, like licensing baby-strol
posted "Macabre interconnected Victorian horror stories" about Mask of the Macabre.   May 06, 2013
Macabre interconnected Victorian horror
Historical London, where King Cholera kills while magicians entertain with imagined death, is the backdrop for these short stories. But there’s
posted "High elves, high fantasy, and romance" about Sword's Call (The King's Riders).   May 06, 2013
High elves, high fantasy, and romance
The sword’s magical, the wolf is delightful, and the woman bravely pursues her valiant quest. When she meets a quiet half-elf her generous natur
posted "Alternate worlds and teen emotions in a complex mix" about Fields of Elysium.   May 06, 2013
Alternate worlds and teen emotions in a
Moving cross-country can feel a bit like moving between worlds, but the narrator of this novel finds herself accidentally transported through a haze o
posted "Smalltown magic, mystery and intrigue" about Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective.   May 01, 2013
Smalltown magic, mystery and intrigue
With a nicely modern—normal and paranormal—take on the noir detective genre, Christine Amsden sets her novel, Cassie Scott, ParaNormal Det
posted "Good second book in kids' fantasy series" about The Return of General Drake (Azra's Pith).   May 01, 2013
Good second book in kids' fantasy series
Starting right where book one ended, with young Alexander missing in action, his talking frog friend distraught, and the world about to fall apart, El
posted "Fun fantasy action adventure for boys" about Alexander Drake's Extraordinary Pursuit (Azra's Pith).   May 01, 2013
Fun fantasy action adventure for boys
Memories of Gulliver’s Travels and Narnia bubble up as I enjoy this fast-action middle-grade novel of a lonely young man discovering his heritag
posted "nice fantasy action adventure for girls." about The Chosen.   April 25, 2013
nice fantasy action adventure for girls.
Phantasma is in shock and grief after attacks by Prince Gastle. Queen Laurali of the Elves sends her valiant group, including the short, stout and bea
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