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reviewed King Arthur (2004). February 28, 2005
King Arthur - The Director's Cut (Widescreen
When you think about it, what is the collective conception of the Arthurian legend?     Well, it's a myth, for one thing, and an achingly Pre-Raphaelite one at that: a sword magically …
reviewed King Arthur (2004). January 25, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
King Arthur - The Director's Cut (Widescreen
I missed this in the movies and so waited eagerly for its release in the DVD. I love a good epic, on film or in print, the closer to the way things really might have been, the better. And I think this …
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
I purposely delayed reading HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX for over a year to avoid all the hype that surrounded it upon it's initial release. The Harry Potter books slowly became and are now …
reviewed Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Chris.... January 24, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
This movie, which was painful to view especially with my 7 year old present, totally destroyed the spirit of Dr. Seuss. In his book the Grinch was a Grumpy old person who just wanted in the end that the …
reviewed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.... January 21, 2005
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1)
Excellent book for kids of all ages. This is a well written, well thouht out book. Ms. Rowling has an excellent command of our language. The story line keeps the pages turning. This is a great start to …
reviewed Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Chris.... January 10, 2005
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
The original Dr. Seuss Story on How The Grinch Stole Christmas was a mere half hour cartoon. The original cartoon version kept it simple without any extended sidebars and remains more successful.    R …
reviewed American Gods. January 06, 2005
American Gods: A Novel
Some fantasies are impossible to classify, and are almost impossible to review. "American Gods" is one of them. Zelazny's "Lord of Light" is a story of a 'gods versus gods' war, and so is this book. But …
reviewed Hellboy (2004 movie). January 01, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
Hellboy Special Edition DVD
The theatrical cut was good, four stars. But now, thanks to the added minutes, the story and the characters get the time to develop the way they should have. The love story between Liz and Hellboy finally …
reviewed Ship of Destiny. December 23, 2004
Ship of Destiny
"Ship of Destiny" was supposed to be the final book of Robin Hobb's "Liveship Traders" trilogy, but it leaves many loose ends, including the nature and fate of the bead-maker, Amber. And what about those …
reviewed King Arthur (2004). December 23, 2004
King Arthur - The Director's Cut (Widescreen
If gore, and dialogue like "aargh" and "oomph", and impossibly far flying arrows, and tense battle scenes of masses of Saxons against a mere few Knights is your cup of tea, then KING ARTHUR is bound to …
reviewed Mad Ship. December 18, 2004
Mad Ship
This is one of those books where you just want to bang a couple of characters upside the head and shout, "Will you two just hop into the sack and get it over with!" Other than a certain frustration with …
reviewed The Lord of the Rings: The Return of .... December 14, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
DVD front
There really isn't anything else I can about the Peter Jackson's movie THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING that hasn't been said before. The movie is the 3rd part of the most ambitious cinematic …
reviewed A Wrinkle In Time (2004 movie). December 13, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
A Wrinkle In Time (2004)
Before there was Harry Potter and Lemony Snickett, there was Meg, Calvin, and little Charles Wallace. "A Wrinkle In Time" was the beginning of one of the best fantasies for older children and, yes, even …
reviewed King Arthur (2004). December 12, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
King Arthur - The Director's Cut (Widescreen
KING ARTHUR attempts to do what very few Arthur movies have done before. The movie attempts to take the legend out of the Arthur story and place in within a semi-historical context. The story the movie …
reviewed King Arthur (2004). October 19, 2004
King Arthur - The Director's Cut (Widescreen
This movie was a lot better than I thought it would be. Though I always thought of King Arthur as belonging to a later period, this movie does a decent job of capturing a much earlier period in history …
reviewed The Lord of the Rings: The Return of .... October 13, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
DVD front
The only thing bad I can say about this movie is that I didn't want it to end! Just as good as the first two (I wonder why this was the only one to win Best Picture). If you are unfamiliar with the books …
reviewed Tailchaser's Song. October 09, 2004
Tailchaser's Song
If you like cats. If you simply like a good story. If you like a book you cannot put down after reading the first page...this one is for you! I first read this book in 1987 and have to admit to having …
reviewed Peter Pan. October 05, 2004
Peter Pan
This first thing that I realized about this movie was that had I been a child when I watched it, I would have thought it to be one of the greatest movies ever. However, I'm a few years removed from being …
reviewed The Mists of Avalon (2001). September 23, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
The Mists of Avalon (2001)
The Mists of Avalon is based on Arthurian legends and a novel by Marion Zimmer Bradely. I generally like Marion Zimmer Bradely's books, so I thought a movie based on a book of hers would be enjoyable. …
reviewed The Silmarillion. September 23, 2004
The Silmarillion
Pros: Wow.     Cons: Whoa, confusing...     The Bottom Line: It's going to take more than one reading to get everything in this book - but it's worth it!     …
reviewed The Princess Bride (1987 film). September 08, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
DVD front
Each time I watch this movie, it seems to get better. I watched it with my teen children years ago and now have the pleasure of watching it with my grandchildren. It has lost none of it's charm. This …
reviewed The Mists of Avalon (2001). September 08, 2004
The Mists of Avalon (2001)
If I hadn't read Marion Zimmer Bradely's "Mists of Avalon" upon which this mini-series was based, I sincerely would have liked this 4 hour presentation. But having read and thoroughly enjoyed the novel, …
reviewed Sleepy Hollow (film). September 07, 2004
Sleepy Hollow
"Sleepy Hollow" is fun. Tim Burton outdid himself on this one. I've always enjoyed Burton's work, but I felt that he might have gone a little overboard with the second "Batman" flick. In the case of the …
reviewed The Wizard of Oz. August 14, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
The Wizard of Oz
Even as a jaded adult I can still enjoy the movie The Wizard of Oz. When I was a kid, each year it came on I eagerly anticipated watching it. The story of Dorothy transported to the strange Oz and her …
reviewed Monty Python and the Holy Grail. August 04, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
Monty Python's Holy Grail
Nothing to say about the film itself - simply a word of warning about the box set: it appears from the product listing to be simply a copy of the ordinary 2 DVD edition - which retails for less than half …
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