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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter Book 7)

413 Ratings: 3.6
The seventh and final novel in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter.

      Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the seventh and final of the Harry Potter novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The book was released on 21 July 2007, ending the series that began in 1997 with the publication … see full wiki

Author: J. K. Rowling
Genre: Children's Books, Fantasy
Publisher: Scholastic, Arthur A. Levine Books
63 reviews about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry...
review by . February 14, 2010
It was with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4) that I was hooked on Harry Potter, as J. K. Rowling's growing skill as a writer, her growing audience's growing maturity, and her ability to focus on a core of characters we cared about culminated in a series that had lasting power. Deathly Hallows captures "Year 7" and the end of the Hogwarts experience for Harry, Ron, and Hermione.     But this will be a year unlike any other! Harry, Ron, and Hermione, now outcasts in …
review by . June 22, 2010
***series spoilers below***      After years of preparing ourselves for the fate of boy-wizard Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the series’ final installment, offers enough suspense and surprise to keep us as entertained as its six predecessors. Dumbledore is dead, Death Eaters have overtaken the wizarding world, and Harry leaves number four, Privet Drive for the last time in a dangerous escape that costs the first of many lives. To make matters worse, …
review by . August 03, 2010
Being a Harry Potter Fan I Had to Read This Book, and I Simply Couldn't Put it Down.
          The last chapter in the Harry Potter book was fast paced, exciting, and held my attention. It also provided closure to the Harry Potter series for me. The reason I love The Deathly Hallows is because it never got boring for me. Page after page there was always something going on, even if it was the death of a few of my favorite characters. I also enjoyed how we got to see and learn more about Lord Voldemort or “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”.   …
review by . May 18, 2010
In my opinion, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" was an impressive end to my favorite book series of all time. When I originally read the first Harry Potter book I had my doubts as to whether I would even like the content. After all, it seemed like a book series aimed at children that produced a following of massive proportions and usually I did not want to participate in the thing that appealed so greatly with the masses. However, I was greatly mistaken. I thoroughly …
Quick Tip by . October 08, 2010
   Great finish to the Harry Potter series.  It is quite different with pretty much no Hogwarts making it a fresh finish to the series.
review by . July 14, 2010
   I didn't start reading the Harry Potter books until shortly before this book was published.  In some ways I consider myself lucky, as I didn't have to wait around to find out what was going to happen; however,  I also feel that I had cheated myself by missing out on the whole Harry Potter craze.   I had dismissed this wonderful series as being juvenile. I was so incredibly wrong!   The last novel of the series, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" …
review by . June 17, 2010
Every decade or so a book--or in this case, a series of books--comes along that for some reason gains incredible popularity and inspires a generation to read, write and talk about. Harry Potter is that series for my generation. Having read the first book and fallen in love with Harry Potter when J.K. Rowling was still an unknown author, after ten years to see the series come to an end was a bittersweet event. I had grown up with Harry quite literally. As luck would have it I was usually the same …
review by . May 18, 2010
What was your emotional reaction as you read? Why?   As I read I thought that I felt sad the entire time. To know that this was the end of the series, I was heartbroken that there was not another to look forward to.      Who would you recommend this reading to and why?   I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who has read the others, or even to anyone who hasn't read any; although I suggest they start with number one.      Consider …
review by . June 21, 2010
    I would recommend this book series. This is the last Harry Potter book, and is full of action. Harry, Ron and Hermione skip their last year of school to go hunting for Horcruxes. Horcruxes are made when you murder, and they are hunting the remaining of the seven Horcruxes of Voldemort. While hunting them, they discover the Hallows. There are three, the resurrection stone, the Elder Wand, and the Invisibility Cloak. The Cloak is already in Harry's possession, and …
Quick Tip by . August 09, 2010
Harry Potter and the Plot Device. It read like a video game, and the end wasn't satisfying. But I kinda grew up with it, so I'm loyal. Like new Star Wars.
review by . July 16, 2010
I am totally falling in love with JK Rowling again! This book is much different than her others, the ones in the begining were more for a shock factor and the wizarding/learning side, this book is more about emotions and back stories of the characters.  I love her use of details, it really makes you feel like you are truely there.  I am only a few hundred pages in and I cant put it down!
review by . July 14, 2010
The Harry Potter series kept me intrigued for however long it took for all the books to come out, but the story itself got tedious.  It was too predictable, cliche, dramatic, all that, and nowhere was that more true than the seventh book.  Yes, it is in theory written for children, but beyond the mere, "wow it would be cool if magic were real" aspect, the seventh book is too long, and too full of teenage drama.  I didn't even finish it the first time I began reading …
review by . July 14, 2010
J.K. Rowling brings her seven-part story to a dramatic conclusion in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a nail biting and spellbinding book that moves at breakneck speed toward the inevitable final confrontation between Harry and the evil wizard Voldemort. This time around Rowling deviates from the pattern that is so familiar in the others—there is no return to Hogwart’s for Harry, Ron, and Hermione at the start of the school year. Voldemort and the Death Eaters now control …
Quick Tip by . July 13, 2010
Awesome book. If you love magic and mystery this is the book for you.
Quick Tip by . July 09, 2010
This was one of my favorite books of the series. I love Harry Potter,and yes i realize how nerdy that sounds lol
Quick Tip by . July 05, 2010
By the time this book came out I was liking the series less and less, but I needed closure so I read this one. It's alright. I just don't think J.K. Rowling is a very good writer, which is fine for kids, cause they don't care. But I was glad the series had finally ended.
Quick Tip by . July 04, 2010
Good ending
Quick Tip by . July 02, 2010
Best one of the series!
Quick Tip by . July 02, 2010
Fitting ending to the series, but there's about 175 pages of Teen Angst that I could have done without. I lived through my own! (LOL) I think some of it could have been cut out -- but wade through it, it's a good ending.
Quick Tip by . July 02, 2010
brilliant book
Quick Tip by . July 02, 2010
I bought it and did not sleep that night. Too many things seem coincidental, learning Snape was the tragic hero is a little disappointing- we all wanted to hate him- Dumbledore left too many things to chance, too much exposition in the end, epilogue reads like fan-fiction. But, you know what? It has its brilliant moments, like the first chapter, the wedding, the lockets destruction, Harry calmly facing Voldemort, and even all that happensafter Voldemort dies. In the end, it was a good end.
Quick Tip by . July 01, 2010
what else can i say except epic ending for an epic book series. jk rowling really outdid herself with the last 3 books of harry potter. and how everything fell together so perfectly was amazing. and snapes secret, and oh so revealing memory, seemed to explain every single unsolved part of the mysterious magical world. the one downside to this series was the hitler rip off. hitler=hebrew blooded brown haired man who hates anyone w/out blonde hair and blue eyes. voldemort=mudblood who hates muggle
Quick Tip by . June 30, 2010
Ties evertything together in one simple knot
Quick Tip by . June 30, 2010
i love harry potter
Quick Tip by . June 30, 2010
Darn good book I look forward to reading it again
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