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Farscape: The Complete Season Two

2 Ratings: 4.5
The second season of the science fiction/fantasy television series that ran from 2000-2001.

   Farscape is an Australian-American science fiction television series filmed in Australia and produced originally for the Nine Network. The series was conceived by Rockne S. O'Bannon and produced by Jim Henson Productions and Hallmark … see full wiki

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A Quick Tip by Count_Orlok_22

  • Sep 13, 2011
Season Two of Farscape delivers the promise which Star Trek failed to keep... It does boldly go where no one has ever gone before. In many ways the story lines in season two aren't as classic as those in season one, but this is due primarily to the fact that the first season's focus was on creating the world and the characters depicted in the series. The focus of season two is elaborating on the themes, characters, and conflicts introduced in the first season.

The series changes the dramatic arc a bit since Crichton is no longer being pursued by Crais, who is now an outlaw like the crew of Moya, and since Crais is now in command of Moya's offspring, Talyn, a Leviathan gunship hybrid. Scorpius really becomes the series' primary antagonist from this point onward and the primary conflict is whether he will manage to capture Crichton and acquire the wormhole knowledge locked away in Crichton's brain. To make matters worse, Crichton realizes that he is having strange visions of Scorpius and fears that he is losing his grip on reality.
Aeryn is forced to acknowledge her feelings for Crichton, but she still has trouble admitting them to him, and her dark Peacekeeper past still stands as an obstacle between her and the rest of the crew.
Rygel struggles with his own selfish and materialistic impulses.
Chiana and D'Argo develop a spicy romantic affair which may or may not end happily.
Zhaan must overcome her fears and guide the rest of the crew through the emotional and spiritual trials. Crais embraces his new-found redemption and continues to be an unexpected and valuable ally aboard Talyn.

The second season takes the series into stranger, darker, and sexier territory as characters build the foundations for romance and are tested by great perils, both external and internal. This reflected in the visuals as much as in the storytelling.
The Jim Henson Company and their Creature Shop continues to provide stunning puppetry, animatronics, and make-ups (all of which have been updated) giving the series a realistic and truly alien look. The special effects remain spectacular for a television series.

Like the first season which preceded it and the third and fourth seasons that followed, the second season comprised of 22 amazing episodes.
The plot lines continue to be quirky, absorbing, and anarchically irreverent. The series also delves more deeply into the fantasy genre with episodes revolving around mysticism and supernatural alien powers.The cliffhangers become increasingly suspenseful and the season premiere and the season finale remain high points in the show's history.
Below are some of my favorite episodes from Season Two:

"Mind the Baby" - Following the finale of the first season, Crichton, Aeryn, and D'Argo are stranded on a small asteroid while Crais and Talyn are in orbit nearby. Scorpius and the Peacekeepers are scouring the asteroid field for them in order to get the wormhole data from Crichton's brain. Meanwhile, Zhaan, Chiana, and Rygel are debate whether to keep searching for their lost friends or whether to move on.

"Crackers Don't Matter" - When the crew of Moya allows an alien named T'raltixx to come aboard the ship to install a cloaking device, they aren't prepared for his true evil nature. He leads them into a constellation of pulsar stars from which he draws his power as well as draining Moya's energy to feed his need for light. Meanwhile, seeds of distrust are sown among the crew as they all become increasingly paranoid and hostile towards each other and only Crichton, who has begun having disturbing visions of Scorpius, can save them from insanity and death.

"Look at the Princess, Part I: A Kiss is But a Kiss" - While visiting a royal planet, Crichton unknowingly kisses a princess and is found to be the only person with the genetic potential to continue the royal bloodline. As he is asked to consider marrying the princess, he uncovers a conspiracy between a Scarran emissary and the princess' own traitorous brother. Meanwhile, D'Argo and Chiana's sexual relationship proves to be vigorous.

"Look at the Princess, Part II: I Do, I Think" - After numerous assassination attempts and the presence of Scorpius on the royal planet, Crichton is forced into marrying the princess which outrages Aeryn, who agrees to go rock-climbing with a suitor, which turns out to be dangerous.

"Look at the Princess, Part III: The Maltese Crichton" - Crichton is turned into a living statue so that he may be learn the royal planets customs and politics while awaiting his turn to rule alongside his new princess bride. His head is stolen by rivals to the throne and ends up in the hands of Scorpius, but he is saved by a beautiful Peacekeeper spy named Jenavian. Crichton and his friends must find a way for him to escape Scorpius, avoid the Scarran emissary, and still satisfy the royal planet's need for an heir. Elsewhere Zhaan and Pilot come face to face with the legendary god-like race known as the Builders, who created the Leviathan species and who want to decommission Moya.

"Die Me, Dichotomy" - After having realized that Scorpius planted an invasive mental chip into his brain, Crichton seeks to have it removed while endangering his friends as the chip causes him to become more like Scorpius and he causes Aeryn's death. Seeking medical aid from a brilliant scientist and doctor called a Diagnosan, Moya's burns are healed and the chip is removed from Crichton's brain, but only just in time for Scorpius to steal it and leave Crichton on the operating table unable to communicate verbally.

So often, a series' sophomore season proves whether or not the show will have a lasting impact on pop culture and if it will last for a full run. Farscape's second season certainly cemented its status as a cult classic and helped to gain momentum for the pivotal season three.
Talyn Chiana Ka D'Argo John Crichton
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Farscape: The Complete Season Two
Farscape: The Complete Season Two
Premiere Date: March 17, 2000
Description: The second season of the Sci-Fi Channel original series about an astronaut lost in space on a ship full of escaped alien prisoners.
Genre: Sci-Fi
Studio: Jim Henson Company, A&E Home Video, Sci-fi Channel
Original Air Date: March 17, 2000 - January 26, 2001
DVD Release Date: November 17, 2009
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