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Must Read by Roald Dahl

  • Jun 7, 2010
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What was your emotional reaction as you read? Why? It was cute because of all the imagination that took place in the novel


Who would you recommend this reading to and why?The book is a must for older elementary students but its also a good read for adults


Consider the setting.  the setting is good for children but a book i definately revist several times in my adults life


Consider the story/plot.


Consider character development.


Consider themes and motifs.


Consider literary elements used, such as metaphors


What was the message/purpose of the writing?


Compare and contrast reading with other book types


Compare and contrast reading to movie adaptations.
the movie was pretty good kind of close the interpetation that you are freed from in your imagination

Describe the illustrations (if applicable).


Reflect on the author.

Roald Dahl is a great author for children as well as adults

Nonfiction: Describe the facts and research.


Non-book: How topic is related to "books?"


Non-book: If e-reader, evaluate pros and cons.


Non-book: Describe value & usability of website.


Non-book: Why users should try new reading gadget.


What did you think of this review?

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June 09, 2010
I consider this a must-read, too!  One of my favorites as a child.  Do you like other Roald Dahl books?  I'm looking forward to reading more from you.  And I know that you're a new user, so just a pointer, but you can actually delete the review prompts that don't pertain to your review ;)  By the way, I think you'll enjoy this poll on Favorite Roald Dahl Books.  Thanks for sharing, Stepie!
June 07, 2010
Dear stepie82, I really like Roald Dahl. James and the Giant Peach was not one of my favorites though. But I have to ask you? Have you read his autobiographies? What about his short stories? The Umbrella Man? Skin? The Man From The South? I do not want to be rude but you should read any or all of these stories. Then you should write another review. Or do mind rewriting your review for this story? I am interested in hearing what you really think about James and the Giant Peach. Sincerely, Sam Sutlive.
More James and the Giant Peach (boo... reviews
review by . June 17, 2010
I love most of Roald Dahl's books, but James and the Giant Peach was especially delicious. I think this was the only occasion in my life in which I actually liked bugs (even the spider, which I generally have a phobia of). Dahl paints their characters in such a light, but compelling way that it is hard not to like them.       I would recommend this book to anyone able to read, because although it is a children's book, it resembles Harry Potter in the fact that it …
review by . June 02, 2010
'Here is James Henry Trotter when he was about four years old." So begins the book, James and the Giant Peach. I read this book 30 years ago when I was ten  and it is one of those books I have never forgotten. I have given and recommended this book to countless numbers of children over the years. It is creative, visual and an easy read for those under the age of ten. The illustrations are beautiful and I remember them vividly!      The Story: Young James has to live …
review by . June 18, 2010
James and The Giant Peach is a classic children's story about a little boy named James Henry Trotter and his adventures in a giant peach that is inhabited by larger-than-life insects and earthworms who've eaten a mysterious crystal to grow into mammoth proportions!      The story takes place in England where Henry is raised by two devious aunts named Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge after his parents are gobbled up by a stark raving mad rhino that somehow escaped from the …
review by . July 02, 2010
One thing that I had heard as a kid was that although Dahl's books were mainly for kids, he didn't particularly like kids. For some reason, this made me respect the books and Dahl even more. This book, like Dahl's other books, offers a fantastic adventure with high stakes and dangerous, evil adults involved. While books like this are still being read, I feel that so many others these days are worried about being too scary or dark when it comes to kid's books (Lemony Snicket is a …
Quick Tip by . October 07, 2010
Roald Dahl was a master storyteller who understood the workings of a child's mind, and never looked down upon them. This enduring favorite is a wonderful adventure and a fine example of Dahl's work.
review by . July 13, 2010
I love this book!! I remember my mom would read this book to me all the time when i was about five years old. This is a great childrens book, i know it gave me quite a few cherishable childhood memories. I like how the author really animated the characters, they were all pretty funny. My favorite characters would have to be the two aunts! They were so mean and the author described them so hideously, what little kid wouldnt love that? I could just imagine what they would really sound like with those …
Quick Tip by . July 14, 2010
I remember reading this when I was a kid, it was one of the best books of those times. And I highly doubt changing my opinion even if I read it again now.
review by . June 08, 2010
James and the Giant Peach is a classic children;s book form a classic author.  Dahl is unparalleled when it comes to witty children's novels.  This fantasy is engrossing and humorous at the same time.  I really enjoyed reading this with my son, and doing a chapter before bed every night.  All in all a great read.
Quick Tip by . July 17, 2010
a super cute kids classic. i love the lady bug and the grasshopper. an interesting story of adventure on a giant peice of fruit.
review by . July 14, 2010
This book shows that their is always hope in the world sometimes when you least expect it you surprised.  It tells the story of James and how he is living his life day by day, it takes us inside he's world how hard life is to just a kid who has gone through so much and isn't allowed to go beyond the hills but does given magic crystals by a mysterious man he ends up dropping them and spilling them on a peach tree. After that life becomes an adventure as he climbs into a giant peach, …
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James and the Giant Peach is a popular children's novel written in 1961 by British author Roald Dahl. The original first edition published by Alfred Knopf featured illustrations by Nancy Ekholm Burkert. However, there have been various reillustrated versions of it over the years, done by Michael Simeon for the first British edition, Emma Chichester Clark, Lane Smith and Quentin Blake. It was adapted into a film of the same name in 1996. The plot centers on a young English orphan boy who enters a gigantic, magical peach, and has a wild and surreal cross-world adventure with a group of anthropomorphic insects he meets within the giant peach. Originally titled James and the Giant Cherry, Dahl changed it to James and the Giant Peach because a peach is "prettier, bigger and squishier than a cherry."

Because of the story's occasionally macabre and potentially frightening content, it has become a regular target of the censors and is no. 56 on the American Library Association's top 100 list of most frequently challenged books.
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Author: Roald Dahl

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