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Clash of the Titans (2010 film)

A 2010 remake of the 1981 film, directed by Louis Leterrier

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The Gods Command You to Avoid This Movie

  • Apr 25, 2010
Clash of the Titans is like the guy who farts in the room and then decides to leave you with the smell.  It stinks.  After watching Clash of the Titans and walking out of the theater, I felt dirtier than a gas station restroom.  I will need many years of therapy after this one.

Okay, so perhaps Clash of the Titans wasn't THAT bad.  But make no mistake, the movie is bad.  Not enough to make you feel dirty.  Just bad enough that you look at it and think, "It actually had potential," and that's about where Clash of the Titans plummets.  It's a movie that actually could've been good if it weren't for the fact that it wasn't.  

Our experience begins with a fisherman who finds a coffin of sorts in the middle of the sea and inside there happens to be a boy in there.  The man names the boy Perseus.  We only really get a flash of Perseus as a baby.  The movie waste no time moving forward and pretty mush skipping over any backstory concerning him.  We know he has a mother, father and a sibling (I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl... person was hardly featured).  When he's an adult, the humans have decided they no longer want to thank the Gods for what they have and instead wage war by overthrowing a statue of Zeus.  This act causes Hades to appear and he begins the war against the humans.  In the midst of this, Perseus's family is killed thanks to Hades efforts.  It would be a sad scene... if we actually knew them for more than five minutes... and if we actually learned their names.  There's nothing that can make you feel sorry for Perseus.  Just the same, he doesn't appear to feel sorry for his loss either.  Why should we?

This brings about other things to happen.  Zeus, fearing that humans will no longer pray to him makes a deal with Hades.  That if they don't start worshipping or looking to them again, then Hades can release the Kraken in an event that the humans will be forced to do so.  For you see, that is how Zeus gets his strength.  Of course, Hades being the bad guy that he is, has a plan of his own.  From there the plotline of the film begins to dwindle into a lot useless things.  The movie never actually makes it clear just what the main goal is.  You have Perseus, who learns his father is Zeus, but who instead looks to his mortal human father who died (and whose name we probably missed).  And in spite of Perseus deciding to wage war against the Gods, he takes some help from Zeus.  But the movie never makes it really clear whether or not Zeus is on to what Hades really wants or not.  The plot comes off as quite sloppy.  And it's actually the hardest hit that Clash of the Titans takes. 

There are other hits, though.  The first and most in your face (aside from the poorly written story) is that none of the characters resonate or become likable in the slightest.  When members of Perseus's groups die off, you don't particularly care.  It's not like the movie gave us any need to like or enjoy the characters on screen in the first place.  The characters are extremely one-dimensional.  Any development given to any of them is pretty non-existant.  The movie also becomes overcrowded with these one-dimensional characters... but the movie seems pretty self aware, it begins killing them off without a care in the world by giving us longer action sequences.  For the most part, some of the action isn't bad, but these moments are a little long in a movie that is, for the most part... quite short at a mere 106 minutes.

Speaking of dimensions, those who watch Clash of the Titans in 3D are surely in for a disappointment.  The movie essentially looks virtually the same with and without the glasses.  It was already filmed and merely converted to 3D but the conversion doesn't bode well.  If you're watching through 3D glasses it's no surprise that it looks exactly the same otherwise.  There's nothing eye-popping or even much of anything that appears to be 3-Dimensional.  If you decide to go see Clash of the Titans, don't worry about paying extra for 3D.

There are other things which really plague Clash of the Titans.  Much of it doesn't look bad, but other things about it are absolutely dry.  You'd be crazy to go and see this expecting good performances, but in some cases the moments in between the action are absolutely the worst.  The dialog feels forced... like they had to fill space.  Usually in moments in which the characters simply stand and talk until the next action sequences comes up.  And there aren't as many action sequences as the preview would have you believe.  They just happen to be fairly lengthy moments.  The moments of exposition are merely there to make sure there is space between the action.  Instead of dedicating these moments to developing characters or something like that... it gets used as a means to kill time... and that makes these moments in and of themselves really boring.

The movie is also incredibly anti-climatic.  The special effects are incredibly well polished and refined, but it's another action/adventure sequence that overstays its welcome.  The ending in and of itself is the most anti-climatic moment of it all... and it throws in a bit of a Deus Ex Machina.  It's a poorly written script, above all.

That's not to say Clash doesn't have some moments... it does.  The special effects, as I noted aren't so bad.  Neither is some of the action.  If anything Clash of the Titans isn't so bad on the eyes.  And despite having some rather lengthy action sequences, the movie itself doesn't overstay its welcome.  At a mere 106 minutes it's over before you start looking at your watch wondering how long it's going to be.  The movie doesn't waste any time rushing through things with little explanation.  You may enjoy some of this action and special effects, but Clash of the Titans doesn't do much beyond them.  The cinematography stands tall, however.  Some of the more colossal moments show some good cinematics until the end when the camera is so unfocused you don't exactly know what's going on.

So perhaps Clash of the Titans isn't therapy inducing.  It is, however, a completely forgettable movie that isn't worth your time or your money.

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June 06, 2010
I actually really liked this moive. No the writers didn't really seem to know all that much about Greek Mythology but for what it was I thought it was pretty awesome.
April 26, 2010
LOL! Love the review. This movie was meant for those who likes a display of special EFX, not necessarily a bad thing but definitely not for those who want an intricate storyline. Great review and the opening paragraph is going to keep me smiling for days!
April 25, 2010
Ha, funny review, Sean.  Way to hand it back to them!  Yeah, avoiding this, especially after yours and Woo's reviews.  Thanks for sharing!
April 25, 2010
Yes... definitely avoid this one.  The Gods must be punishing us by giving us this movie!
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*1/2 out of ****    I'm starting to think it's nigh impossible to make a good "Clash of the Titans" movie. The first - and unfortunately not last - was from 1981 and failed to leave anything of an impression on me aside from a few yawns and my admiration for the stop-motion work that gives the film a great deal of its fans. Now there's the 2010 version, directed by Louis Leterrier, which really doesn't have much of a reason to exist other than to upgrade the visual thrills of …
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This film was stupid, poorly acted, essentially Hercules for adults, and was nothing but a mindless dumb action romp. But to be fair, that's all I was expecting. The movie is nothing more than a CGI action extravaganza and it has enough special effects to please a mainstream audience but the critic in me just kept holding me back. You know how some movies you just have to check your brain at the door for, well I just can't do that, and I feel that if I smashed myself several times in the …
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   A long time ago there were big, chaotic, uncontrollable gods, the Titans, who ruled the Earth and gave birth to new gods who destroyed them and created man, in order to gain power from their worship.  But men, being men, resented the arbitrary whims of the gods and it was inevitable they'd fight back.  Hades, the god of the underworld, hit upon a plan to bring fear into the hearts of men so they'd worship again.  He'd release the Kraken, a giant sea monster, …
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After being on this site and checking out some of the reviews I came to a conclusion....I am one of the only people in America who enjoyed Clash of the Titans!!      The movie, as many of you know, follows the story of Perseus as he goes to kill Medusa and journeys to meet the three witches in order to slay the Kraken. The movie had a star studded cast with Liam Neeson, Ralph Finnes and Sam Worthington. With lots of special effects and an oppertunity to see this movie in 3D …
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The original Clash of the Titans is perhaps mostly remembered for its sheer corniness. This remake by the same name is certainly better and has amped up special effects. On the whole, I'd give it 3.5 stars. The movie does some things very well, such as the monsters. Medusa looks great and perfectly combines beauty and horror. Yet, I can't help but think that the directors wasted this opportunity to make a truly classic movie. Clash of the Titans falls into the trap of many modern movies …
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I was a big fan of the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans. It had everything I loved: action, excitement, Greek mythology! It was a great film for its time and still holds up at least somewhat today. Sure, the effects have aged, but that's to be expected.    It was also a movie that pushed me even more into my budding interest in Greek mythology; an interest which has continued to this very day. Heck, I got quite an interest in mythology in general and even took a course in it when …
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If the lord of the rings, the lightning theif, and 300 got togeather and had a child it would be the clash of the titans. Not that it was a bad movie just the similarities where almost to distracting for me to follow the actual storyline
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Clash of the Titans is a 2010 fantasy film which is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name, itself loosely based on the Greek myth of Perseus.  Directed by Louis Leterrier and starring Sam Worthington, the film was originally set for standard release on March 26, 2010.  It was later announced that the film would be converted to 3-D and was released on April 2, 2010.

"Release the Kraken!" Ah, it could only beClash of the Titans, the 2010 remake that retains the instruction to unleash the great beastie from the sea. The 1981 original boasted Ray Harryhausen's legendary stop-motion technique of animating various mythological creatures--it was his final feature project--and given the cornball approach of the movie in general, that was the main draw. The remake supplies new state-of-the-art special effects (released in 3-D) and a nicely muscular sense of momentum. Sam Worthington (theAvatarguy) plays Perseus, a demigod who doesn't know that Zeus (Liam Neeson) is his father. Perseus is selected to lead an expedition to find and slay the Medusa, lest Zeus's evil brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes, in fine slinking mode) rain down misery upon a seaport--and you just know that means the Kraken is coming. Ye gods, it's a mess, and we haven't even mentioned the witches and the harpies and the giant scorpions. But if we did, it would be clear thatClash of the Titansis a perfectly dandy popcorn epic, unpretentious and punchy. Director Louis ...
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