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Eragon (movie)

The 2006 fantasy film based on the novel of the same name.

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Who do they think they are?

  • Feb 20, 2010
  • by
Warning, may contain spoilers, but if you've seen Star Wars it's okay you'll see them coming anyway.

The are no words to describe the anger, the unadulterated fury, the blinding rage, that I felt while I watched this sorry excuse for a film. Literally every shot in here is copied and pasted from one movie or another, whether it be Dragonheart - Collector's Edition or Braveheart or their two favorite sources The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition) and Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition with Bonus Disc). How dare they? The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are two of my favorite films of all time and they have done a great deal to shape me into the person I am today. For anyone who has fallen in love with the works of JRR Tolkien/Peter Jackson and Gorge Lucas you will be angered beyond all comprehension when you see this "film" rip off those great men's work. I'm telling you, EVERY SINGLE SCENE in this movie is copied and pasted from other, much better works.

But apart from the obvious rip off factor, the movie manages to fail all on its own as well. The obvious flaws are there for anyone with any amount of sense to see and are too blatant to ignore. It literally takes one day for our hero to change from an everyday farm boy (Luke Skywalker) who doesn't even know how to hunt to superman who's now all of a sudden breaking into the evil castle (the Death Star) and saving the damsel in distress, (Princess Lea) using his magic (the force) and being saved by his wise old mentor (Obi One Kenobi) who then dies heroically. It literally takes him two days to
A) Learn how to fly a dragon,
B) Learn how to use a sword,
C) Learn to use magic,
D) Learn how to sneak stealthy into heavily guarded castles, and much, much more. Wow, what is he smoking and where can I get some?

Shortly after escaping the previously mentioned castle, he then leads an army of men who look like Easterlings from LOTR against an army of bad guys who look like Orcs in a fort that looks like Helms Deep while wearing Elvin armor. The bad guy leading said orcs also looks like Dracula from Van Helsing (Widescreen Edition) and they engage in a battle with an odd resemblance to Dragon Heart. Of course, they win and the beautiful girl he saved, the one he has YET to have a full conversation with despite being with her for about half the movie, runs off to plan to defend her home nation against the evil king who will be attacking in the inevitable sequel (a movie I will make it a point not to see whenever it DOES come out).

In short, the plot moves too fast, the characters are bland and one dimensional, the acting is sub par at best, the effects looked like they were done on a ten dollar budget, and it blatantly rips off some of the greatest works of fiction ever made. There is absolutely nothing original about this film, everything here is merely copied and pasted from much better works. Eragon so desperately wants to be The Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars, and Bravheart, and Dragon Heart, and Van Helsing, and this, and that, but in the end it fails to be anything but a silly kid's movie so shallow that only the blindest movie goers will manage to get anything out of it. So I ask again, who do these people think they are?

Re-watch value; EXTREMLY low.
Who do they think they are? Who do they think they are? Who do they think they are? Who do they think they are?

What did you think of this review?

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February 21, 2010
Thank GOOOOOOOD!!!!!! I still remember my initial reaction to this film. My mom rented it for my younger brothers and I thought I'd sit in to see how much they ripped off other films. About halfway through I was so mad my mom had to ask me to leave. :)
February 20, 2010
The movie is quite different from the book, but you're definitely spot on.  The book, for all it's worth, seems as though any time the author had writer's block he popped in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope to help him along. 
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Don't waste your time. Fortunately, I'd read the book before seeing the movie, so I am not turned off of the series.
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Eragon: A textbook example of wasted potential.
Dragons can be a bit of a downer for movies. It seems that many films Dragons are involved in end up turning out badly. It is worrying, then, that Eragon may be the worst Dragon-fuelled multiplexer yet. The book by Christopher Paolini was, in my opinion, quite an enjoyable and well written piece of literature. The film, on the other hand, is uninspired, dull, and far-fetched.   Here's a quick summary of the plot (don't worry, no major plot spoilers). Eragon is a young farm boy …
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god awful movie based loosely on an excillent book. the acting is dreadful and it dosent follow the book hardly at all. not worth the watch dont waste your time
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They took a long and detailed book   And cut out all the frills   This movie's just a summary   Of Alagaësia's ills     It doesn't build the characters   There's too much plot left out   You just don't get the feel of what   The book is all about     A boy, an egg, his destiny   To fly on dragon's wings   It tries too hard to be a clone   Of THE Lord of the Rings      …
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Eragon is based on the novel by the same name by author Christopher Paolini. The film is about a young teen farmer who lives in a land controlled by an evil king named Galbatorix (John Malkovich). The story goes that there was a time when men and dragons fought together and Galbatorix betrayed his people and killed all the dragons and most of their riders. Now an unborn dragon named Saphira falls into the hands of young Eragon. The two are destined for each other to take out Galbatorix. So this …
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