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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

  • Jan 22, 2011
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We all know the history of videogame-to-movie adaptations, especially those made by the infamous Uwe Boll. Pretty much every single one of them has sucked, except this one. Prince of Persia is definitely the best videogame movie ever made, but that's not saying much, so I tend not to judge it as a videogame movie but instead as a popcorn movie. It definitely succeeded in what it was meant to do also because the few people that were in the theatre looked happy.

In terms of the bad popcorn movies of 2010, this one is probably the best. It offers nothing in terms of acting or compelling dramatic storytelling, but it will entertain and it definitely entertained me. Those of you who have read my review of Clash of the Titans know that its very hard for me to "check my brain at the door" for movies, but for this movie, that was not necessary. Not to say that it was smart, it certainly wasn't, but it wasn't entirely mindless.

That brings me to the story. Essentially its about Dastan, a boy that becomes a prince because he saves the king's life...I think. He grows up somewhat resented by his brothers and by his uncle Nizam (Ben Kingsley). Persian troops invade a holy city on commands of Nizam to steal a dagger containing the titular "sands of time". Dastan and Tamina have to go on a journey to find it which includes ostrich racing, wall-jumping, and sweeping snarky romance. The one thing that really pissed me off though was the ending. In the theatre, I was like "come on, you just don't do that" and nobody threw popcorn at me or anything. But seriously, you just don't do that. I never played the prince of persia videogames, but I must say they do have a pretty filmable story. I think the main problem with video game movies is that they always pick the wrong ones. All in all, the main story of prince of persia is pretty much standard action-fantasy fare, but actually not that bad.

The acting...well, the same can pretty much be said for the acting what I said about the story. The main difference from Clash of the Titans is that Jake Gyllenhaal actually can act, unlike Sam Worthington. Nothing much can be said about Gemma Arterton though, shes just in the movie to be hot and annoying. Seriously, her character is possibly the most annoying character to grace screens in 2010. I mean, Jake Gyllenhaal's character was passable, but she was just annoying. Anyway, the acting wasn't good, but I've definitely seen worse. Ben Kingsley also made a good villain, but he's been in loads of better movies.

Now let's get to the good part. There was some good action in this moovie and decent special effects. Some may not like this, but I liked how the camera work actually made it look like a videogame. The movie managed to provide some great persian set pieces. I just feel sorry for everyone involved in this because they had to film in Morocco in the summer. But anyway, there's not really much else to say except the fact that it has enough thrills to keep an audience entertained and it definitely kept me entertained.

Does Prince of Persia hold up? Well...yes and no. It's not a great movie by any means, but it is definitely entertaining and will please mainstream audiences. If you are bored and there's nothing else good to watch, I would recommend this as a great way to spend a rainy day. Some may not like it, but I certainly did and it is easily the best video game movie ever made (although that doesn't mean much).

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its got nothing on the game but hey i liked it anyway. the only bad thing about it is it reminds me a little to much of the pirates movies and the national treasure films...but the CGI omg! worth the watch.
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Again a video game-inspired film proves to be entirely predictable and wholly unsatisfying as a piece of storytelling. This being a Jerry Bruckheimer production, I knew that style would overtake substance, but still I hoped that there would be some form of characterization here. Alas, not so much. The plot is mess and fails to explain itself at times while at other times it allows for the characters to make logical jumps that are ludicrous. There are plotholes big enough for an ostrich and a camel …
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Set in medieval Persia, the story of an adventurous prince who teams up with a rival princess to stop an angry ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world. Which is why after the prince was tricked by a dying Vizier to unleash the Sands of Time that turns out to destroy a kingdom and transforms its populace into ferocious demons. In his effort to save his own kingdom and redeem his fatal mistake, it's up to the prince and the princess to return the sands to the hourglass by using the Dagger of Time, which also gives him a limited control over the flow of time.
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Director: Mike Newell
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: May 28th, 2010
MPAA Rating: PG-13
DVD Release Date: September 14, 2010
Runtime: 116 minutes
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films
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