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Your Highness

A movie directed by David Gordon Green

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A bad movie high on all things humorless.

  • Nov 19, 2011
* out of ****

It would seem that even a fine filmmaker such as David Gordon Green has succumbed to the demands and faults of Hollywood. This is most apparent in "Your Highness", his newest film; and it's also his first bad one. His last movie was "Pineapple Express", and it meant new horizons for the director; I thought it was a funny flick. But this is just plain juvenile, in every sense of the word. It isn't even playful in its stupidity; rendering it useless, boring, and completely forgettable. Nothing works, nothing clicks, and nothing entertained me for even a second. I believe you have, on your hands, an awful movie when you are asked to seek out each of those things and reassemble the pieces.

And the real shame is that the film could have been so good. Hell, I was anticipating it; there could have been some wicked, twisted, mad satire to be made here. I was thinking it might be a new cult movie in the making. But as the first set photos and teaser/trailers began to show up, I was less enthusiastic. You may not think that such things can tell you how good the movie is going to be, but in this case, "Your Highness" is exactly what it advertises itself to be, and that is a crude, rude, mind-numbingly lame medieval spoof.

This is the satirical tale of two brothers - Fabious (James Franco) and his rather unimpressive stoner kin Thadeous (Danny McBride), who must embark on an epic quest for vengeance in order to reclaim the former's to-be-wife (Zooey Deschanel) from her evil warlock kidnapper, Leezar (Justin Theroux). On the road, they bring with them an army of soldiers from their kingdom; all of whom betray the heroes to service Leezar and his evil intents. Oh, and Thadeous brings his good friend Courtney along for the ride; and there's a fine example of a character who exists in a story for no other reason than to merely take up space and be abused both physically and verbally by bigger, more "important" characters.

One last thing; you most likely noticed, from the ads (if you saw the ads) that Natalie Portman is also in this film. She is; playing a crucial feminine beauty named Isabel. She is included in the quest not for distraction, but to serve as the only female in this story that actually tries to do something. It's a shame her boring, instantly forgettable character had to be played by such a talented actress; I'm guessing Portman was called in for the job because after her masterful performance in "Black Swan", she was, and still is, in rather high demand.

So with such lame characters and an uninvolving plot bent on failed satire and uninspired humor; you're left with a movie with an impressive but completely wasted cast and attached filmmaker; an unforgivable cataclysm of cinema. It was made for money, it made money, yet I'm not sure whether director Green will be pleased by this. "Your Highness" doesn't feel like his movie. It is far too witless to be. If only the director had worked closely with his screenwriters (McBride and a man named Ben Best), maybe there would have been some redeeming factors to this otherwise unwatchable disaster; but alas, nope.

Listen: people will tell you to lower your expectations when you go into the film, presumably so that you can be entertained. Don't do that. Walk in with the exact same expectations that you always would have had; you want a good comedy, and you'll expect Green and his crew to give you one. You will, to say the least, be very disappointed. If you know me, you'll know it's not the excessively vulgar humor of the film that turned me off; it was the deliverance of such things. The dialogue isn't clever; you can drench your speech in F-bombs, but whether it will be funny it entirely dependent on the actors and how naturally they play their roles. There's nothing natural about "Your Highness", and as a film that tries to spoof medieval times, there never could have been. That is precisely why I don't think it ever should have been made; but, after all, a pay check is a pay check, and I expect such a bland potboiler as this will earn those involved a fairly large one. Win-win.

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Your Highness is an upcoming fantasy comedy film set to be released April 8, 2011. Filming began in the summer of 2009 in Northern Ireland, and concluded in October 2009.
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Director: David Gordon Green
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller
Release Date: 8 April 2011 (USA)
MPAA Rating: R
Screen Writer: Ben Best, Danny McBride
Runtime: 102 min
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