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Do You Have New Ideas For Features Here On LUNCH?
Well, I think it's safe to say that with each day more new people are coming to Lunch.com to see what it's all about. Now, that we have a real community growing here, I thought that it might be interesting to have a sort of group brainstorm for new features for the website. If you have ideas on ways that the site can improve the way it relates to its members, or a thought as to how to make the site more user friendly or interactive, this is where you can announce your ideas and help to perfect this wonderful thing called LUNCH. So go on and add your own ingredient!

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by    Posted september 24, 2009
Personally, I'd love to see a feature that would allow for a reviewer to write a "comparison" review that would enable them to have two data points linked together (similar to a list) and compare them in detail. This would be superb for people wanting to compare two different DVDs of the same film or for people who want to compare books with their film adaptations.
by    Posted october 07, 2009
Good idea, Sean! 
by    Posted october 08, 2009
So, I just thought of one when I was posting a comment to your page....it'd be so cool if we could enter video or pictures in comments but, I guess that they want us to do a review for that kind of stuff. Hmmm....I'll put it through Feedback anyways!
by    Posted october 09, 2009
I think they need to increase the amount of characters you can use in a list or something like that.  Instead of just 1000 characters... perhaps give us up to 5000 characters?  The lists that I make, for example, don't exactly do well with just 1000 characters because I'm usually very detailed in my lists.  I think the list feature is a brilliant way to test ones creativity.  

I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not, I'm divided on this, but people are really attracted to blogs in social networking areas.  I'm not sure that's for Lunch.com, but it might be something to think about.  At least something similar to it.  But perhaps thinking about it.  It might be a little much at this point.

Also, one I think is big... the Email updates.  I think we need to be given a choice for what we want to update.  For example, I'm currently following Count_Orlok_22, yes?  But I get an email alert if he so much as sneezes.  I get an alert whenever he posts a comment on someone's page, whenever he posts a comment on another review, whenever he creates a list or discussion etc. etc..  That's a little much.  It's not bad to be alerted to everything, but it would be nice to turn off some of those alerts.  For example, perhaps I don't want to be notified whenever someone posts a new comment on someone else's page.  If you follow a lot of people this can really really stuff your email inbox if you put those alerts on.  Especially when following someone who is constantly doing something on the site.  So perhaps giving us a little more control over that would be nice.
by    Posted october 10, 2009
LOL! I know what you mean Sean. It would be nice if the e-mail alert would only cover things related to the follower. For example, if I responded to a comment you left on my profile or vice versa or if it was a response to a comment on a data point that your'e following. However, it would be difficult to specify what things to alert people about.

As for making the lists longer, I think that's a good idea. Reviews would also benefit from having the potential to be longer I think, but then again, I tend to write very long reviews. ; )
by    Posted october 10, 2009
I think that's the only real thing that might be a problem on Lunch.  I follow quite a few people.  Like, seriously, I open my email inbox and I've got 200 new emails from Lunch... one email from some other place... followed by 100 more emails from Lunch.  So you better beware Count... the next time you go to the bathroom, I'm gonna know about it!
by    Posted october 10, 2009
Funny you say that, I just did about ten minutes ago and you didn't even notice.

But it's true, over the course of a week I'll get between 300 and 500 e-mails, all of them notifications from the site and only about a quarter of them (if that) pertain to either my contents, responses to my feedback to other reviewers, or messages. All the rest is unrelated usually. It's nice to know when a pal posts a new review, but I don't need to know what they are rating or if they are leaving a comment on another person's profile, unless it's related to a comment I left. Still, I clean out my e-mail inbox regularly, so it's not too bad. If I went a few weeks without doing it though, things could get pretty hairy.
by    Posted october 10, 2009
Yeah, I made the mistake of going a week without cleaning out my emails... opened it up after that BAM! 1400 emails... and 1300 of them were from Lunch notifying me of other things.  Speaking of which, I think I might've gotten an email informing you went to the bathroom.  It said something like this:

Hi Sean_Rhodes
You received this email because you are following Count_Orlok_22 on Lunch and have email notifications turned on.
Count_Orlok_22 has just gone to the bathroom.

It then asked if I had to go to the bathroom too. LOL
by    Posted october 10, 2009
As you guys know, I am against any form of censorship. Profanity can be used to reflect the mood of a film or just how kick ass it is. Flagging a review for potential objectionable material by the writer would help out a lot.
by    Posted october 11, 2009
 Hey Guys,

I'm glad your all coming up with new ideas and features!  Just a note on the censorship.  I think any aper you pick up or magazines like Entertainment or Rolling Stone have profanity in their interviews and reviews all of the time and it's something that is just known.

I feel like if you're going to read a review, you know people are either writing good things or bad things about what ever the subject may be and might get a little excited, dropping the occasional f-bomb.  I know in some, not many of my reviews, I have. :)
by    Posted october 11, 2009
I know I've dropped a few bombs in some of my reviews.  I try not to use the f-word so much but I'm quite liberal with my use of the word "damn" (Is that even considered a swear anymore?).  On the other hand, I don't hold anything back in my lists.  I used the word bullshit at least 14 times in my latest.  But sometimes I tone it down for the soul purpose that I'm still trying to keep it inviting.  Sometimes I'll go so far as to censor myself.  But I don't think I swear too much.  It's just that around here there's no one nagging on me to hold my tongue all the time... and so far no one seems to have been offended.  Though I do think it would help to have more characters for a list at the least. 
by    Posted october 12, 2009
Thanks so much for all of your feeback guys! This stuff is great and incredibly helpful. I'll pass it onto our tech team so that they can hear your concerns. @trashcanman- I really like the idea of flagging content and think that's an excellent way of compromising between two extremes.

@Sean_Rhodes- the only reason that we don't give you guys up to 5000 characters for lists is if you have more than 1000 characters to say about a Data Point, it'd be much more helpful to the community to write it as a review. When you have a review on a Data Point that you put in a list, we have a link to your review in the editorial section next to the Data Point in the list so that people can read your thoughts about it there but, get a general idea in 1000 characters. I do agree with the notifications idea and that is something that we're working on improving!

You guys are what makes Lunch so great and we want to keep you as happy as possible. If you have any issues, problems, ideas, etc....feel free to let me know or send it through Feedback!
by    Posted october 12, 2009
Well maybe not 5000 characters, but slightly more than 1000 might be nice.  But other than those things, I can't really think of too much else.  But I'm sure as I explore more I might come across something else.
by    Posted november 04, 2009
Would it be possible to have reviews, essays, or interviews unrelated to a specific data point that would tie in with the tags and community features?
by    Posted november 05, 2009
I dunno...I think that since you can make anything a data point, even broad subjective matter like Friendship, Karma or Love, probably not. But, you can always suggest it through Feedback ;p
by    Posted november 05, 2009
I was just wondering because I was thinking about posting an interview, which I thought might be a nice change. The problem is that it's not something you can put a real rating on. Afterall who would agree to do an interview if they knew that as the subject of the interview they were going to be rated? Just a thought.
by    Posted november 05, 2009
Well, you could make the interviewee the data point which would work to their favor by providing info on them and they could get a real sense of what people think of them. I think it'd be really cool if you posted an interview, when you post it, you would just call it original writing under the Data Point. The community could rate a)the interview and b)the subject matter. I would do an interview if I knew I was going to be rated, it's extra PR for whomever you're interviewing!
by    Posted november 06, 2009
But, the original writing section is relatively small, at least the last time I checked, and it still would mean that someone could rate the subject. I was thinking an all-new interview feature might be cool. It could incorporate a form of instant message which would allow the interview to take place on-line and it would be live, which would be really exciting.
by    Posted february 03, 2010
What do people think about a question of the week type of thing? Each week Lunch.com would take a question that seems to be popular on the internet and host it, then look to the site's reviewers to find a helpful answer. The question could be anything that is attracting interest or leaving people hungry for knowledge. It would be a great way to establish the site as a place for people to go for information and entertainment, as well as give a lot exposure. Any thoughts on this?
by    Posted february 03, 2010
That's a really interesting idea, Sean!  Currently, the closest thing that we have to that are the trending topics that are on the bottom right side of the home page, which I'm sure you've seen.  There's also the new "popular topics" at the bottom of every page that users can check out to spark ideas for reviews as well!
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