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What are tags?
Tags are keywords that describe a topic. By assigning a tag to a topic, you allow users to be able to find other topic that have similar qualities. For instance, The Dark Knight is an action movie. If you assign the tag 'action movies' to it, a link 'action movies' will be added to the topic page. Then other users will be able to click on that 'action movies' link and will be taken to a list of all the action movies on Lunch. You can assign as many tags to a topic as you'd like and you can always rename or delete the tags later.

How can I add tags?

At the top of every topic page, there is a list of tags for that topic. Y can add and edit tags there by clicking on the pencil symbol by the tags section.

How do I know what to tag something?

The easiest way to think about which tags would be to say the sentence, "This topic would be useful for people looking for information about __________." A good tag would fit nicely at the end of that sentence. 

There are several types of tags:

The type of object - what is it?
  • - Books, Movies, Games, Basketball Players
  • - Use plurals only. Do not use singulars. For instance, do not tag a movie with 'Movie', only 'Movies'.
  • - You can use object types that have 2 levels of description, such as 'Action Movies' or 'Michael Crichton Books'.
  • - Avoid going to 3 levels of description, '1950s Action Movies'

  • The topic - what is it about?
  • - Cooking, History, Politics, Relationships, Turntablism, Labor Movement

  • A related keyword - What keywords would I expect to find this topic associated with?
  • - The author of a book: Michael Crichton, Stephen King
  • - The artist of a painting: Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh
  • - The publisher: Sub Pop Records, Criterion Collection
  • - The star of a movie: Tom Cruise
  • - The singers of a song: Michael Jackson
  • - The genre: scifi, Western, Nonfiction
  • - The time period: Renaissance, 1960s
  • - Lead character in a fictional writing or movie: Batman, Sherlock Holmes
  • - Important honors: Caldecott Winners, Academy Award Winners, New York Times Bestsellers
  • - An overarching concept or series (ie. 'Series of an Unfortunate Events' should be used for all of Lemony Snicket's books and all related items based on the Series of Unfortunate Events characters and plotlines, such as the 2004 movie and products)

    What ISN'T a tag?

  • - An adjective: Big, Small, Worst Movie, Awesome, Spicy
  • - An opinion based keyword - Best Film of 2009, Worst Restaurant in the World. Instead, tags should be factual and objective.
  • - Secondary associations - Movies should not be tagged with 'Directors' or 'Actors', Ryan Seacrest should not be tagged with 'Simon Cowell' because they both appear on American Idol.
  • - A topic that is also an object - A book about celebrities should not be tagged 'Celebrities' because then it would be grouped with actual celebrities.
  • - Tenuously linked concepts - A location in a movie, a minor character in a movie, a minor concept or theme in a book should not be tagged. Instead, only the primary location of a movie, the main character in a movie and the overarching theme of a book should be used.
  • - A Luncher Network Community name -  Tagging the name of your community is not helpful for your community and can be confusing to your members.  If a topic part of a community, the association will appear on the topic page, so there is no need to tag them with your community name.

  • Syntax
  • - For nouns that can be counted, use the plural form, not the singular form: The Dark Knight should be tagged with 'Action Movies' not ' Action Movie'
  • - For verbs, use the 'ing' form: 'Running', 'Cooking'
    - Avoid using punctuation in tags:'Tv Shows', and not 'T.V. Shows'

    Not sure how to describe something?

    Check out other sources for spelling and further information:
  • - Amazon has a lot of tag information for a variety of products, but these tags are not always reliable.  It is always best to verify it with another source.
  • - All Media Guide The All Music Guide is a great site for all musical genres.
  • - IMDb is good for plot point listings.
  • - Wikipedia helps for definition and redirects to other sites with information.
  • - The best place for information is the actual company website or the URL itself.  There you can find a lot of juicy keywords and terms that are used to describe the topic.   

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