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7 Wii Games I'm looking forward to

  • Aug 2, 2010
  • by
2010 (and early 2011) is shaping up to be a big year for the Wii. Already, we've seen the debut of Super Mario Galaxy 2, as well as Monster Hunter Tri. But the games I'm really excited about aren't yet out. In fact, some of these games could be the best yet for the system, including the return of some Nintendo franchise favorites. I've added my thoughts to generate discussion and excitement on Lunch.
metroid other m
Metroid has always been my favorite game franchise, from Super Metroid's dramatic ending to Metroid Prime's beautiful graphics. The designers of Metroid: Other M (Nintendo is working in collaboration with Team Ninja) seem to be really going outside the box. First, Samus speaks! In fact, the game supposedly has a rich story laced with cutscenes. Of course, the gameplay has received much attention as well, combining Super Metroid and Metroid Prime in a "2.5-D" style. The style is partly an attempt to recreate the "retro" feel, but also taking advantage of the ability to have 3-D environments. From all the pictures I've seen thus far, it looks like a beautiful game and gamers who have tried it out say the play controls work smoothly. I've already pre-ordered it online and am anxiously counting down the days until it comes out (less than a month!).
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
I've loved the Zelda series, but unlike Metroid this franchise has had its hits and misses. A Link to the Past was a classic (I recently replayed it and found it just as wonderful a second time around). I discovered Twilight Princess only earlier this year, but fell in love with the realistic graphics and boss battles (I love Argorok in the cloud city). However, Wind Waker's cartoonish graphics turned me off. I gave it a try, but found the game frustrating as well. So, the big question is whether Skyward Sword will be a hit or miss. The Wii Motion Plus promises to make controlling your sword more challenging and fun with (allegedly) one-to-one control. However, there's already debate on the internet, with some fans disappointed with the games "impressionistic" graphic style. I for one am excited, but not yet sure where this will rate in the Zelda franchise. There are more details in the new issue of Nintendo Power here.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
The first Force Unleashed received mixed reviews, but was generally a fun foray into the Star Wars universe. The brains behind this sequel claim to have learned from their mistakes and are working on improving everything about this game (there's a lengthy interview in a recent issue of Gamepro). So far, I like what I'm seeing. However, I've placed FU2 third on the list because it seems like the game designers are focusing more on creative new force powers and the plot than what I saw as the game's main problems - namely, too much slash and hack, not enough puzzles. That being said, I'm definitely getting this game and am hoping for the best.
Disney Epic Mickey (Wii)
Mickey Mouse as a video game hero? Yes, it's true. Epic Mickey is one of the most anticipated Wii games of the year. The beautiful graphics, thoughtful story (Mickey has to save a wasteland for cartoon rejects), and incorporation of cartoon classics like Steamboat WIllie show that this is a product of love, not mass commercialism (as so many movie tie-in games are). Warren Specter, the man behind the game, stresses that the game will present players with "moral choices" and there will often be more than one solution to a particular puzzle. Why didn't I rank this game higher? As tempting as this game is, I just don't have the time to play every game that's coming out, and that means Mickey gets the axe. If I have extra time and money, I might check it out, but not at the expense of Metroid, Zelda, or Star Wars.
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Nintendo has really gone retro this year! Donkey Kong Country Returns promises to be a souped up version of the SNES DKC games. From the trailers I've seen, this does look like a fun game. I've ranked it a bit lower though for two reasons. First, there are no Kremlins! The game is going to need a fun villain, and so far I haven't seen it (the only boss I've seen is a big toad). Second, I'm not sure the game adds enough to make me want to spend $50 on it, especially when I could download the SNES versions for $8 each on Virtual Console. I'm going to check out the reviews when it comes up and decide whether I want to take a journey back to DK's banana pad later this year. Here's a brief preview article from IGN.
See the full review, "Fun and frustrating".
Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest
I love both the Lord of the Rings books and movies. Unfortunately, this game hasn't excited me quite as much as I'd hoped. It seems geared more toward kids, with quasi-cartoonish graphics. Also, the game has been delayed repeatedly and is being released on Wii and PS2, but not Xbox, which makes me wonder. I hope the game gets good reviews because I really would love to go back to Middle Earth, but I'm a bit skeptical at this point.

What did you think of this list?

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January 04, 2012
Ive got reviews of both the Force Unleashed 2 and Epic Mickey on my website.
November 02, 2010
Yes im looking forward to Donkey Kong returns too. I lov ethe trailer.
August 05, 2010
One more comment about Metroid: Other M that won't fit above... Apparently, there will be a 2 hour "movie" separate from the game that combines all of the cutscenes and tells the story of Samus. The game promoter, Yoshio Sakamoto, said they took this step because they wanted to make sure the story got across, which doesn't always happen effectively when you're focused on blasting Space Pirates. You can read about it here: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=257681. Personally, I think this is an excellent move. I remember playing Twilight Princess and loving the cutscenes, particularly the Dark Link "Dark Interlopers." However, after beating the game, I felt sad that I would never see those cutscenes again (well, maybe on Youtube). As such, I look forward to seeing how Metroid: Other M works, both as a game and as a movie. Who knows, this might mean Nintendo is testing the waters for a Metroid feature movie!
August 03, 2010
I'm pretty excited about the new Star Wars The Force Unleashed II as well. Have you seen they're coming out with a new Medal of Honor? It should be great!
August 03, 2010
I actually haven't played Medal of Honor - or many other non-Wii games. I only have Wii here, and really have only been playing because I have a summer break before I go back to school. FU2 should be good (again, crossing my fingers that it turns out as good as I hope).
August 03, 2010
I'm sure FU2 will be great! The first game was solid so I can't imagine the second one being no good.
August 03, 2010
Another thing that worries me is that Hayden Blackman, the primary producer of FU, just left the company and seems to be ceasing his involvement in the game. I'm not sure what that means for FU2 at this point...
August 03, 2010
Hmm... That's interesting. I'll have to admit I've never thought about producers on games having an impact on the game itself.
August 04, 2010
Here's the Gamepro article which essentially describes Blackman as the man behind FU and FU2: http://www.gamepro.com/article/features/2152...-the-force-unleashed-2/. My guess is that the game is probably already late enough in the process that his resignation won't make a huge dent.
August 04, 2010
Oh nice! I'll give it a read. Ya I would have to agree with you. Hopefully too late in the process for it to matter.
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