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reviewed Matt Hazard. March 04, 2014
I have no problems with video games which are parodies of video games. One of my favorite titles in the world is the original SERIOUS SAM, which I consider a landmark not only in wacky, comic imagination …
reviewed Blood. February 26, 2014
   With a name like Blood, one would anticipate this game to be some kind of vulgar, obscene atrocity with the mere intent of attracting the attention of mindless 13 year old boys who have nothing …
reviewed Nano Breaker [PS2]. January 23, 2014
What is it about NANO-BREAKER that's so mindbogglingly awesome? From a critical standpoint, it must be one of the most mediocre PS2 games ever made. But that hasn't stopped me from coming back …
reviewed Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle [Wii]. January 19, 2014
WAY before Sonic entered the scene, Sega's most popular character was a freakish little monkey man by the name of Alex Kidd. He couldn't run fast like the legendary hedgehog and his back wasn't …
reviewed Dante's Inferno. November 19, 2013
Dante's Inferno
This pumped up "reimagining" of one of the world's best known literary works sees Italian poet Dante Dante Alighieri remade as a hardened, scythe wielding crusader descending into the depths of hell to …
reviewed Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. September 27, 2013
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
CASTLEVANIA is actually my favorite video game franchise of all time. Oh no…I'm serious. This is the series that has kept me coming back for years now, one that I have very fond nostalgic memories …
reviewed Golden Axe: Beast Rider. September 25, 2013
Golden Axe: Beast Rider
I am such a sucker for B-grade fantasy games. It doesn't matter how limited the gameplay may be or how flat the visuals are. Just stick me in some virtual environment filled with sword and sorcery …
reviewed Batman: Arkham Asylum. August 19, 2013
Batman: Arkham Asylum
BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM is one of the best games I’ve played in a long time.  After spending so much time swimming amidst the sewage of Grindhouse and horror titles, it’s refreshing to …
reviewed Condemned 2: Bloodshot [Xbox360]. August 16, 2013
Condemned 2: Bloodshot
Monolith Studios has had approximately two years to think themselves over after the release of the first Condemned game. Would this sequel shatter expectations and provide the ultimate hobo smashing simulator …
reviewed Condemned: Criminal Origins [Xbox360]. August 09, 2013
Just what the hell is Condemned: Criminal Origins? It's a first person action psychological horror title…an interesting departure from Monolith's more exotic fare, but not terribly different …
reviewed Halo 3. July 24, 2013
Halo 3
Price Paid: $7      I must be the only guy in the gaming community to be playing these completely out of order.  I played through the first game several years, lost track when …
reviewed Eternal Ring [PS2]. July 24, 2013
Price Paid: $2    Released on October 24, 2000; the same date as a LOT of other titles were released (obviously it's very close to the holiday season), Eternal Ring is one of the few …
reviewed Ninja Gaiden II [Xbox360]. July 24, 2013
Price Paid: $5    NINJA GAIDEN II is the sequel to the acclaimed 2004 action title NINJA GAIDEN, itself a reboot of the classic series from the NES, which was in itself an adaptation …
reviewed Guilty Gear X [PS2]. July 24, 2013
Price Paid: $10 (?)    The 2-D "versus" genre hit its critical peak with the release of Street Fighter III back in 1997. Since then, I don't think another 2-D fighter has ever matched …
reviewed Darksiders II. July 23, 2013
Darksiders II
Price Paid: IDK. Brother bought it.    DARKSIDERS II is the sequel to the 2010 action game DARKSIDERS. In the first game, you played as War, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse …
reviewed F.E.A.R. Files. July 23, 2013
F.E.A.R. Files
Price Paid: $4    Expansion Packs...a relatively cost effective method of increasing the length and value of a popular game. Generally, expansion packs are limited to the PC since, …
reviewed F.E.A.R.. July 23, 2013
Price Paid: $7      You know those times when you hear about a certain movie/book/game through the enthusiastic ravings of publications or your friends, and reading a description of …
reviewed From Dusk Till Dawn [PC Game]. July 23, 2013
A hardboiled criminal monotously intones "Very interesting…that thing" upon being told that a critical group of engineers is trapped by vampires in the ship's upper deck. "Very interesting…that thing" …
reviewed Dark Sector [Xbox360]. July 23, 2013
Price Paid: $2    This game isn't exactly a classic, but I find it hard to be frustrated with it because it seems to do everything fairly right. DARK SECTOR had been in development …
reviewed Perfect Dark Zero [Xbox360]. July 23, 2013
Price Paid: $2      I actually really did like this game, but it does lack a lot of charm of the original. To date, this is the only other official entry in the PERFECT DARK franchise …
reviewed Kabuki Warriors [Xbox]. July 23, 2013
Price Paid: $2    This is one of the strangest games I have played, but it's not as bad as some people say. I like the original concept (a fighting game with characters modeled on …
reviewed Kessen II [PS2]. July 23, 2013
Price Paid: $2      Kessen is back! The original Kessen was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the PS2 launch library. For the time, it featured unbelievable motion captured cinematic …
reviewed Kessen [PS2]. July 23, 2013
Price Paid: $5      At the time when it was released, the PS2 was probably the most technically advanced and powerful video game console to hit the market. Thus, it would make sense …
KINGDOM UNDER FIRE is one of those bizarre cult franchises which constantly pops up on the radar again and again despite nobody in the mainstream video game community knowing or caring about it. The initial …
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