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About Me

I recently graduated with a Master's degree in English.  I love reading, writing and researching so much that I hope to make it my life's work!  I've taught first year composition and have worked for years with university level students helping them to develop their composition/writing skills and hopefully foster a love for … more

reviewed Child of Darkness. October 18, 2011
Child of Darkness
Warning: This review contains spoilers!      Jennifer Armintrout's Child of Darkness picks up some 20 years or so after Queene of Light which I reviewed here. Ayla has become queen …
reviewed Soju. September 06, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Soju is a popular alcholic beverage native to Korea.  It's incredibly cheap and plentiful, throughout Korea, so it's the beverage of choice when gathering with friends for a meal of samgyepsol …
Queene of Light (Lightworld/Darkworld)
Jennifer Armintrout’s Queene of Light is the first in the Lightworld/Darkworld trilogy.  Combining Irish and Christian mythology, Armintrout brings together the magic of both in order to create …
reviewed Dduk. August 26, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Dduk is a popular Korean snack. They're particuarly popular during the Korean Thanksgiving, Chuseok and the Lunar New Year. Dduk is a rice cake made out of a rice flour and can sometimes be sweetened.  …
The Prophet of Panamindorah, Book Two Wolflings and Wizards
Wolflings and Wizards is the second book in Abigail Hilton's The Prophet of Panamindorah series.  What I found particularly engaging about this book was exactly what was lacking from the first …
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Quick Tips
posted a Quick Tip about Bibimbap. October 05, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
It's so simple (and easy to prepare), and yet, it's oh so delicious. I've had it with and without gochujang, and it's delicious both ways. Even though this is a great dish and surprisingly easy to make, …
posted a Quick Tip about Samgyeopsal. October 05, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
I normally don't eat pork, but samgyeopsal is DELICIOUS! I also love the whole communal bbq style deal that often comes with the cooking and eating of this dish. Awesome!
posted a Quick Tip about Miyeok guk. October 05, 2011
posted in The Rice Table
Miyeok guk
Avoid this soup at all cost! Unfortunately, it's the soup of choice for my school's cafeteria (I work at a high school in a largish city in Korea), and to me it tastes like sweaty socks. Ugh! Normally, …
posted a Quick Tip about Eragon (movie). August 29, 2011
Eragon (movie)
Don't waste your time. Fortunately, I'd read the book before seeing the movie, so I am not turned off of the series.
posted a Quick Tip about Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!. July 08, 2010
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
Pedro Almodóvar always does interesting and complex things with relationships in his films. This is might be a little bit of an uncomfortable film to watch if you're not prepared for it!
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Latest Lists
created a list. September 30, 2011
These are some of my favorite Spanish speaking films. The directors are from a wide range of backgrounds--from Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile, and they've …
Sea Inside Volver Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) Y Tu Mamá También
created a list. June 30, 2010
These are some of my favorite fantasy series.  While there are many that I know others might put on this list (i.e. the Dresden Files, The Wheel of Time …
Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Trilogy Farseer Trilogy Inheritance Cycle Provost's Dog Trilogy The Bridge of D'Arnath Series
created a list. June 22, 2010
Normally, I can barely stand to sit through movies that have been adapted from books, but there are a few that I find to be thrilling and interesting. …
Pride and Prejudice (book) The Lord of the Rings (novel) The Secret Garden Jane Eyre Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe
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October 05, 2011
Thank you for joining the Star Trek community. I do my best to see all the reviews submitted.
July 01, 2010
I just saw that your educational and teaching history in your "about me" section sounds a lot like mine! Totally cool! Right now I don't have a teaching position, though. I'm super sad...I guess it's ok, though, because I want to get my Ph.D. next. :)
July 04, 2010
I'm not teaching right now either *sigh*. I'm looking for a job teaching composition (though I'd love to teach a lit course--that's years into the future though). I'm going to be applying for PhD programs in the fall, but we'll see. The market's really difficult right now because EVERYONE is going back to school. Eeek. Good luck with applying/pursuing a PhD!
July 05, 2010
Yeah, I much prefer teaching the lit courses than the writing ones. I'm looking for jobs anywhere atm, even if they are not teaching positions. It would be nice to have some income coming in. I'm not too concerned if I don't find anything because of all the apps. Where are you applying for your Ph.D? Good luck to you as well!
June 23, 2010
Just stopping by to say thanks for following my contributions! Feel free to add me as a friend too, Gen!

BTW: I saw that you added some new Quick Tips not housed in a community. You can add them to Cafe Libri by clicking the "add to a community" button that should be above or near the QT.

I'm off to check the message you sent me now. Keep up the great writing!
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