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Yummy Green Grub!

  • Nov 23, 2009
Green has been a favorite color of mine since childhood.  In preschool, I was obsessed with green crayons and paint.  In elementary school, I never wanted to be without my pretty, pretty green headband.  In high school, I had green hair. 

Though in adulthood, I'm no longer obsessed with green crayons and paint, nor have a green headband or green hair, my love of green has extended to food.  I dig lots of greens in my dishes!  Most of the foods are on the healthy side, though some not-so-on the healthy side.

...Take a look! :)
Guacamole, tuna tartare, sandwiches, soup? You really can't go wrong with avocado. I even love avocado desserts and especially love avocado shakes! There's just something about its creamy, buttery goodness. By the way, did you know that the avocado is considered a berry? I love berries, so that might be why I love avocados so much!
GT's Multi-Green Organic Raw Kombucha
This use to be my least favorite Kombucha drink flavor, but it has quickly become my favorite. I use to keep my fridge stocked with a variety, but now it's all Multi-Green. I go through one or two of these a day. I love 'em because they're bubbly and not too sugary, plus they're packed with nutritiously good stuff and have a nice, earthy, rice taste to it. This past weekend, I experimented with making cocktails out of it. Tastes pretty good with sparkling white wine and a shot of vodka. A healthy-ish cocktail? :)
I feel bad for people who are genetically averse to cilantro. This stuff is AMAZING. I put it in just about everything. I especially love it in Mexican food, and in soups and porridges. Oh, and I can't make tuna tartare without it.
Mmmmm, I love pesto! Besides Italian cuisines, I also love basil with Thai and Vietnamese food. I love wrapping basil leaves around cherry tomatoes and just eating them like that. Great snack! I also love having it with tomato slices, fresh mozzarella slices and balsalmic vinegar.
You can check out my edamame review to read all about my love of edamame. They're so cute and fun to eat. Shelled or not! :)
See the full review, "Tasty, Fibrous Pods of Happiness :)".
Granny Smith Apple
I dig my apples more on the tart side, so Granny Smith ones are right up my alley. When I'm feeling extra gluttonous, I dip 'em in caramel sauce. And I know people don't typically put apple chunks in fruit salads, but Granny Smith apples are a must for me!
There's all sorts of excitement under that fuzz! No matter how many times I've eaten a kiwi, I'm still totally fascinated by the way they look, from it's white center to the little black seeds scattered in its forest-y green flesh. Yum. I know this may gross out some people, but I eat my kiwis whole. Skin and all. Wouldn't want that yummy flesh to go to waste when I'm peeling it. That, and I'm just too lazy to spoon it :P I bet the skin's pretty fibrous!
My favorite summer fruit.  I love cutting them up and putting it in the fridge for a nice, cool snack whenever I please.  Perfect thirst quenching snack.  Just don't eat it as dessert before bed. They're called watermelon for a reason :x
I love spinach whether cooked or in a salad. I'll eat it blanched, mixed into pasta, stuffed into ravioli. Whenever I eat this blanched though, I swear it always leaves a weird feeling on my teeth, but I still keep eating it. I wanna be ripped like Popeye!
I dig sour foods and drinks. Like, really, really sour, so I prefer lime over lemon. People usually cringe when they see me do this, but I can eat lemons and limes like I eat oranges!
One of my favorite veggies! I like them in sandwiches and I really like them slightly heated up by the broth of satay noodles.  I mostly eat them raw though.  They make the perfect, healthy and refreshing snack.
Whether it's gum, ice cream, cocktails, pho, salad or atop dessert, I dig mint in it! Such a refreshing herb is always welcome on any dish :)
Caldo Verde
A nice, light and simple veggie soup, though meats are sometimes added. It's typically full of green veggies, thus producing its slightly green'ish hue. I also dig its Mexican cousin, sopa verde.
Salsa Verde
I'm a condiment whore, and salsa verde is no exception. I swear, sometimes I can use an entire bottle in one sitting, I put it on chips, nachos, tacos, burrito, anything that I can. I've yet to find a brand of factory made salsa verde that I like, so I've only been eating this at restaurants. Whoever I happen to be dining with always leaves appalled and impressed :)
Odwalla Superfood
I use to be put off by the color of this stuff, but I've grew to love it after just the first sip. It's yummy! For a shot of wake up energy or post-work out protein, I take a bit of Superfood and add some whey protien powder and soy milk. Yum. The only reason why my fridge isn't always stocked with Superfood is because it's super sugary.  If this drink had less sugar in it, it'd be perfect!
A lot of people say that wheatgrass juice gives them a shot of energy, but I've yet to feel anything from it. I just drink it because it's kinda tasty and I appreciate the health benefits.
Green Tea
My favorite beverage when I don't need too much caffeine. I especially like Japanese green tea because it has such a gorgeous hue of green and a delightful taste. I also love it when this stuff is brewed with roasted rice. Green tea flavored foods are good, too, like ice cream, mochi and candy!
Midori Sour
One of my favorite cocktails, though it's too sweet for me to order too often. I just dig the tangy flavor of the Midori syrup and sweet and sour. The deep green color is pretty awesome, too.
See the full review, "A tangy cocktail without an alcoholic taste".
Tokyo Tea
If you don't know what this is, it like a Long Island Iced Tea, except in place of coke is Midori mix. This drink is trouble, but it taste so much better than a Long Island!
See the full review, "Like a Long Island Iced Tea, Only Better".
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream
Mint. Chocolate Chip. Ice Cream. What a winning trifecta! I only eat this stuff when I'm feeling gluttonous, and when I do, I douse it in chocolate sauce. Sometimes I put 'em in a cream puff shell. Profiteroles, anyone? :)

What did you think of this list?

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September 17, 2010
No Frogs ??
September 27, 2010
With my dear Ferdinand, I couldn't possibly eat a frog!
September 27, 2010
Ha Ha when I made that comment I did not know about Ferdinand
September 27, 2010
Haha, you just can't eat something related to something that that's cute! :P
March 24, 2010
Well after reading the comments it makes sense why my cat throws up after eating the wheat grass I grow for him!! Guess I won't try it myself! The rest of the list has a lot of my faves on it.
September 27, 2010
I actually dig the taste of wheat grass! Well, if you don't like the taste, mix it into some orange juice. I swear it'll be tasty!
December 09, 2009
super fun list! have you tried Naked Juice's Green Machine? I love it... tastes mostly like kiwi and apple juice. calling you out on watermelon qualifying as "green" though ;)
December 10, 2009
Thanks, Melissa! Nope, I haven't tried anything from Naked Juice before, but if it's green, I'll try it! And don't blame me; blame the watermelon ;P
November 30, 2009
NICE LIST! the avocado is uses in my country because nourishes skin. Mint remove the bad breath. Green tea whitens teeth. Very good and healthy list.
November 30, 2009
Thanks, Josue! I wasn't even thinking about the health benefits of these food items when I was creating this list; I was just thinking about how yummy they are, but yes, most of these are quite useful! :)
November 24, 2009
Can't go wrong with avocado! Cucumber is good for eye bags LOL! Great list, Debbie! Have tried the avocado dessert Indonesian shake? ice, a few teaspoons of chocolate syrup, some milk and a lot of avocado? It's so good!
November 25, 2009
Cucumbers do indeed make awesome eye masks! And I've yet to try an Indonesian avocado shake, but @Sharrie says that they're awesome when flavored with mung bean and soursop. I've had it Brazilian style though, with caramel, and it is GOOD! :)
November 25, 2009
with caramel? oh boy! you're making me hungry again!!
November 24, 2009
This made me so hungry. Glad to hear there is someone who likes cilantro as much as me (I swear, if you made a salad with cilantro instead of lettuce, I would eat it.) and also enjoys limes and lemons as is!
November 25, 2009
Awwwww, I'd totally eat a cilantro salad, too! If there were a toothbrush and floss on hand ;) And that's awesome to hear that someone likes limes and lemons as much as I do!
November 24, 2009
I think I can agree with all of these except maybe the Wheatgrass juice :) Awesome list!
November 25, 2009
Aw, don't hate on the wheatgrass! :P Thanks for the comment, Julian!
November 24, 2009
Great list, Debbie. I would add Serrano chilies and Shishito chilies to your list. Heck, I would even add Broccoli. I guess I love green food too!
November 24, 2009
Mmmmm, chilies... I think my green food list calls for a list #2. Thanks, Dave! :)
November 23, 2009
Great list, Debbie! I'm sure you didn't have green hair! I didn't like green when I was young but now it's one of my favorites, specifically, lime green! By the way, I'm at my friend Debbie's house right now. You should meet one another! ;-) My latest discovery is Avocado juice blended with Soursop! My God, it's darn good! You've to try it sometime!
November 24, 2009
Thanks for your comment, Sharrie! Yes, believe it or not, I use to have green hair. It was only the bottom half of my hair and a dark, forest green so it wasn't very noticeable and I could go to work no problem! I love lime green, too! Forest green is my fave though :) I don't know many other Debbies, so maybe we should meet :P  I need to try that avocado/soursop juice!
November 24, 2009
Yep, certainly you'll have to try. I just had another helping tonight at Saigon Star! In addition, I've had the best Salsa at a restaurant in Cancun! It's truly amazing!
November 23, 2009
Great list, I pretty much agree on everything! Especially avocado! I have yet to try Wheatgrass Juice though.
November 24, 2009
Thanks,  Anastasia!  Great minds and stomachs think alike! ;D Wheatgrass shots seem to be available in a lot of smoothie joints.  If you've got a Jamba Juice around you, you can check it out there!
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