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Want to Know a Bit About Filipino Cuisine?

  • Feb 12, 2010
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Being around the site, I've seen my friends @Sharrie and @devora lists several tasty Chinese and Vietnamese Dishes and even some fantastic dimsum. I've noticed that no one has done a list for another cuisine. Well, I hail from the Philippines and one thing us "Pinoys" like to do is socialize and feast at home. Here in the Bay area, there are ONLY a couple that really serves great Filipino cuisine, most of them aren't impressive at all. I should know since I like to cook. Here are some samples of what to order if EVER you hit a Filipino restaurant. Some of you may be aware that the Philippines has been governed by the Spanish, the Japanese and at one point the Chinese have stayed in that country, so Filipino cuisine has been for the most part highly influenced by different countries.
This dish is usually the centerpiece of fine Filipino dining. It is a dish of beef, (ox tail at times), string beans, tripe, celery and eggplant in a peanut based sauce. It is quite good!

Definitely influenced by the Spanish, Menudo is made of pork, liver, potatoes, raisins braised in tomato sauce and soy sauce.
Pork or Chicken Adobo

This is argaubly the most popular Filipino dish next to the lumpia. A fine mix of vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, liver (if preferred), sugar, cooked with almost anything. Pork, beef, chicken, string beans and even salmon! (takes a skill to make salmon adobo)
camaron rebosado
Much like Japanese tempura, this dish is coated with a special seasoning. Tiger Prawns have never tasted this great!
The all-time Filipino favorite! Pork, veggies can be cooked in this marvelous wrapper!
See the full review, "The Favorite, Ever-Popular Filipino Egg Roll!".
Thin noodles with a bunch of other stuff. Also a very popular dish!

You can make pork, beef, (a mix of pork and beef is actually very good) prawns, trout, salmon cooked in tamarind soup. Veggies like eggplant, tomatoes and celery are a great ingredient.
Very similar to Caldereta and Indonesia's Rendang. Meat and potatoes cooked in fresh tomato sauce.
Miki Bihon
Thin and fat noodles mixed in a Chinese inspired seasoning. Our version of the Chow Mein...
Spicy Sisig
pork, and some may add some intestines (I don't) sizzled and grilled with vinegar, onions and jalapeno.
Eggplant Relleno (eggplant omelet)
Eggplant (grilled) and ground beef cooked to perfection just like an omelet. Goes great with JUFRAN banana sauce!
pancit palabok
This noodle dish is actually my fave of the other noodle dishes. The sauce is just so flavorful and it is filling! 
Similar to the Chinese Suckling Pig. Pork roasted to perfection

Mixed veggies cooked in either bagoong or coconut milk. Squash, tomatoes, bitter melon, string beans, eggplant, okra and red onions.
chicken tinola
Chicken boiled with ginger, garlic, papaya (or chayote), pepper leaves and onions. Very good for a cold!

The dessert with bananas and jackfruit wrapped in lumpia wrapper glazed/fried with syrup made from pure brown panucha (brown sugar cane)

leche flan
A dessert inspired by custard. Made from eggs and caramel.

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December 15, 2011
A lot of this stuff looks really good. I'm not really familiar with Filipino foods, but I'll try anything once. I do know that I've had menudo before and I'm almost certain that I've eaten mechado. In any case, the videos are a nice touch and might just inspire me to make a Filipino/Cajun connection in my kitchen.
December 15, 2011
I think some Filipino dishes would work well with a Cajun inspiration. We also do like our spicy food.
April 17, 2010
Ok, looks great and I need some serious help! My boyfriend is Filipino and the way to his heart is definitely through his stomach... but I have NO IDEA where to even start learning how to cook it (other than moving in with his mom). I've wanted to learn, but I don't know where to begin! Do you know of any good cookbooks out there for authentic food? Any tips?
April 17, 2010
Yes, us Filipinos like to eat LOL! hold on to your hat, because I may be able to help you out. Let's see if I can review a cookbook for you. Oh, I posted my recipe for Lumpia here...
April 17, 2010
Mmmmm lumpia! I can't wait to try this recipe! Thanks!!
March 16, 2010
I see they use stringbeans a lot. That's my favorite veggie. I could cook up a whole pound of just them for dinner and be happy. Does coconut milk actually taste like coconut? I don't cook and I've always hated to but I;ve been looking for things to make frozen dinners taste better. There's one dish from a local restaurant that I've just about matched but I need to add cocunt and I don't want to use shredded cocnut for a couple of different reasons. So I need something that will give me a pretty strong coconut flavor preferably in liquid form but I don't want to buy something I might wind up just throwing away.
February 12, 2010
Woo, I love this!  It's making me crave Filipino food so bad, especially the desserts!  Do you have any recommendations for good Filipino restaurants in our neck of the woods?  All I know are Goldilocks and Jollibee :x

By the way, thanks for the shout out!  I don't know if you know this, but you can actually @-reply people on here like on twitter and it will automatically link to their name ;D
February 12, 2010
I don't like Goldilocks nor Jollibee :-P. When you get to San Bruno,look up Max's, Henry's (by Westborough and Gellert), and ONGPIN is good for homestyle cooking. Filipino food is very similar to Burmese cuisine. Been to Pagan yet? Oh, thanks for that tip! I'll edit the list to do just that. So I just have to type "@"?
February 12, 2010
Yup, just put an "@" symbol in from of the screen name and it will automatically link up, like @woopak_the_thrill. My Filipino friends keep telling me how overseasoned and unauthentic Goldilocks is, but I think their food is still so tasty! :x I've never tried those before, but I'll have to look them up. Thanks for the recommendations! :)
February 13, 2010
Thanks, Debbie! I still do like Goldilocks bar-b-q'd skewers. Oh, Henry's is gourmet Filipino food and the place doubles as a karaoke bar. Pretty fun place!

Happy New Year!
February 12, 2010
Looks tasty, but there aren't a whole lot of veggie dishes. #16 looks tasty. By the way, is "Pinoy" a derogatory term or an endearing one, like calling New Zealanders "Kiwis"?
February 12, 2010
Its neither. It's just slang or street talk for Filipino. # 14 is a veggie dish.
February 12, 2010
So it is. LOL! I skipped over that one when I was scrolling down. Temperamental mouse, you know? #12 looks tasty too. What's in it?
February 12, 2010
It's noodles with eggs and special sauce with garlic. You can have the option whether or not you want to add meat.
February 12, 2010
Mmmm, sounds like it would go great with tofu.
February 12, 2010
Yup. It would.
February 12, 2010
Looks like I need to visit Philippines again for all these goodies! The last time I was in Cebu, I missed the Lechon! :(
February 12, 2010
No way! Cebu specializes in Lechon!
February 12, 2010
PRECISELY! I was there for only 2 days. I don't even have time to eat!!!
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