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posted "Wonderful cookware, but not perfect." about Analon Brushed Stainless Steel Copper Cookware.   January 29, 2012
Wonderful cookware, but not perfect. Wonderful cookware, but not perfect.
For those buyers looking to purchase an attractive, quality set of cookware that doesn't have a non-stick finish, I feel the Anolon Nouvelle Coppe
posted "Great Tea Mug, But Not Perfect" about Primula Double Wall Glass Mug.   November 28, 2011
Great Tea Mug, But Not Perfect Great Tea Mug, But Not Perfect
The Primula Tea Bag Buddy is a generous (16 oz.) sized double wall glass mug that retains the heat or cold of its contents very effectively. Too effec
posted "Dark Delight!" about Scharffen Berger Extra Dark Chocolate 82%.   November 17, 2011
Dark Delight! Dark Delight!
I like my chocolate dark. Not too bitter, but well balanced with a lightly sweet and creamy texture. I lost my taste for milk chocolate long ago. Thes
posted "Good Spinner With A Design Issue" about Leifheit 23200 Signature Salad Spinner.   September 28, 2011
Good Spinner With A Design Issue Good Spinner With A Design Issue
 There is a lot to like about the somewhat pricey Leifheit 23200 Signature Salad Spinner. Sturdy design, attractive appearance, effective drying
commented on review of Pier 23 Cafe, "No wonder Guy Fieri loves Pier 23 Cafe".   August 02, 2011
commented on review of Ben & Jerry's Waterbury Plant, "The Ultimate Gastronomical Tour for Ice Cream Lovers".   May 24, 2011
commented on review of Vermonster, "Certainly lives up to its name".   May 24, 2011
posted "Indispensable Pizza Making Tool" about Epicurean 23-by-14 Inch Pizza Peel (Natural).   May 18, 2011
Indispensable Pizza Making Tool Indispensable Pizza Making Tool
   My family loves homemade pizza. Whether it be from scratch or using a pre-made crust. We learned quickly that there are a few items that
posted "A Family Favorite" about Mama Mary's Pizza Crust.   May 18, 2011
A Family Favorite A Family Favorite
Usually my family likes to make our pizza crust from scratch. However, many nights time is short, and speed and convenience are the deciding factor. T
posted a comment on list, "My Favorite Culinary Combinations".   April 07, 2011
posted "Better Than Plastic" about Ziploc VersaGlass Food Storage Containers.   March 26, 2011
Better Than Plastic Better Than Plastic
At last a storage container that I can heat up in the oven. Or in the microwave, without fear of harmful chemicals leaching from plastic (with the lid
posted "Great Bread - Unit It Breaks Down" about Panasonic Bread Maker SD-YD250.   March 12, 2011
Great Bread - Unit It Breaks Down Great Bread - Unit It Breaks Down
I've owned the Panasonic SD-YD250 bread machine for over six months. My family was very happy with the bread it made and bread making became my jo
posted a comment on list, "My Favorite Store Bought Cookies".   February 21, 2011
posted "Quality Cookware from Anolon" about Anolon Nouvelle Copper Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set.   February 17, 2011
Quality Cookware from Anolon Quality Cookware from Anolon
I can honestly say that my wife and I have never used cookware that is of higher quality than this Anolon Nouvelle 10-Piece Cookware Set. We received
posted "My Favorite Combo" about Cheddar Cheese Cracker Combos.   February 15, 2011
My Favorite Combo My Favorite Combo
Yes, the cheddar cheese wrapped in crunchy cracker is my favorite style of Combos. The salty filling actually tastes like real cheese compared to many
posted "Awww, Nuts!" about Crunchy Nut Golden Honey Nut Flakes.   February 10, 2011
Awww, Nuts! Awww, Nuts!
   Supposedly, Crunchy Nut has been available in England for quite some time and Kellogg's finally decided to bring it over to US shores
posted "Willy the Hillbilly is Back!" about Mountain Dew Throwback.   February 08, 2011
Willy the Hillbilly is Back! Willy the Hillbilly is Back!
I'm a fan of Mountain Dew from way back. It and Mello Yello were the only sodas I liked as a kid. I've stopped drinking it regularly for healt
posted "Decent Pans, But Not Great" about Emeril Hard Anodized Nonstick 8-Inch and 12-Inch Fry Pan Set.   February 05, 2011
Decent Pans, But Not Great Decent Pans, But Not Great
No offense, but if you want a high quality pan that lasts, you should probably steer clear of any that are promoted by the chef de jour. I like Emeril
posted "Our Family's Favorite Salt" about Himala Salt: Himalayan Primordial Sea Salt.   February 05, 2011
Our Family's Favorite Salt Our Family's Favorite Salt
Do a taste test. Wet your finger and dip it in some standard table salt. Then repeat with the Himalayan Sea Salt. Notice the difference? We sure did.
posted "In Love With Dove" about Dove Dark Chocolate Almond Candy.   January 31, 2011
In Love With Dove In Love With Dove
Not too long ago, there were not many dark chocolate covered almonds available outside a candy store. Dove was one of the first big producers to put t
posted "Paying for Convenience - Eating For Pleasure" about Shirley J Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix.   January 28, 2011
Paying for Convenience - Eating For Pleasure Paying for Convenience - Eating For Plea
   I normally like to make things like waffles and pancakes from scratch, but there are days when time is short and you don't want the h
posted "A Harmonious Blend" about Yin & Yang Peanuts.   January 27, 2011
A Harmonious Blend A Harmonious Blend
I picked up a can of the Hot Wasabi & Sweet Honey Roasted nuts on a whim from a local specialty grocer. I enjoy the wasabi coated nuts that are mo
commented on review of Mashed Sweet Potatoes, "An Easy-to-Make Melt-in-Your-Mouth Side Dish".   January 26, 2011
commented on review of Chicken Bacon Chowder, "Chicken Bacon Chowder Recipe".   January 05, 2011
commented on review of Black Garlic, "Black Garlic: what is it?".   November 15, 2010
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