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reviewed Dove Dark Chocolate with Almonds. August 20, 2008
Dove Dark Chocolate with Almonds
Oh, Dove. You made me sad today. If only you'd spent as much time on the chocolate as you did on your packaging.   I was lured into spending nearly $5 on a 9.5-ounce bag of your dark chocolates …
reviewed Cherry Garcia Ice-cream. December 17, 2008
Cherry Garcia Ice-cream
Let's be honest: it is quite difficult to eff up ice cream.  Ice+cream+something else yummy = OK by me.  And if anyone knows how to do a good job utilizing this formula, it's Ben and Jerry.  …
reviewed Heineken. December 31, 2008
While I really enjoy microbrews Heineken is a great alternative to the heaviness of the Hef's in the marketplace.   It is light and crisp with a bit of a kick ( like me). It comes in many varieties …
reviewed Guinness Draught. December 10, 2008
Guinness is one of my favorite beers.  The thick, creamy brew feels like you're almost drinking a dessert.  Interestingly enough, a Guinness has less calories than the same amount of a regular …
reviewed Mojito. December 13, 2008
Mojitos are a tough drink to get right- too much rum and it overpowers the drink and too little mint doesn't give the drink enough of its signature refreshing kick. It helps to use a mortar and pestly …
reviewed Red Velvet Cake. December 16, 2008
Red Velvet Cake
The best thing about red velvet cupcakes is undoubtably the cream cheese frosting.  I first had red velvet cupcakes at a friend's wedding this summer...I just found out they're now filing for divorce, …
reviewed Ritz Crackers. April 19, 2008
Ritz Crackers
I enjoy a good Ritz Cracker snack. Most people enjoy a Ritz Cracker with peanut butter or a little cheese. Personally, I  prefer my Ritz Cracker sandwich o'Lite. Now I never said I have a Top Chef's …
reviewed Mimosa. September 03, 2008
Who decided champagne and orange juice was an ok breakfast choice? Whoever it is, I plan to give him or her a big wet one. The bubbly effervescence of the champagne and the slight tartness of the orange …
reviewed Starbucks Dark Cherry Mocha. March 11, 2010
posted in Gourmand
STARBUCKS Dark Cherry Mocha
   ….actually no, it doesn’t taste anything like chicken. I just wanted to attract attention :-) Anyway, my buddies at Starbucks along Market Street and Beale convinced me to try …
reviewed Philadelphia Roll. December 15, 2008
posted in Gourmand
Philadelphia Roll
The Philadelphia roll is way up there on my list of favorite fusion rolls.  Its got three of my favorite things in it - raw, slimy fish (usually tuna or salmon!), cream cheese and avocado.  …
reviewed Midori Sour. December 15, 2008
posted in Gourmand
Midori Sour
The Midori sour is probably my favorite cocktail made with Midori mix.  Not only do I love its tangy, non-alcoholic taste, its emerald green color is pretty awesome, too!  This is one drink …
reviewed Uni. December 15, 2008
posted in Gourmand
Consuming uni can be a hit or miss.  When it's bad, it's downright foul, but when it's good, it's *amazing*.  I know most foods are best consumed when fresh, but when it comes to uni, it has …
reviewed Cherry Garcia Ice-cream. December 16, 2008
Cherry Garcia Ice-cream
This my one of my forite ice creams!  I think I might be the only one in my family who likes it which is odd, oh well...more for me!  I usually just buy it in the little  single serving …
reviewed Bar Foods. December 16, 2008
Anything cheesy, greasy, spicy, salty, or topped with sour cream is sure to be a hit in a pub/bar environment.  Quality bar food is sure to be appreciated, especially if found in the form of potato …
reviewed Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook. March 02, 2010
posted in Vegan Living
Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
I love this cookbook.  Seriously, it holds a special place in my heart, right next to my Cuisinart food processor and boxed wine.  I had absolutely no flipping idea how to cook (anything, animal …
reviewed Edamame. November 16, 2009
posted in Gourmand
Just like how bananas are often thought of as a happy fruit (they're smiley-shaped, afterall!), edamame are like happy, smiley soybeans!  It's hard to believe that there was ever a time where I didn't …
reviewed Ice Cream Sandwiches. December 17, 2008
Ice Cream Sandwiches
I don't know who invented ice cream sandwiches but I'd like to kiss them right on the lips.    There's not much that can beat the traditional chocolatey, flexible cookie with vanilla …
reviewed Whoopie Pies (book). June 27, 2010
Whoopie Pies
My mom and her sisters were born in Pennsylvania, where whoopee pies or gobs are supposedly well known. I have been back to visit family many times as a child. Even still, I've never heard of whoopee …
reviewed Taco Bell. December 11, 2008
Taco Bell
There's a Taco Bell near my work and lately, I've been visiting it quite frequently! You might ask why I don't visit other nearby fast foods for variety. That's because Taco Bell has all the variety you …
reviewed Sake Bomb. August 15, 2008
Sake Bomb
For someone who hates beer, I have the best memories of Sake Bombs. This should tell you a whole lot about the beauty of this drink (and by "beauty" I of course mean it's ability to eff you up).     M …
reviewed Quaker Oats. December 13, 2008
Quaker Oats
Simple Harvest Multigrain Hot Cereal is a new line of hot cereals from Quaker. Like its other oatmeal products, these also come in separate, single-serve packets. The base is a mix of wheat, oatmeal, …
reviewed Berkeley Bowl. December 18, 2008
Berkeley Bowl
Where do all the freshest fruits and veggies go when they've escaped the price-inflating clutches of Whole Foods? They happily prance to the glorious sun-drenched hills of Berkeley — to Berkeley Bowl, …
reviewed Kottu Roti. September 11, 2008
kottu dish
Kottu Roti, one of the popular, spicy dishes, that you don't wanna miss when you travel to Sri Lanka.  It is very popular among the young although many middle-aged people love the food.  Kottu …
reviewed Piña Colada. December 10, 2008
Piña Colada
A piña colada is my cocktail of choice when I'm lounging with my friends or my favorite book by the beach.  Coconut and pineapple, plus rum?  Yes, please!  Piña coladas are also super simple …
reviewed Long Island Iced Tea. December 15, 2008
posted in Gourmand
Long Island Iced Tea
As someone with a small bladder, I sure can appreciate a Long Island Iced Tea.  This is one of few cocktails made of various liquors, four to be exact, plus a liqueur.  I love watching skilled …
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