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reviewed Community Gardens. June 13, 2011
Community Gardens
Last year, I was given an honor assignment of documenting the development and growth of a small community garden at Wicker Park Grace, a small Christian spiritual community in Chicago. I was happy to …
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Year-Round Gardening
In the authors' own words: "One of the most helpful and important bits of information we convey in this book is how to improve and nurture your soil. Healthy soil is the key to good gardening." - Delilah …
reviewed Gardening with Hardy Geraniums. May 21, 2010
Gardening with Hardy Geraniums
I love gardening! Several years ago I fell in love with hardy geraniums and have, over the years, acquired several varieties without knowing a lot about them. No longer can I say that, thanks to Birgitte …
reviewed TOPSY TURVY HOT PEPPER PLANTER-''TURN.... May 20, 2010
The Topsy Turvy Hot Pepper Planter is very cool. It's the perfect option for those who wish to grow peppers without having an entire garden. I planted hot banana pepper plants in mine several weeks ago …
reviewed The Little Book of Gardening. March 26, 2010
The Little Book of Gardening
It is joy to read books that describe a passion of the author. "The Little Book of Gardening" combines passion for the art with an author that has a knack for writing. The result is a very readable …
reviewed Shasta Daisy. March 05, 2010
Shasta Daisy
Over 20 years ago, my Dad planted a few Shasta daisies in our garden. I didn't think too much about them at that time. However, when they bloomed I was surprised at the impact that they made. I was just …
reviewed Jalapeño Peppers. February 25, 2010
jalapeño peppers
If you like hot and spicy food, I'm sure you've had your eyes water from jalapeño peppers a time or two. But have you thought about growing them yourself?  I've grown them a few times and …
reviewed The Family Kitchen Garden: How to Pla.... February 22, 2010
The Family Kitchen Garden: How to Plant, Grow, and
   In the early spring of 2009, my brother, sister and I decided to plant a garden we could share at my brother’s house. I have a small herb garden, lavender garden and some flower …
reviewed Vegetable Gardens. February 22, 2010
Vegetable Gardens
I speak from experience when I say that starting a vegetable garden is a valuable learning project and can grow into other healthy interests.  The White House now has a vegetable garden …
reviewed Community Gardens. February 10, 2010
Community Gardens
Combining the two great ideas of buying locally and creating your own garden is the ingenious idea of community gardens. These gardens are turning parking lots and abandoned wasteland in cities into …
reviewed Gardening Mama. January 10, 2010
Gardening Mama
My 5 year-old daughter wanted some games to go with her new Nintendo DS Lite Metallic Rose. It is sometimes hard to find games for young children who cannot read a lot yet.    She …
reviewed Kink Free Garden Hose Adapter by Melnor. January 08, 2010
Kink Free Garden Hose Adapter by Melnor (Melnor)
   The Melnor name has been around gardening and landscaping businesses since 1946, and if you own a home you probably have put your hands on their product and not even known that you were even …
reviewed The Scotts Company Evergreen Tree & S.... December 30, 2009
The Scotts Company Evergreen Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes 12 Pk
   Over the years Scotts has made some wonderful products and there should be no reason in the world that in this case it should be any different. This evergreen and shrub mixture is a little …
reviewed Fiskars Pro Bypass Pruner. December 14, 2009
9109 - 5935 Pro Bypass Pruner
   Well if you do not know it by now, wintertime is here and all of your garden bushes and rose bushes are screaming to be trimmed. If you do not have a pair of hand held pruners then let me …
reviewed Gardening Mama. October 04, 2009
Gardening Mama
Pros: cute, clean fun     Cons: serious control flaws     The Bottom Line: Only die-hard fans, or kids that don't know better, will get any appreciation out of …
reviewed Stuart Robertson's Tips on Container .... September 25, 2009
Tips on Container Gardening
Stuart Robertson was my garden guru long before I met him. I remember calling into the CBC’s Radio Noon phone-in to ask a question about how to divide spider plants and to offer my solution to slugs. …
reviewed Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to G.... September 05, 2009
Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less
The fact that this book has been in print for decades says it all. But let me add to the applause and tell you that I have used this book as a reference for over 20 years, and have used Mel's methods …
reviewed Kitsch Gardens. August 29, 2009
Kitsch Garden
In several Montreal neighborhoods, people have begun to plant flowers around the street trees. Looks very nice, and probably is good for the tree, since a wilting flower is often more successful in crying …
reviewed Drought Tolerant Yard. August 19, 2009
Drought Tolerant Yard
The state of California’s water crisis has motivated both state and local officials to require that residents reduce their water usage. These new regulations, as well as the “Green” …
reviewed Urban Gleaners and Gardeners. August 07, 2009
Urban Gleaners
The squirrels have already begun to eat the pears in our backyard, even though the fruit are only about two inches long and hard as rocks.Last year we had a bumper crop from our two trees at the back …
reviewed Russian Olives. August 04, 2009
Russian Olive
To step outside one morning this summer was to step into cloud of warm air and the smell of Russian olives in bloom. Too bad there’s no scratch-and-sniff feature on the Internet so far, because …
reviewed Very Small Gardens. August 01, 2009
Very Small Gardens
It's amazing what people will do to bring a little green and garden into their lives. The photo of the second floor patio was taken last week in the center of Montreal. It faces south west, which means …
reviewed Permeable Paving. July 31, 2009
Permeable Paving
The value of permeable paving became clear over the weekend when we had a series of intense thunderstorms. Out walking yesterday I saw several good sized ponds on asphalted driveways, as well as deltas …
reviewed Best books about gardening. July 30, 2009
Books about Gardening
As the summer advances and the flowers bloom, my thoughts are never far from gardening, even when sitting and relaxing.  That's when it's nice to have a stack of good books about gardens and nature …
reviewed Gardening. July 30, 2009
So far no field tomatoes from Quebec have showed up in Montreal stores or at the Jean Talon Market. Usually it’s August before the crop comes in, and this year it may be even later because of the …
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