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An eye-opening overview of how industrial corporations sabotage our health

  • Jun 18, 2010
This book puts together excellent research on how the health of children (and adults, of course) is being harmed by environmental toxins. From autism and ADHD to asthma, allergies, cancer, and leukemia, childhood health problems are epidemic, fueled by corporate desires for profit at the expense of public health. Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of these environmental hazards, and the authors provide some guidance into ways that parents can reduce the risks posed to their children as we deal with living in a toxic world. The rapid rise in these health issues is clearly documented in this book, and the authors present some case studies to show how this unfolds in families and communities across America.

This book details some of the examples of how this is happening, such as communities where industrial pollution has produced cancer clusters and parents who have discovered that vaccines are triggering autistic spectrum disorders. Also exposed is how the government and legal system have been corrupted to protect the corporations - and even institutions of faith have ignored the assault on our children's well-being even while some focus obsessively on protecting unborn fetuses from abortion. The authors seem to see this in some ways as a liberal vs conservative phenomenon, though in reality both sides of the political duopoly are involved in betraying the public's health and well-being. While the profit-focused capitalist system is exposed as fueling the problem, the idea that benevolent government regulation offers a solution misses the need for an underlying change in the structure of our society. As long as the control and accumulation of wealth are built into the society then government itself will be subject to corrupting influences. Public health and well-being (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) needs to be the foundation of the society in order for institutions to truly support those values.

The authors look for signs of hope and potential for change and progress. While there is evidence that some people are raising their consciousness about these issues, the authors seem to underestimate the power and cunning of the forces that are profiting from practices that poison us. They refer to the public being mobilized to fight global warming as an example of how people can be brought to face a challenge, yet the man-made global warming idea has been promoted and financed by many of the corporate and global finance interests who are the worst polluters and has been exposed as false science and a scheme to generate global taxes and control. The global warming fight has actually subverted real environmental and public health efforts since it diverts attention and resources to a misdirection. The authors also wrote this book at the time of Obama coming into the role of President of the USA, expressing optimism about a shift to progressive change with a new President. Unfortunately, Obama is subservient to the same interests that have controlled the government during his predecessors' administrations and many of the threats to our health have continued or expanded under his supposed leadership.

Thus, the authors are correct that public awareness and action are needed to bring about healthy change, but naive in some ways about the current prognosis for these changes to manifest. The majority of people in our society remain asleep and continue to use toxic products and let corrupt experts and leaders govern their lives. Ideally, many people will read books such as this and awaken - I would highly recommend that readers share this book and similar materials with family and friends. Yet, even when given this information many people will avoid taking responsibility or making changes, as many lack the courage or motivation to change the status quo.

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August 26, 2011
We need to embrace the concept of health maintenance in our foods, cleansers and daily life in general. Practitioners of Complementary Medicine talk about this frequently.
i.e. Dr. Gary Null and others .

Until we embrace these protocols as a nation, our health care systems will remain unaffordable , as well as our overall quality of life in this country and on this planet.
December 03, 2010
Very eye opening indeed. I grew up with asthma and so did a bunch of the kids around me because of where we grew up, and we're lucky that that was the butt of it because I hear crazy stories of much more serious illnesses in other areas. Something definitely needs to be done. Looking forward to reading the changes that the author proposes in this book. Thanks for sharing, Jed.
February 11, 2012
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November 17, 2010
Great review! I bet @EcoMama would love this review...thanks for sharing!
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Have you wondered why there seems to be an epidemic of serious childhood illnesses, like cancer, asthma and birth defects, in America? It has a lot to do with the huge increase, over the past 50 years, of toxic chemicals dumped into the environment. This book gives the details.      There are a number of towns all over the country, ranging from Dickson, Tennessee, to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, to Toms River, New Jersey, suffering much higher than normal numbers of severe childhood …
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In a landmark investigation that's been compared toSilent Spring, two veteran journalists definitively show how, why, and where industrial toxins are causing rates of birth defects, asthma, cancer, and other serious illnesses to soar in children. Philip and Alice Shabecoff reveal that the children of baby boomers-the first to be raised in a truly toxified world-are the first generation to be sicker and have shorter life expectancies than their parents. The culprits, they say, are the companies that profit from producing, using, and selling toxics.

In piercing case histories, the authors bring readers to places like Dickson, Tennessee, where babies were born with cleft lips and palates after landfill chemicals seeped into the water, and Port Neches, Texas, where so many graduates of a high school near synthetic rubber and chemical plants contracted cancer that the school was nicknamed "Leukemia High."

And they ask a razor-sharp question: Just why are we letting corporations commit these crimes against our children, sabotage investigations and regulations, hire scientists to skew data on toxic impacts, and fend off government controls with powerful lobbying groups?

It's time, they say, for families and the health and environmental communities to fight back, and their painstakingly researched book shows how people are taking action across the country-from pressuring politicians and investigating sickness clusters in their regions to ridding their own homes of countless toxic ...

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ISBN-10: 1603582568
ISBN-13: 978-1603582568
Author: Philip Shabecoff
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

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