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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon DVD IP MAN Fist Of Legend Kung Fu Hustle Gorgeous (1999 movie)
reviewed Fist of Fury. March 13, 2011
Fist of Fury
Fist of Fury stars Bruce Lee as Chen Zhen, an angry young man who possesses a dangerous punch called the "fist of fury". Once he's in fighting mode, the kid can't stop. Arriving at the Jing Wu school he sees the burial of his master, unable to control his violent rage one of the teachers hits Chen over the head to knock him out which sets the pace for the rest of the film. The Jing …
reviewed The Big Boss. March 13, 2011
The poster for The Big Boss
The Big Boss aka The Fists of Fury was the feature film debut of Bruce Lee in a lead role. Earlier in life, Bruce Lee was a child actor and star. Years later whilst in a America, he became a Martial Arts instructor to the stars, writer and MMA fighter (well, the equivalent to one). Lee always wanted to become a acting superstar. But the roles he could obtain in Hollywood were limited for actors of …
reviewed Ip Man 2. February 08, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Ip Man 2
Star Rating:         I’m generally not a fan of martial arts movies, mostly because they seem to be about nothing other than martial arts. What bothered me greatly about 2008’s Ip Man was that it wasn’t a story so much as repeated set ups for the title character to fight; much of it had the simplistic feel of a 1950s American teen drama, where rival …
reviewed Gorgeous (1999 movie). December 17, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Gorgeous (1999 movie)
   his is somewhat different from the other Jackie Chan movies that I have seen. For starters it's basically a romantic comedy with martial arts added. The humor is pretty foreign to us westerners, but is pretty funny nonetheless (the boy who buys Bu an "engagement oyster" for example, and the scene with Bu in the fridge was pretty funny too). But additionally its more than …
posted a Quick Tip about Drunken Master. October 12, 2010
posted in ASIANatomy
Drunken Master
The original Drunken Master movie with Jackie Chan isn't quite as much fun but certainly has it's share of funny moments and action scenes.
posted a Quick Tip about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. October 12, 2010
posted in ASIANatomy
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon DVD
What amounts largely to what I'm told as an Asian Fairy Tale with it's wire work and legends in a movie. Chow Yun Fat is awesome as is Michelle Yeoh in this story of a powerful sword taken by a young woman who gains power from it.
posted a Quick Tip about IP MAN. September 10, 2010
posted in ASIANatomy
Great movie and one of my favorites. I could watch the 1 vs 10 scene 10000 times in a row.
reviewed License to Steal. August 24, 2010
License to Steal
   I knew nothing about this movie before seeing it other than the knowledge that it was a Yuen Biao film, and that was more than enough temptation for me to watch it. In actual fact he didn't play the lead role in the movie and I got a sense that his participation was more about raising the profile of it, you find that this is often the way with Hong Kong action cinema but I definately …
posted a Quick Tip about The Dead and the Deadly. August 23, 2010
The Dead and the Deadly
Sammo Hung never ceases to make me laugh, his scene with Wu Ma in this is always great to watch.
posted a Quick Tip about Dreadnaught. August 23, 2010
I can't recommend this film enough, it will completely change your whole view of the Chinese lion dance. For starters.
posted a Quick Tip about Thunderbolt. August 23, 2010
This is one of Jackie's less widely known movies, but it's actually got some great fight scenes in it.
posted a Quick Tip about Broken Oath. August 23, 2010
Broken Oath
Look out for a fire-breathing Morgan Freeman! ....and watch those feet, they're dangerous!
posted a Quick Tip about Righting Wrongs. August 23, 2010
Righting Wrongs
I thought it was a real shame that this movie was so bad, because it has some of the most memorable fight scenes ever. And it's that factor alone that pushes my rating into the green.
posted a Quick Tip about Armour of God. August 23, 2010
Poster for the film.
I have my fingers tightly crossed in the hope that we will see a return of the flying chewing gum in the upcoming 3rd entry in the series.
posted a Quick Tip about Fist of Fury. August 23, 2010
Fist of Fury
This time you're eating paper.....the next time it'll be GLASS!!
posted a Quick Tip about Kung Fu Hustle. August 23, 2010
Kung Fu Hustle
Although it was fantastic when I originally saw this at the cinema, having seen it again on TV quite recently I found it to be significantly less effective. I'm afraid to say that I don't think this movie will stand the test of time....but rather an 'of it's time' suggestion in years to come.
posted a Quick Tip about Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars. August 23, 2010
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars
Despite not being one of the more popular choices, numerous fight scenes in this film are amongst my most favourite.
unlocked the Three Dragons Fan badge. August 23, 2010

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posted a Quick Tip about My Lucky Stars. August 23, 2010
My Lucky Stars
Make sure you catch the other lucky stars movies, they're always good for a laugh. Richard Ng alone will win you over.
posted a Quick Tip about Project A. August 23, 2010
Project A
Who doesn't love the bike scene in the alleys?? I always liked the intro to this film where Jackie jumps off his bike and it glides unassisted right into the stalls....great coordination.
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