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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (IMAX 3D)

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The End of the Magic Wand

  • Jul 14, 2011
I had originally wanted it to be review #500 and it seems apt that since it's the ending of an era. As it happens, it's not the way it's going to be. So, here I'm, at review #510 instead.

Saw it first thing today, July 14 over here in Hong Kong at the iSquare IMAX theater. One of the newest IMAX in the world; the 2nd and newest in Hong Kong. Built in 2009 which boasted "the highest grossing IMAX Theatre worldwide for "Avatar" in IMAX 3D and history", it was an experience I look forward to. For most part, my IMAX experiences have been shorter documentaries and not movies. Since it's the last as well as one that's in 3D, I clearly had no choice but to experience it to the fullest! 

The theater was filled in no time and the movie started even before all were seated! Such is the enthusiasm. I must say it begins with great promise, especially the 3D experience is quite something. It makes me wish that I had seen everything (since some 10 years ago) in 3D. Yes, so I do like to see it in 3D. Having said that, the other movie I had seen in 3D was Avatar and I remember distinctly the discomfort I felt in wearing those 3D glasses as the film progresses. Same for this IMAX 3D although the image quality is better.

About 3D
The experience was superior. How superior? Well, I believe it didn't actually fully demonstrate the effectiveness of the 3D technology in this movie. I've had better experiences at the 4D shows in Universal Studio and Disney World so I know how far that technology could go to make it seems real. In this movie, it didn't take advantage of it a great deal, imho. It felt more like 2.5D rather than 3D. 

The 3D experience kind of fades away as the movie progresses. Good or bad? Well, it depends. It allows movie goers to concentrate on the story instead, I suppose. But having paid some HK$115 (US$15) which is double the normal 3D (this is IMAX afterall but I'll come to that later) movies and almost triple the 2D experience, I expect more :-) Am I disappointed? A little.

One thing I do hope is the entire Harry Potter series could be revamped so that movie goers will be presented with a chance to see all of the episodes in 3D in the future. I certainly won't mind paying for them again as I suspect the earlier episodes would be a blast with the 3D experience, more so than this one had been!

About IMAX
I was seated at the 2nd last row so I didn't have to strain my neck very much through the entire movie. That is good. I'm not sure how I'd see the film if I were further upfront though. It might have been a different experience. I don't know for sure. May be next time.

According to UA Cinemas, "an IMAX 3D film actually consists of two separate strips of film projected onto the screen at the same time. This dual filmstrip technology is far superior to the old fashioned "red blue" glasses anaglyph 3D - one strip has images captured from the view-point of the right eye, and the other shows the view-point of the left eye, with cutting edge IMAX 3D glasses separating the left images of the left and right eyes, your brain blends the views together to create an amazing three-dimensional film that appears to have depth beyond and in front of the screen. Thus, IMAX 3D presentation is the world's best - providing the most realistic and immersive 3D ever."

Now, here's what I say. As far as technology goes, I still think it could be better. I experienced OMNIMAX more than a decade ago and that was an impressive experience. When it comes to IMAX 3D, it's not getting the ooh and aah from me (for now). Which brings me to the most important aspect of the show.

About The End 

As expected, the good always triumphs. No question about that. Is the end satisfactory? I'll leave it up to you to make your own decision about it as I feel that I'll give away the details & spoil your experience if I were to go into details discussing the story line or the characters. 

Having said that, I didn't read the book so I've got no idea where everything leads when I went into the cinema this morning. That I believe is what I like about going to movies. I like to be surprised and kept in suspense. I don't quite fancy knowing how things end, for most part. The end in this case was a little surprising but not too much. It lacks the "oh, wow" factor for me. This is the better of the 2 part series but it is not satisfying for me when an end is being looked forward to so much so we had to wait for a year for it!

Not a moment in the whole 2+ hour do I feel worried, scared or at the edge of my seat. That I feel is what is lacking in this Part 2 and last episode of Harry Potter. Considering this is a 3D experience, I certainly feel they can do much better!

And hence, my take and rating for it. Lest you think I'm disappointed, I'm not. However, I'm not excited either!!! In the case of a Harry Potter movie, I don't think that's so good; when an audience comes out and didn't feel excited!!! :-( Perhaps it's the case of too high an expectation and hype?!
The Magic Wand The Magic Wand

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July 15, 2011
I have to see this for Helena Bonham Carter, great write up.
July 16, 2011
Then may I suggest you exit the film mid-way ;-)
July 14, 2011
I am kinda happy that it sounds like it is a decent movie, I am not a huge fan of the franchise but ever since it got darker, I got interested. I expect Valdemort to be underwhelming..after all, the books and movies are meant for kids and young adults. I'll see this movie this weekend, I need to re-watch the first half before I go.
July 15, 2011
Oh, it is a decent one, just not scary (& of course, dark) enough, LOL! Harry at middle age is not very appealing though, LOL!
July 16, 2011
I finally saw this one on standard 2D, so I thought it was a good movie. I doubt it was originally intended for 3D anyway.
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (3D IMAX)
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