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reviewed The DVS 250 Vanity Scale. February 27
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
The DVS 250 Vanity Scale
he DVS 250 Digital Vanity Scale is a smart looking device that works on four "triple A" batteries enclosed. The scale is easy to set up. Just unpack the box, take off the plastic wrapping and install the four batteries. Each battery is installed in series.   Place the scale on the floor and test it out. Step on the scale and in seconds your weight will be displayed in pounds …
reviewed My Beef Wirh Meat by Rip Esselstyn. June 30, 2013
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
My Beef Wirh Meat by Rip Esselstyn
My Beef With Meat: The Healthiest Argument for Eating a Plant-Strong Diet is an important resource for people who need to make more optimal food choices. A beauty of this book is that the author cites classic high nutrient choices for providing mineral supplementation ; such as, broccoli which is rich in calcium. Tofu and collard greens are calcium-rich too. There are other superfoods. For instance, …
posted a Quick Tip about Avocado. February 11, 2013
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
Avocado is probably my favorite fruit, because of the fact that despite being a fruit, it's an excellent ingredient in so many savory dishes.  My favorite use of the avocado is for making guacamole, which is a perfect thing to go with meats like chicken or steak, and of course, as the ideal dip for tortilla chips.
posted a Quick Tip about Ice Hockey. February 04, 2013
Ice Hockey
Welcome to the greatest sport on Earth. You take a bunch of guys, put them in ice skates, give them sticks, and let them go out and fight over a small rubber disc. Next to ice hockey, everything else looks like it was made for ADD.
reviewed Little Debbie Snacks Cloud Cakes, 10-.... January 10, 2013
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Little Debbie Snacks Cloud Cakes, 10-Count Box
         I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, for the last time, I know! It isn't a Twinkie, but, since Hostess's unfortunate fiscal collapse, it's the closest we've been in a long time. I happened across an article in a business section of a newspaper that talked about how Little Debbie was going to use her 'street smarts' to launch what the …
answered a question about Sports. September 20, 2012
The connection of sport and fitness
Honestly, killing the ESPN contract probably killed any hope the league ever had of becoming a major sport in this country. All the ways Bettman tried to grow the sport were destroyed by it because now …
answered a question about Sports. September 20, 2012
The connection of sport and fitness
It's stupid that the NHL apparently believes it's the only option. There are many in this country. I can follow the NBA a bit more, and I'm finally learning to enjoy it. 
posted a Quick Tip about Gardening. September 09, 2012
posted in Green Living
Plants create oxygen, so gardening is always a good thing. There are strategies and challenges to it too. It isn't just planting the seed into the soil, watering it sometimes, and letting nature take its course. There are certain plants you have to strategically plant according to season, terrain, and to get them however much sunlight they might need.
posted a Quick Tip about Super Size Me. September 05, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
Super Size Me
What can I say?  This is ridiculously stupid for the fact that Morgan Spurlock tries to point out how unhealthy McDonald's food is by eating it for a whole month.  Of course if you eat crap like that for a month, you're gonna get tons of health problems.  But really, if you eat too much of anything, even healthy foods (such as only eating fruit for a whole month), you're …
reviewed Rainbow Light Brain & Focus Multivitamin. July 26, 2012
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Rainbow Light Brain & Focus Multivitamin
I like that Rainbow Light's Brain & Focus Multi is a food-base formula rather than something only concocted in the lab. This gives it better bio-availability and it is less harsh on you system. Many multis have given me an upset stomach if I don't eat food with them, but not these. That said, I'd still make sure I took these with a meal for better absorption. On that point, the daily …
reviewed Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Professional .... July 25, 2012
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Professional Care
I enjoy using the Oral-B Smartseries 5000. In addition, I have a slim Oral-B Pulsonic that I use when traveling. I also have an Oral-B Professional Care 3000 that does a decent job of cleaning. Its brush head is smaller and less effective than the 5000's, and it has only 3 modes rather than 5 and doesn't come with a SmartGuide™. The 5000 is less bulky and seems to hold a charge longer …
posted a Quick Tip about Fruit. July 24, 2012
posted in Green Living
Nature's candy. Tastes good, provides sugars that won't kill you and essential vitamins, and comes in a million different varieties. I usually try to eat fruit with my breakfast.
reviewed MRSA - Don't Make The Mistake Of Misd.... June 12, 2012
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
MRSA - Don't Make The Mistake Of Misdiagnosing This Infection
My rating of +5 is based on the importance of being knowledgeable about MRSA      I was prompted to write this "review" about MRSA  (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) for several reasons; one being the fact that I have had this staff infection, another is that it is EXTREMELY contagious and spreads to others quickly and easily, and the most important reason …
reviewed Supermarket Vegan: 225 Meat-Free, Egg.... March 26, 2012
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Supermarket Vegan: 225 Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes for Real Peoplein the Real World
   What you see is what you get in this cookbook. There isn't a breakdown of why to go vegan or what vegan looks like. Instead the book gets right to the recipes. And the ingredients in the recipes should be in most grocery stores.      I think this Is going to be a great resource for someone who knows the whys of going vegan but doesn't know where to start.   …
reviewed Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-Based Recipes.... March 26, 2012
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-Based Recipes for Peak Health
I haven't checked out Brendan Brazier's previous two books, but, since my public library had Thrive Foods, I did indeed check this one out.      Brazier's why to go plant-based is very compellingly presented. He has done some serious homework. The first 100 or so pages of Thrive Foods is focused on the realities of nutrition and why the Standard American Diet is not …
reviewed The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 17.... March 26, 2012
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 175 Delicious Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
   I made the following recipes from The Happy Herbivore.      Oatmeal Cookies   Fruity Oatmeal Bars   Chicken Style Seitan -- (which required these as well: No-Chicken Broth Powder (which will be a nice addition to my pantry) and her Poultry Seasoning Mix)   Maple Cornbread Biscuits   Blue Corn Chickpea Tacos      …
posted a Quick Tip about Tony Horton's 10 MINUTE TRAINER 5 Wor.... February 07, 2012
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Tony Horton's 10 MINUTE TRAINER 5 Workouts SET - Includes Resistance Band and Other Extras
You get a Cardio, Total Body, Lower Body, Yoga Flex and Abs workout. Each one is only 10 minutes long. It is less intense than P90X. Great starter DVD set for anyone.
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