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Blueberry Smoothie

  • Jun 2, 2010
This list will help you make a healthy and wonderful delicious breakfast smoothie. 35% Blueberries, 35% Coconut Juice, 10% Banana, 10% Vegetable, 5% Raspberry, 5% All-Natural Organic Fruit-Only Jam & Cocoa Powder
Wild Blueberry
You want about a third of your smoothie to be blueberries. (30% to 35%) They should be wild if you can, but organic is also okay. They can be frozen if you want your smoothie to be extra cold. If you like this list, perhaps you'd like my health blog;
Coconut Juice
Coconut Juice should make up about 35% of your smoothie. You preferably want to buy fresh young green coconuts and open them yourself, but in case this is impractical, you can also buy it buy the can or carton at most specialty health food stores such as Whole Foods, the Lexington Co-Op, and other places.
Make sure it's an organic banana. Why organic? Because the conventional means to cultivating bananas is killing the banana trees! Not to mention it's killing the bees, poisoning our water supply, hurting the farming economy, and beyond all of that, the pesticides are inside the fruit that they're used on.
You can add carrots, celery or broccoli. Preferably home grown, but store-bought organic is okay too. Depending on the power of your blender you may want to use your food processor first. Carrots are fairly sweet, so you may add enough to make about 20% of your smoothie, but if you use celery or broccoli, you may only want to make it 10% of the smoothie.
Optional. Refer to description under Carrots.
Optional. Refer to description under Carrots.
Preferably wild. Second best is organic. They may be frozen if you want your smoothie to be extra cold, but fresh-picked will have the most enzymes and health. You only want to add a few raspberries. They add a punch of flavor. The seeds will not completely liquefy and will give a very slight crunch if you add very many of them. I don't mind this personally, but some people mind a lot.
Natural Cocoa powder should contain nothing but cocoa. No added sugar. It's all natural. Ideally, you'd want the fresh cocoa bean itself, but since those are not easy to come by, we can indulge in a bit of cocoa powder. If you're not a chocolate fan, feel free not to use any. Beware if you are a chocolate fan; the flavor is intense and bitter when not added to something sweet. Add only a half spoonful per tall glass. (Do not try to stir in without a blender; the powder is reluctant to mix into anything.) If you enjoyed my list, please visit my raw food blog;

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November 24, 2010
Wow this is awesome. Thanks for the inspiration. I make smoothies all the time. Keep posting smoothie recipes. There should be a smoothie community.
November 24, 2010
also I like your idea of adding cocoa
September 10, 2010
I love smoothies and this one sounds awesome. I'm gonna check out your blog also - thanks for sharing!
June 08, 2010
Sounds amazing!! I cannot wait to make this smoothie..but I won't be waiting to grow my own carrots..I'll just buy organic. :)
June 08, 2010
Mmmmm, I make smoothies all the time, so I have all of these ingredients in the fridge or freezer (not all home grown and super fresh though, unfortunately!) and for coconut juice, I'll be using Vita Coco.  I would have never thought to use jam but since it does have greens in it, I can see how it could mask the taste.  I'll give it a whirl.  Thanks for sharing! :)
June 03, 2010
This looks like one healthy and tasty smoothie. I will have to try this one out. Thanks.
June 07, 2010
You're welcome. :)
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