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The Great Fat Fraud: Why the "Obesity Epidemic Isn't, How To Be Totally Healthy Without Losing Weight and If You Should Lose Some Pounds How To Keep Them From Finding You Again

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A 2011 nonfiction book by Mike Schatzki.

The revolutionary new book that debunks the myths long perpetrated by the diet and weight-loss industries. Are you tired of buying diet book after diet book? Have you tried every exercise class at your gym? Are you ready to toss the whole concept of … see full wiki

Publisher: Lamington Press
Date Published: September 1, 2011
1 review about The Great Fat Fraud: Why the "Obesity Epidemic...

This makes perfect sense to me.

  • Oct 10, 2011
There are all sorts of theories, opinions, books, pills, potions, gadgets, exercise regimens and fitness centers out there. Turn on your radio on a Saturday or Sunday morning or click on your TV late at night and you will find a whole array of hucksters vying for your attention and hard-earned money.  Indeed, weight loss is big business in this country and around the world and if you are the least bit vulnerable you are probably going to get sucked in.  Author Mike Schatzki believes he has discovered a safer and saner way to go about the businees of losing or maintaining weight and he has the research to back it up.  His findings are presented in a neat little book with an extremely long title.  "The Great Fat Fraud:  Why The 'Obesity Epidemic' Isn't,  How To Be Totally Healthy Without Losing Weight and If You Should Lose Some Pounds, How To Keep Them From Finding You Again" is the weight loss industry's worse nightmare because it makes a pretty compelling case that the key to better health is not how much you weight but how fit you are.  The case presented by Mike Schatzki makes perfect sense to me because as a result of trial and error I have been doing precisely what he recommends in this book for the past two decades.  And while I may not exactly be the perfect physical specimen I am pretty darn healthy.  During all of that time I have missed fewer than 10 days of work due to illness.   

Now if you find yourself a few pounds overweight like the vast majority of Americans are these days you might take comfort in knowing that in the studies cited in "The Great Fat Fraud" "heavy people who were fit had substantially lower all-cause mortality rates (and death rates for a number of specific disease entities) than thin people who were unfit."   To further illustrate this point BMI (Body Mass Index) research conducted by Dr. Ming Wei back in 1999 and cited in the book is quite conclusive and somewhat shocking.  Dr Wei discovered that "As long as you are fit it does not matter what you weigh!"  And so the next logical question would seem to be how does one go about getting himself or herself physically fit?  Given all of our sophistication and technological know-how the answer is surprisingly simple......walking.  The goal is 10,000 steps a day.    

That figure of 10000 steps cited in "The Great Fat Fraud" may seem intimidating to some particularly if you are out of shape.  Mike Schatzki offers up some useful suggestions to help you gradually increase the number of steps you take each day.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away at the mall parking lot and do as many errands as possible on footIt all adds up!  Perhaps a family member or a neighbor would like to take a walk.  And don't forget that you can listen to music or make phone calls while walking which can be a very efficient use of your time.  Personally, I find prefer to walk alone.  I find that I do my best thinking while on foot and ultimately make much better decisions.  And it goes without saying that you can do your walking inside on a treadmill.  But as Mike Schatzki points out "your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make getting fit and staying fit a requirement in your life."  I would wholeheartedly agree and as far as I am concerned walking 10,000 steps a day sure beats the hell out of doing sit-ups.  I count myself among the 80%-90% of Americans who hate to exercise. 

I think that it is safe to say that "The Great Fat Fraud: Why The 'Obesity Epidemic' Isn't, How To Be Totally Healthy Without Losing Weight and If You Should Lose Some Pounds, How To Keep Them From Finding You Again" will prove to be a real eye-opener for many Americans.  Mike Schatzki offers his readers a safer, cheaper, more common sense way to achieve physical fitness and good health.  You can devour this little book in just a few hours and as far as I am concerned it is well worth your time and effort.    Very highly recommended!
10,000 steps at a time. 10,000 steps at a time. 10,000 steps at a time. 10,000 steps at a time.

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November 21, 2011
Great review! I'm thought by many to be thin, by all medical accounts (BMI and those "normal weight ranges by height") I'm underweight, if anything but, I am most definitely not as fit as I once was. I used to dance four times a week, walk everywhere (due to not having a car), and go on the occasional hike/snowboarding/tennis game. I'm trying to get back into it and it's motivating to hear that all you really need to do is walk...of course, I'll probably throw in some dance and other things but, it's nice to know we can start simple. Thanks, Paul!
November 21, 2011
sounds pretty good. I am not thin but hey I can walk or run up a hill without breathing hard. My uncle used to have really high choleterol and blood pressure but he looked a lot 'fitter' than I did. Thanks for sharing.
October 12, 2011
Yeah, that is a pretty long book title :P Fortunately for me, I do like to stay active and exercise, especially since my job doesn't require much movement, so I definitely try to make up for that. In regards to the topic of weight and fitness though, I think that a lot of people, especially women, who go on diets to lose weight, it's more of a vanity thing and less of a health thing. I've seen a lot of people take weight into account a lot more than fitness and I wish they would take both into account. Great review, Paul!
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