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reviewed Senegal Parrot. March 08, 2010
Senegal Parrot
What are you reviewing? Senegal Parrots.      Where did you buy or find it? Breeder, sometimes found in "rescues" and pet shops      What was your experience …
reviewed Parrots of the World. March 07, 2010
Parrots of the World
Parrots of the World by Joseph M. Forshaw and illustrated by William T. Cooper may just be the most common book in every parrot lover's home. If you don't have a copy, maybe you should join the crowd! …
reviewed For the Love of Greys. March 07, 2010
For the Love of Greys
   Bobbi Brinker's "For the Love of Greys" changed the way many grey owners lived with their parrots. A long familiar name in the world of parrots, Brinker was a hobby breeder …
reviewed Parrot Pockets. February 28, 2010
Parrot Pockets
In my constant search for new toys for my flock of parrots, I found Parrot Pockets.  The Parrot Pockets are an inexpensive, handmade leather foraging toy made by The Parrot Lady.  With various …
reviewed Phoenix Landing. February 28, 2010
Phoenix Landing
   The need for having organizations, foster homes and support systems for relinquished and abandoned parrots is a new one. With proper nutrition parrots are readily breeding and living longer. …
reviewed The Bird Shop. February 27, 2010
The Bird Shop
      Truth is that as convenient as Petsmart and Petco are, they don't carry all of the things that bird lovers need. Besides supporting small business, there are a lot of good reasons …
reviewed The Parrot Problem Solver. February 27, 2010
The Parrot Problem Solver
Training a parrot and modifying behavior is not hard, but does not seem to come naturally to most of us. Understanding how it works is a quick course in psychology and applied behavior analysis. There …
reviewed Bird Talk Magazine. February 27, 2010
Bird Talk (1-year)<span
   I have read Bird Talk for 15 years. The magazine has not always presented the cutting edge of behavior and science. In fact, frequently the information was disappointing. However, in …
reviewed Norwegian Blue Parrot. February 27, 2010
Norwegian Blue Parrot
The Norwegian Blue is incredibly rare and you are unlikely to find it in captivity. However, if you do happen upon one, after you admire it's beautiful plumage, there are some species quirks of which …
reviewed Parrots: Look Who's Talking - Shop Th.... February 27, 2010
Parrots: Look Who's Talking - Shop Thirteen
   ...although it did convince me.       Nature does a wonderful job of giving viewers an overview of the wonders of parrots. Meet an opera singing Amazon, a budgie conversationalist …
reviewed Parrots For Dummies. February 27, 2010
Parrots For Dummies
   Nikki is a wonderful proponent for using positive reinforcement and operant conditioning, but she's got pretty much everything in this book. I'm not a nutrition or health expert, but from …
reviewed Parakeets. February 27, 2010
Parakeets (aka Budgies)
Parakeets, known as budgerigars in their native Australia can make a great pet for someone interested in getting started with parrots. Here are a few thoughts to consider      Some …
reviewed Good Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavio.... February 27, 2010
Good Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavioral Problems
There was a time when it simply did not occur to behaviorists to follow the newer ideals used with dogs and horses of "keeping it positive" when working with parrots. Parrots, which have long …
reviewed Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parr.... February 22, 2010
Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered
I figured I would alternately like it and pick apart this book. After all, I’ve been battling the aftermath of Pepperberg’s famous statement, that was something to the effect of African greys …
reviewed Parakeets. October 29, 2009
Parakeets (aka Budgies)
I love budgies.  These small parrots are fun birds that love to chirp, squawk and peep. My female is a turquoise creme colored bird named Lady Grey.  Her companion is a bluish grey male named …
reviewed Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies. May 30, 2009
Centinela Feed
I've come to love Centinela quite a bit and really can't remember shopping elsewhere in years... It's a weekend ritual for me – wake up, jump on my beach cruiser (wicker basket intact) and peddle …
reviewed The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. April 22, 2009
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Mark Bittner came to San Francisco in the 1970s with a dream of making it as a songwriter-musician. When that dream failed him he lived on the street, taking odd jobs and exploring Eastern religions. …
reviewed Elliott's For Pets. December 17, 2008
Elliott's For Pets
Elliot's is a wonderful little local pet store for those who love to spoil the animals they care for. There is a decent selection of toys, carriers, leashes and food dishes. They carry high quality food …
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