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Originally published in 1973, the book has gone through several printings. I believe I've had my copy for about 15 years now. Well worn and with a parrot nibbled binding, it is a book that gets pulled from the shelf at least once a year.

Meant to be an encyclopedic book of parrot species, the book is divided into three geographical units of distribution: Pacific Distribution, Afro-Asian Distribution and South American Distribution.  Under these distributions each parrot is listed with English Names, Description, Distribution, Subspecies and general notes. In the general notes you will find what was known at the time of publication about the species habits and diet.

Even if you are not interested in educating yourself on the variety of parrot species around the world, the plates are an irresistible draw for most bird lovers. Interspersed throughout the chapters are gorgeous plates of similar species in full color. Illustrations are all based on a particular specimen of each species and curious readers can follow an abbreviation to find out where this specimen is housed. Each species listing is also accompanied with a map of the parrot's distribution.

You may have to find a used copy in order to get your hands on Forshaw's gorgeous Parrots of the World, but it's a worthy addition to any bird lover's library.


http://www.lunch.com/HeckledByParrots/reviews/d/UserReview-Parrots_of_the_World-32-1440537-19331-What_kind_of_parrot_is_that_.html http://www.lunch.com/HeckledByParrots/reviews/d/UserReview-Parrots_of_the_World-32-1440537-19331-What_kind_of_parrot_is_that_.html Sun, 7 Mar 2010 22:06:41 +0000
<![CDATA[ Got a grey? You gotta have this book!]]>
Bobbi Brinker's "For the Love of Greys" changed the way many grey owners lived with their parrots. A long familiar name in the world of parrots, Brinker was a hobby breeder of African grey parrots for many years before she retired. In those years she dedicated herself both to understanding the species of parrot she loved and to education for the people with whom they share their homes. 

Brinker begins the book by explaining how to facilitate good behavior rather  than imposing household rules. This method of shaping through positive reinforcement encourages grey parrots to be bold, confident, curious and invested in the relationship with their humans.

Continuing, Brinker addresses the myths about grey parrots. Have your heard that they are clumsy? That they are one person birds? That they are pluckers? You will definitely find this chapter interesting as the author clarifies and dispels that things that most of us believe are a grey given. 

With other chapters discussing life stages, nutrition, toys, health and managing stress with what is often a sensitive species, you are sure to discover many ideas and facts that will make your bird's life better.

I love "For the Love of Greys" and think that everyone who lives with an African grey parrot should read it whether they have only just begun or having been sharing their home with a grey for decades.


http://www.lunch.com/HeckledByParrots/reviews/d/UserReview-For_the_Love_of_Greys-32-1440527-19320-Got_a_grey_You_gotta_have_this_book_.html http://www.lunch.com/HeckledByParrots/reviews/d/UserReview-For_the_Love_of_Greys-32-1440527-19320-Got_a_grey_You_gotta_have_this_book_.html Sun, 7 Mar 2010 20:39:26 +0000