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Not As Intelligent As it Thinks It Is, or Was Supposed To Be

  • Apr 13, 2008
  • by
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The Bottom Line: In the end Fracture disappoints because everything happens pretty much as one might predict it would.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie''s plot.

...Nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb...Amendment 5, United States Constitution.

And so goes the premise of Fracture (2007) staring Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. What started out being a fairly intelligent and somewhat spellbinding affair ended far too formulaic and patronizing for my liking.

The Story-Line

Directed by Gregory Hoblit (Fallen, Frequency) with screenplay by Daniel Payne (Sum of All Fears) Fracture begins with a frolic in the hay so to speak as Jennifer Crawford (Embeth Davidtz – Bridget Jones’s Diary, In Treatment) and Lt. Robert Nunally (Billy Burke – 24, Ladder 49) have an affair. Problem is Jennifer’s aerospace engineer husband Ted, has known about the affair for quite some time and has set about revenge. Did I mention that Ted is exceedingly bright?

Cold and calculating, Ted shots Jennifer—who is much younger than Ted—in the head (in the face really right under her left cheek bone), and promptly cops to the murder when Lt. Nunally—who happens to be a hostage negotiator—shows up at Teds house. In court Ted decides to represent himself and Los Angeles DDA Willy Beachum (Gosling – The Notebook, Stay, Young Hercules) agrees, because after all Ted confessed and He—Willy—is one his way out, going to join a prestigious law firm and work for his girlfriend Nikki (Rosamund Pike – Pride & Prejudice).

But this is just want Ted was counting on, and while Willy, who prides himself of his 97% win rate, is not paying attention Ted is acquitted and of course double jeopardy attaches.

My thoughts

I have mixed feelings about Fracture; one the one hand I applaud the movies sincere attempt at an intelligent script. The first two thirds of the movie were nicely played. But the ending was too formulaic, too pat, and not at all believable. Ted after all is an intelligent man who covers all of the bases and would never have allowed himself to be caught the way he was; he would after all have puzzled out that angle and deftly side-stepped it.

Ryan Gosling was miscast in his role as the arrogant, on-fire Deputy District Attorney and I (nor did my wife for that matter) buy the romantic connection between Willy and Nikki. She played her character far snotty and calculating to have reached back and snatched Willy form the bowls of the L.A. dating scene. It would have far more likely for her to have found a suitable mate swimming in her own pond of dysfunction.

Sir Anthony Hopkins is brilliant in his role as the arrogant, self-confident, Porsche driving, but ultimately insecure, distinguished older gentleman married to the beautiful younger—bored—woman. I love to watch the man perform his craft; he is like a butcher carving out a cut of prime rib from a just slaughter steer!


In the end Fracture disappoints because everything happens pretty much as one might predict it would. What started out smartly ended rather stupidly, almost as if the writers and director did not trust themselves to trod new territory and let the bad guy go, let the system be beat, let evil triumph; you know the stuff of real life!

Despite Gosling’s miscasting he did turn in a fine performance and Hopkins shines. But Fracture while it had its moment’s falls short of the mark.


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In director Gregory Hoblit's 2007 thriller, FRACTURE, one thing is clear--highly successful engineer Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) has shot his wife (Embeth Davidtz). What is not clear, though, is how Willy Beachum (Ryan Gosling), an assertive assistant D.A. on the verge signing with a major law firm, will convict Crawford, since the calculating suspect is masterfully exploiting legal loopholes that may keep him a free man. As Beachum becomes more and more determined to beat Crawford at his own intricately setup game, he risks losing both his shot at the lucrative job and his new love, Nikki Gardner (Rosamund Pike). <br> <br> Easily Hoblit's finest film since 1996's PRIMAL FEAR, FRACTURE benefits from a similar sense of suspense, which is heightened by the fascinating interplay between Hopkins and Gosling. While Hopkins verges on Hannibal Lecter territory, he never makes the leap to that villain's macabre persona, instead making Crawford a chillingly detached criminal who finds room for occasional mome...
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