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Epic Love Stories

  • Jul 14, 2010
Here is my list of what I would consider "Epic" love stories. Whether the ending was good or bad, these movies have large tales to tell! The emotions of the people, places and time make for good movie watching over and over, with some of them being enjoyable for men as well. Also I'm not sure they are in any particular order, because for me some of them would be difficult to rank them because they are all different yet not.
Gone With the Wind
A captivating tale of a rich Southern Belle and her decline into poverty to be rescued by the likes of Rhett Butler. Set in the Civil War, it's a classic love story or a spoiled brat who finally learns what it is to really love, just for the sake of loving. Even if it may be to late!
Braveheart (1995)
While the story of William Wallace is true, history does not have much to any background on the love story brought to life in this Mel Gibson movie version, but it's awesome to think that a man would wage war on an entire country just for love. The scenery is beautiful, the story is epic and even a great one for your guys to watch with all the fairly bloody battle scenes!
This movie does not seem to show up on anyone's top lists of romance movies, but it's definitely on mine. Not only is the history of Anthony and Cleopatra one that has survived the centuries, but the portrayal of these characters by Burton and Taylor is phenomenal! A saga that is as big as Egypt is wide, it a story of love, of ambition and ultimate betrayals. If you haven't seen it and love history, I really suggest this one.
The Notebook
Aside from the fact that I cried for a good 10 minutes or more after the movie ended, while not as epic in scope and history, this story is amazingly classic. How many people today would sit day in and day out reading to your loved one, who doesn't even know who you are 98% of the time? Not only are you swept away in their story as young adults, your become even more moved to know what he goes through everyday to just get a moment with the love of his life.
Does there need to be much said about Titanic? Again a fictitious story about a real historical event, poor boy meets rich girl, they get to know each other, rich girl not happy about marrying rich man, right? No what makes this one of the best stories of all time is when you realize by looking at all her pictures in her cabin of the ship, he changed her life forever. Made her realize what value she had and she lived life for for and because of him.
Last of the Mohicans
Oh to be loved by two men. One an officer in the British Army, the other a rugged half Indian with a loin cloth and the stamina to out run a Calvary charge. Tough decision right, not really. In Last of the Mohicans there's more than one love story and it's just not between Cora and Hawkeye, but between Uncas and Alice. I really believe that she knew she would be rescued, but I don't think she would have lived without Uncas. How amazing to be so self sacrificing on both Hawkeye and Duncan, but Duncan knew she would never be happy back in England.
To me this is actually one of the most tragic love stories I have ever set my eyes on. The scenery in this film is majestic and sweeping and the story it's self just self destructing, but you can't beat Brad Pitt, probably would wait for years if I had to too. But love here comes not only in the form of Tristan and Susannah, but of family as well. Great story, not a very satisfying ending.
Pride & Prejudice
"I love, I love, I love you", now who can resist those words being spoken to you? Not only does Mr. Darcy swallow all his pride to set right everyone's lives who is connected to him and Elizabeth, but is unbelievable romantic walking across the early morning fields to profess undying love!
movie cover
Oh I cried, and cried, and cried with this movie! I think the first 3 times I saw this movie I did nothing but cry. Why you ask? It's tragic to loose a husband so early in life, but the things that he did to make her feel loved for over a year is something I don't think many if any husbands would do. If you know of anyone I would love to know. How much love can one person have to help their loved one get through one of the most difficult events we as people face? A lot! Through it she learns to love again, but it's also a lesson for all of us to cherish the days that we do have and to not leave things unsaid or undone with those we love the most.
Pearl Harbor
Another historical epic saga set in World War II, boy meets girl, boy goes off to war, boy is thought to be dead. Girl falls in love with boys best friend, she gets pregnant, original boy friend comes back and they fight, they both go off to war and new boyfriend dies and they live happily ever after! Ok, perhaps a little sarcasm here, not to be intended but all means. The story and the events that they cover in this movie are just jaw dropping. Really hits home what it must have been like to have lived in that time and lived through the bombings of Pearl Harbor. It invokes a love of Country and patriotism as well as makes you really feel for the men and women who served and what the characters of the movie faced. While the storyline of love is not new, combined with everything it's hard not to get sucked in and you don't know who to root for, because you like them all!

What did you think of this list?

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July 19, 2010
Great list!! I need to see The Notebook and PS I love You - I heard The Notebook was a real tear-jerker, now after reading your list I want to see it. I believe the movie I have seen that made me cry the hardest through the whole thing was I Am Sam; my gosh, that one really got to me bad; Sean Penn was fantastic and the movie was brilliant and I had a box of tissues next to me. Loved your list!!
July 20, 2010
Oh gosh, I think I missed that one. I will have to get that one. But yeah the Notebook is not one to miss
July 21, 2010
I Am Sam is not to be missed; Sean Penn was nominated for an award as he played a mentally challenged father ready to lose his daughter who he adores because the state believes he is not capable of raising her (he only has a mentality of a child) and it's adorable and a heart breaker at the same time. I have never cried so much during a movie. You must see this one!!
July 22, 2010
Oh, I love the criers!! I will definitely check it out, thanks!
July 22, 2010
Make sure you have a box of tissues next to you---LOL
July 16, 2010
excellent list! Thanks for sharing!! This will be featured in our community for sure!
July 16, 2010
Thank you!
July 16, 2010
Great List. Wish you would drop the Mel Gibson movie though.
July 16, 2010
ROFL! I really have to laugh at this one, but while I may not like the direction that Mel may be going in now, at one time he was one of the big Hollywood blockbuster makers and that film is still a classic in my book. However, I know how you feel when actors kind of go bad, I don't particularly care for Tom Cruise now because of certain things.
July 15, 2010
I absolutely love love love this list, Holly!  I'm a sucker for these epic love stories and have seriously been meaning to make one of these.  You beat me to the chase! ;P  Our lists definitely would have overlapped with some films.  Thanks for sharing this great list! :)
July 15, 2010
Still would love to see your list, I thought maybe I was missing something, or there were a lot of movies on the top 100 I have never seen! Thanks for taking time to make a comment!
July 16, 2010
My pleasure! I still plan on making it, but there are some classics that I've been told that I need to watch before I make it! :P
July 16, 2010
Looking forward to it!
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