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My American Idol Top 12 [02/25/2010]

  • Feb 25, 2010
  • by
So a new season of American Idol is upon as, and we have reached the Top 24. So now it's time for America to start voicing their opinions - and since I'm American ...

In an ideal world, I would like to say that this is something I will do on a weekly basis, but sometimes the laziness comes crawling in. So I will try to update this as frequently as possible. with my thoughts on the current back of American Idolers.

How is that for a promise?

Good enough? *shrug*
Didi Benami
Week 1 Song: "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson

Didi is by far my favorite contestant of the season. Her style of music falls right in line with what I enjoy listening to, her voice is fantastic, and it helps that she is easy on the eyes. Her performance this week showed a quiet confidence that I actually enjoyed and I hope she goes far in the competition.
Andrew Garcia
Week 1 Song:  "Sugar We're Goin Down" by Fall Out Boy

Maybe it was the pimping that AI did in the early part of the season, but I feel that Andrew has everything it takes to go far. He has an originality, a good story, and a solid voice. Do I think he was the best contestant of the week? No. But right now I feel that he has the biggest upside for the guys.
Lilly Scott
Week 1 Song:  "Fixing a Hole" by The Beatles

Definitely the top female when it comes to an originality standpoint. From her vocal style to her visual style - every pore of this girl oozes different .. and in a good way. Her performance this week was extremely passionate and was anything but safe as far as song choice goes. Love this girl!
Siohban Magnus
Week 1 Song:  "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak

Loved loved loved loved loved her performance of a song that I usually find to be quite boring. There was just something about how haunting her rendition was - and it really displayed how great a singer she is.

Unlike the other contestants that I have mentioned though, she doesn't come across as a nature. She seems like she is trying to stand out .. and I wish she would do it more with her voice than with that image.
Casey James
Week 1 Song:  "Heaven" by Bryan Adams

Eye candy. Ear candy. Panty candy. Call him what you want, there is no denying that Casey ruled the roost for the guys. He is another contestant with a high likeability factor even if you aren't a female. His performance of Heaven was very basic but very charming at the same time. I just hope that Kara's pimping of him and her "non love" of him doesn't get on America's nerves and do him in early - ebcause he deserves a long and healthy stay on the Idol stage. (With his shirt on)
Week 1 Song:  "This Love" by Maroon 5

He was by far the heavily pushed contestant of the Hollywood Round. I am not sure that his story that is drawing me in, as I can't imagine anything ever taking me away from the birth of my first born .. sorry.

That being said, I actually like his stylings. You look at the big muscle bound daddy and you just don't expect his music stylings to be where they are. But he seems very comfortable when he is doing his thing in his style. My only concern is that AI will tear him out of that zone .. and then what?
Crystal Bowersox
Week 1 Song:  "Hand in my Pocket" by Alanis Morisette

Where there is definitely a handful of original contestants out there this year, everything about this girl is cliche. What does work for her, is that she is different for the stereotypical American Idol audience. She is like the Jason Castro of the female species.

Unfortunately the voting process on Idol has a tenancy to lean towards people that come across as more socially acceptable. And thanks to Eric Cartman's hate of hippies .. I don't feel she is going to have a long shelf life.
Todrick Hall
Week 1 Song:  "Since You've Been Done" by Kelly Clarkson

I assure you that Todrick's ranking has absolutely nothing to do with his abomination of a performance this week. I think it stank on so many levels it was ridiculous. T

That being said, I do like Todrick. He has a smoothness to his voice, a nice marketable look, and seems to be a natural entertainer. He just needs to find his "niche" quickly before America forgets what is likeable about him and shifts the focus to his music.
Paige Miles
Week 1 Song:  "All Right Now" by Free

Paige Miles was definitely one of the surprise factor of Tuesday's show. Her choice of songs was not something I would have picked or expected her to do, but it worked for her. I'm not sure she has the best voice as Simon said, but she is solid. And while I hate to compare her to Haeley - they do have a similar look. Paige is just a better singer and not nearly as annoying. Unfortunately her lack of exposure could come to bite her in the end .. I hope it doesn't.
Tyler Grady
Week 1 Song:  "American Woman" by The Guess Who

The judges hit it right on the head when they said Tyler showed style over substance this week. But then I recall Kara really putting over his "moves" as part of the reason why he was making the Top 24. So is he really to blame?

Mich like Todrick, I think he got by on his image and needs to prove that he is worthy of making the American Idol big stage. I am curious to see how America feels about him as he could have some great moments ooooooor he could have some Sanjaya moments. Either way, I'll watch :)
Lee Dewyze
Week 1 Song:  "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol

While many of the other contestants got by on their image - that is not the case of Lee. He got by because he provided one of the best vocals of the evening, probably only surpassed by Cleaned Up Bucky er .. Casey James.

Frankly there is just something about him that annoys the ever loving s**t out of me, and I can't put a finger on it. I think that there is a smugness in the way he handles himself, intentional or not. But he can sing .. so I'll let it fly for now.
Katelyn vs. Katie
Week 1 Song: "Oh Darling" by The Beatles (Katelyn Epperly)
Week 1 Song: "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble (Katie Stevens)

It's like one of those old westerns where someone mentions that "This town ain't big enough for the two of us."

Fact of that matter is that we have two cookie cutter pop-tarts here. Two girls that are so interchangable they even have the same first name. Both are highly marketable. Both have decent but not great voices. And both decided to sing songs that came out well before their time.

Fortunately for Ms. Epperly she seemed like she picked her own song as a sense of style and wasn't playing it totally safe. So for this week .. she gets my nod.

But much like their images - my opinions on them could switch next week.

What did you think of this list?

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March 01, 2010
Love the format and idea of this list! I do hope you do them weekly, I'll be on the lookout for your take : ) I love Andrew, but agree with @Ulalume that I hope there's some variety to his style.
March 01, 2010
I see that a few of you were disappointed by Joe going so early. I agree that he was better than some of the other performers - but I don't know if he really had what it took to make it to the main stage. Besides, when you kill a Jason Mraz song, you kinda hit a nerve with me as he is one of my current favorites :)
March 01, 2010
I was very disappointed that Joe Munoz was voted out already, and that awful last-minute replacement whose name escapes me was not. My favorites are Didi and Lee. Crystal is alright, as is Andrew, but if all Andrew is going to do each week is do an acoustic version of some song, I may find myself growing bored of it rather quickly. Nice list.
February 27, 2010
Awesomeness!  Wish I got to catch the show last night since I heard that Allison Iraheta made an appearance.  I haven't yet decided on a top 12 yet, but we shall see... Thanks for sharing, John!  By the way, did you notice that your list was shared on Lunch's BestofLunch account this morning? Congrats! :)
February 26, 2010
Great list! I will have to consider my own top 12. I was pissed by the fact that two of my favorite Mexican contestants got out so early on. **argh** The same thing happened last year, if I recall correctly. Kris Allen was the only reason I kept watching last year. I'm really tired of the Mexican contestants not getting that far! The same thing happens on "So You Think You Can Dance." By far, Joe Munoz was my number one male singer...and he's out already!
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