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These Are a Few (Actually Ten) of My Favorite Gluten-free Things

  • Aug 26, 2010
1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes
Carol Fenster's '1,000 Gluten-free Recipes' offers a popourri of alternative foods for people who often become resigned to a gluten-free diet that can be tasteless or too expensive. Her sorghum blend scotches the bitter aftertaste of bean flours, and her recipes from pancakes, muffins, and entrees proves that a gluten-free diet doesn't have to be taste-free. :>)
See the full review, "Gluten-Free Diets Don't Have to Be Taste Free!".
Anheuser-Busch, Redbridge Beer
There are two things I miss most in a gluten-free diet: beer and Pop-tarts. And, please don't worry about me; there is no country music song in fruition about having the two for breakfast. The former indulgence has been met by Bud maker, Anheuser-Busch, who in their kindness and marketing savvy have brought a tasty brew into our gluten-free existence. Honorable mention goes to Belgium's "Greens" (Try their dark, amber beer if you miss Guinness!) and [Ireland's?] "Toleration".
See the full review, ""Beer for Breakfast"?".
Blue-Diamond Almond Nut-Thins, et al
Kudos has to go for stores like chain, Fred Meyer's, for having a plethora of gluten-free food in their health section, but give newcomer Wal-Mart, et al, for having a new small section as well. For many grocery retailers, including the aforementioned Super Store, there's a very edible gluten-free cracker that is tasty and relatively affordable. Honorable mention should go to Health Valley's Rice Bran crackers (where they still can be found). Ditch the rice cakes and pass the crackers!
See the full review, "Gluten-free Taste Is (= to) Gluten Crackers".
Glutino Pretzels
Glutino has a whole line of gluten-free products, but I'm especially partial to their gluten-free pretzels. While we know that gluten-free living will cost a bit more, my pre-gluten free memory has me favoring these very tasty living room coffee table companion. (See also Anheuser-Busch, Redbridge to wash it all down. ;>)
See the full review, "Better Than Gluten!".
Nature's Path Wildberry Gluten-Free Toaster Waffles
To be or not to be gluten-free means having a discerning palate, a few extra greenbacks, and rare glimpses of convenience. For the latter, we are splendidly enriched--as we are in a rush to work!--with Nature's Path's Wildberry Gluten-free toaster waffles. Now don't expect to be totally bowled over by the taste (and this minor deficit can be reduced via healthy spreads, blueberries, honey, or organic syrup), but this one wins in a provincial taste test, and, if you wait for them to go on sale, they cost only about $.33 a waffle! (before garnish, of course). (Formerly known as the same product by Canada's Lifestream.)
See the full review, "Gluten-free, Fuss free, but Not Taste Free!".
Food for Life's Rice-Almond Bread
If you're gluten-free and you've tried bread, odds are, just to eat like non-Celiacs, you've resigned yourself to eating two pieces of cardboard, which you claim to be a sandwich. (Oh, I make it sound elite--like you need a passport...), but Food for Life's Rice-Almond bread is just right. WIth rice and sorghum flours, sweetened by fruit juice, you actually get a palatable slice of life, so you don't have to do lunch meat like you're eating during the Renaissance. (For variety try also their Rice Pecan and Raisin breads.) You'll find this in the freezer of the health food section at Fred Meyer's or at other fine food stores. All gluten-free breads need freezing and/or refrigeration, so use it all in a timely fashion and re-wrap it to seal in freshness. Gluten-free bread gets stale quickly regardless of the initial quality.
See the full review, "The Tastiest, Moistest Gluten-free Bread to Date".
Pure Bar (Organic--five flavors, including blueberry and cherry)
This healthy confection scotches nearly all breakfast and sports bars for nutrition and flavor. (Of course that depends on what you're looking for in either component.) Pure Bars are organic, fresh, moist, and delicious. What Hostess and Little Debbie's are to children, Pure Bars are for gluten-free adults.
Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose GF Baking Flour
Bob's Mill has a plethora of gluten-free baking products. To accomodate Dr. Carol Fenster's sorghum blend, I prefer to mix up Bob's Mill's sorghum and tapioca flours (to go with corn starch). Now when I don't get the time, I reach for this all-purpose flour--even though it contains garbanzo bean flour, which I prefer for non-baked goods. If you add rice milk (or soy) and cinnamon, bananas, and blueberries (or dark cocoa chocolate chips), you get a fast and flavorful breakfast! (Also try Bob's Mill's "Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats.) [They say oatmeal isn't so much glutinous as it is processed by places that use wheat. This is your gluten-free alternative to most oatmeal on the shelf.]
See the full review, "Good, Convenient Gluten-free Flour, but Try Sorghum, Tapioca Flours, and Oatmeal Instead...".
RIce, Corn, and Honey Chex
Three cheers to General Mills for providing a new version (gluten-free, of course!) to their select Chex products. Of course you still can't have Wheat Chex, but Corn and Rice Chex ARE gluten-free; just double-check the labels. A (former?) sponser of Scott Adams' Celiac. com, General Mills revamped line of Chex products has grabbed onto one of the latest rockets in the grocery industry by tweeking their line and remaining tasty enough to accomodate those with normal diets. (If you have a sweet tooth or have children who aren't watching their weight, Honey, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Chex are gluten-free and tasty, too.) [No, for the newly initiated, after first glances, Corn Pops and Rice Krispies are NOT gluten-free.]
See the full review, "Finally, a Mainstream Cereal Company Comes to Our Gluten-free Defense".
kinnikinnic gluten-free pizza crusts
For just less than $2.00 a piece [before toppings], you can have an affordable slice of heaven (or make that six if you cut them into tasty, edible portions) [aka pizza :>)] all by yourself--or share half if you're on a diet--this Kinnikinnic set will be found in the healthy freezer sections of all your finer grocers, (and/or health food stores) including Fred Meyer's. It may help you believe for all too brief moments by your pocket book and your taste buds that you don't have Celiac Disease afterall. Well, it might give you have Celiac amnesia anyway!
See the full review, "Gives Celiacs Gluten Amnesia".
Scott Adams
Okay, we should LIKE things and LOVE people. I got it. But, since I can't remember the name of that brand with the four, frozen, individualized pizza crusts, I would like to honor Scott Adams and Shreve Stockton as the only two celebrities I know who have Celiac Disease (among three million Americans or just under 1%). Adams is the famous cartoonist creator of 'Dilbert,' the funny, "Office" comedy cartoon strip. He also founded "Celiac.com" online with many definitions and links to help you find out just about all things gluten-free. Shreve Stockton is the author of a gluten-free cookbook, 'Eating Gluten-free' and is also the author of 'The Daily Coyote,' an online-photo-blog journal and autobiographical account about her excursion from two opposite coastal cities to windswept Wyoming where she raises a cub coyote. (Could it be, besides genetics, that these two authors have shown that these conditions can be triggered [as the theory goes] by stressful lives?)
Shreve Stockton
(See Amazon, fine book stores)

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September 08, 2010
Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic list, JP! I have a friend who just yesterday decided to go on a gluten-free diet to see how it affects her eczema. Will definitely forward this to her!
September 07, 2010
admittedly I don't pay much attention to gluten-free things, but this list is real inspired. Good twist and surprise on #'s 11 and 12 ;)
August 26, 2010
Shreve Stockton's 'The Daily Coyote' is a fine read in book form and is highly recommended.
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