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Posted to JRider's profile June 10, 2011
yo, Jay, have you seen EDEN OF THE EAST: King of Eden anime? any good? was wondering if it was necessary to see the series first?
June 11, 2011
Will, no I haven't gotten into this one but it does sound brilliant. Check out this review of the new Blu-Ray: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/eden-...ray-the-complete-series
June 11, 2011
thanks! I may pick it up! oh, how come you are not interested in a review of a DCU animated flick like this one? Surprised you haven't commented....
July 18, 2011
(looking around) no new reviews yet? I'll be back....
December 22, 2011
Hey, Jay...reviewed an animated film today....thought you might be interested with this new movie.
June 23, 2013
hey, Jay....I know you'll be into this one! MONSTERS UNIVERSITY
August 06, 2013
yo, Jay, how's it going? so I know you'll like this one....newest  DCAU release
Posted to JRider's profile September 22, 2011
Congratulations on earning the DC Animated Universe badge!
September 24, 2011
Hey thanks Sean! Appreciate it bud. How's everything been going?
September 24, 2011
I'm doing okay. Trying to work on a novella and then I need to focus on finding work. But my health is improving slightly, so that's good.
Posted to JRider's profile November 25, 2010
Happy Thanksgiving
November 26, 2010
Thanks FM_A and same to you and yours! The day's on the decline now but you know what they say: The only meal better than Thanksgiving dinner- Thanksgiving leftovers!
January 18, 2011
Hey, Guys, I just dropped an ANIME review...I bet Alex knows what it is too...PRINCESS MONONOKE!!
February 05, 2011
Ok, guys, you interested in SANCTUM?
February 05, 2011
On my way! I'm really curious about what you have to say about this one- the previews looked intense!
February 08, 2011
Hey, guys, this one got some mixed reviews in this site but I really liked it. I rented it and then I went to buy the BD the next day. It was awesome!
April 10, 2011
Hey, Jay are you going to see RIO?
April 10, 2011
I am certainly gonna try my best William. I often say that and I think the last time I actually made it through the doors was for "Predators". But I have such good intentions! If the scene where the beach ball bounces off that chick's buns on the beach is any indication, Rio's going to be worth the effort. Actually saw The Tourist the other night. Here's hoping I can sit down and review it but here's a hint- I feel exactly like you did about it.
May 17, 2011
no new reviews yet? Ok, I will return...
May 17, 2011
no new reviews yet? ok, I will return....
June 01, 2011
Jay, you guys want to read about a comic book on Caligula? http://lunch.com/t/6vc2
Posted to JRider's profile November 01, 2010
Happy Halloween JRider!
November 01, 2010
Hey thanks Count! Same to you my friend! How's life been brother?
November 01, 2010
Busy. I haven't had the time I'd like to to read and write reviews, but work is beginning to slow down, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that'll change.
February 05, 2011
I'll send you guys a hot maid with a snow plow....
February 05, 2011
No, then there will be no snow for me to shovel. LOL!
Posted to JRider's profile September 08, 2010
Buddy, thanks for all the supoib animation reviews! you are the man!
September 08, 2010
My pleasure William, I've been buried under a stack of DVDs for months but I'm digging myself out! One animated feature at a time.
September 08, 2010
LOL! Keep on digging through that pile--I need to review a couple of anime titles myself.
September 12, 2010
hey, Jason, congrats on hitting # 2 this week!
December 27, 2010
Hey, Jason, how have you been, buddy? I was going to go on a quick reviewing break after New year and Christmas but hey, maybe I should hit the anime instead...what do you think? I am also waiting on a manga to come my way soon. :)
Posted to JRider's profile September 19, 2010
I have the Daisy topic put into Lunch already, so no need to add it, Jason. I should have the review posted by the end of this weekend...hopefully... (crosses fingers). I'm so slow! LOL!
September 19, 2010
Oh man, I apologize Adrianna- that's been on my to-do list for a week now! I've been so wrapped up in animation I forgot all about it. Well looking forward to your review anyway. And if I can be of any assistance along the way, give a holler.
September 20, 2010
Jay, you should check out her awesome epic review! (and you guys thought I was good, Adri makes me look bad) hee-hee :)
September 28, 2010
No problem, Jay! I figured you had been busy, and I was determined to get one movie review done that week, lol! :-P

(laughs) Thanks, William! I actually was speaking with J a few months back about how you inspire me to write better movie reviews. It's a lot of fun having a mentor like you. :)
Posted to JRider's profile September 08, 2010
Just added you as a friend and started following your contributions. :)
September 08, 2010
Thanks Adrianna, and absolutely, I'll get that category for Daisey started for you tonight.
September 08, 2010
Thanks! Just shoot me a message or profile comment when it's up. I'll be working on some other projects in the meantime, so no rush! :)
Posted to JRider's profile September 03, 2010
Congrats on the new moderator position for the Asian community! It's so great that you are going to be covering the anime stuff over there. I've been meaning to write some up...one of these days, lol. Either way, good luck and have lots of fun!
September 04, 2010
Aww thanks Adrianna. Working with William is always a pleasure. I'm glad for the opportunity. Thanks again for the wishes and if there's anything I can be of assistance on your review ambitions, just say the word.
September 08, 2010
Yeah, I bet it is! If I had more time, I would be happy to work with William too. He's a great guy and an awesome community founder! I'm so glad he has you as a supporter/moderator too! It can be a lot of work running the communities by yourself, lol.

As far as some support, I'm trying to work on a few reviews for William's community. I'm always a bit slow writing them. I know one has the topic created because I already started drafting the review for it. The other one I couldn't find the topic for it. If you had time, could you create one for me? It's a Korean film called "Daisy." If you can add as much details to the topic, it would help me with some of the research and maybe I would take less time writing the review for it. I just watched it yesterday, so there's no rush. Otherwise, I can try and add the topic myself later this week. I wasn't sure if I would tackle this film next or a book review I've been waiting to write. Thanks for any help you can offer!
Posted to JRider's profile July 02, 2010
Hey, Jason, check out this anime--seen it? Thanks! 
July 02, 2010
William: Own it but haven't gotten to it yet. I went through a brief phase of snatching up every video game- based anime I could track down (a list that included this, Zone of the Enders, Tower of Druaga, and Sands of Destruction to mention a few). This does sound good though, I'm looking forward to getting into this one though, thanks for the heads up!
July 04, 2010
Happy 4th of July, buddy!
July 05, 2010
Hey thanks William and same to you my man. Did you have a good one? Like all of these holidays, I ate too much and now I'm feeling lazy and strangely content.
July 05, 2010
god...I feel so lazy now that I can't even review. LOL!
July 10, 2010
Yo, Jay, you might be interested in watching this on instant watch in netflix. I think it may be your taste.  
July 29, 2010
hey....where my buddy at? Hope everything's cool on your end...
July 31, 2010
Posted to JRider's profile May 25, 2010
Yo, Jay! Where you been, buddy? I just wanted to see if you're up to something but seems like you're on a reviewing break...catch you later and drop me a line if you drop something new!
May 28, 2010
Hey Mr. William! Sorry for the delay, work has been CRAZY. I'm working with History Channel on a show coming out this fall. No time for love, Dr. Jones. How has everything been going? I've been doing a little Earth Final Conflict in the few spare minutes I've had these past few weeks. Review coming soon. I promise!
May 28, 2010
thanks for replying, bud. Give me a holler when you drop something new. Oh, I dropped a review for a JLA series.
June 05, 2010
Yo, Jay! can I ask for more anime reviews in my Asian community? :)
June 06, 2010
Thanks for all the sweet stuff, bro!
June 16, 2010
Hey, Jay--where you at? I may be getting ready to come back...soon.
June 28, 2010
Hey, Jay, just checking what is going on with you....I also have some great news that I'll be emailing you soon...
June 29, 2010
Mr. William- I believe the technical term for my absence as defined by Webster's is "slacking off". However, I have used my time in the vegetative state to absorb several epic flicks including Alien Nation (both the movie & television series), Galactica 80 (yikes), and get this: A 2004 Lost in Space pilot that never aired directed by none other than John Woo. I so need to get to penning these up for the community!
June 29, 2010
Yes! I will be looking forward to those reviews! John Woo made an unaired Lost in Space episode? Wow....give us the report. Please! By the way, I still have to send you an email about some things....
Posted to JRider's profile April 30, 2010
May 01, 2010
William: No I hadn't until now- thanks for the link! I adore the 'Tech!!
May 04, 2010
Hey, Jay...reviewed something that I know would interest you...
Posted to JRider's profile April 15, 2010
Jason you hit # 9 and 10 this week baby!
April 16, 2010
Woo hoo! Thanks for the heads up William- I forget to check that believe it or not but must confess that it feels pretty darn nice to sneak back into the top 10 ranks!
April 16, 2010
Hope you check back because you just hit # 8. congrats!
April 21, 2010
ok..I am waiting on the MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND review...because I think Anna Faris is hot!!
Posted to JRider's profile April 15, 2010
Thanks so much for joining the Cafe Libri Lunch Community. Hopefully, you will be inspired to write reviews or quick tips. Otherwise, feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy others' reviews. Don't feel shy about rating or commenting on them either. The writers really appreciate the feedback! Let me know if you have any questions! 
Posted to JRider's profile February 26, 2010
Hey, Jason, howzabout making us an anime list?
February 27, 2010
Great idea, William.. Will do that tonight. Be on the lookout my man.
March 23, 2010
How you been, Jason? I hope you're doing ok....
March 24, 2010
Mr. William: Thanks for dropping by. Here it is 5am and I'm just finally getting a chance to stop in (and no, I'm not just getting up). Man I have been just swamped with work! How have you been buddy? Over that cold yet? I had to take antibiotics, just couldn't shake it. I know I keep saying it, but I'll be by real soon to enjoy some reviews! I promise. ~J
April 07, 2010
Yo, Jason, have you seen the volumes of BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL anime yet?
April 08, 2010
Hey William: No, not yet my man- still digging myself out of a little sci fi hole I put myself in. But this one is on my "must do" list.
Posted to JRider's profile February 24, 2010
Hey, Jason, seen the new Justice League movie yet? Crisis on two Earths?
February 25, 2010
Not yet but I'm jonesin' brother! How about you? I've got my order in :)
February 25, 2010
I'm actually waiting on you or Trashie to let me know if its any good before I buy it.
Posted to JRider's profile February 15, 2010
Yo, Jason,check out this list by Orlok..you got a shout out!
February 24, 2010
no new reviews yet? ok, I am now firing myself LOL!
February 25, 2010
William, lol we're supposed to get ANOTHER storm. I can't take this crap!!
Posted to JRider's profile February 09, 2010
Hey, Jason, sorry I've been away for so long, I've moved to a new place and I've just recently gotten back my internet connection today. I will catch up with your reviews real soon.
February 10, 2010
William- man, bro, you had me worried. I know it's like me to disappear on occasion but never you. Glad to hear all is well. How's the new place?
February 10, 2010
I love it! Actually it's proving too fancy for me, that I almost feel like I don't deserve it LOL! Expect some reviews a-coming towards the end of the week.
February 10, 2010
I love it! Actually it's proving too fancy for me, that I almost feel like I don't deserve it LOL! Expect some reviews a-coming towards the end of the week.
February 14, 2010
THE WOLFMAN review is up and posted if you are interested...
Posted to JRider's profile February 04, 2010
no new reviews yet? ok then. I'll be back.
February 05, 2010
Woop, come on back bro- Sunshine's up and only a few months past due. lol!
Posted to JRider's profile January 24, 2010
Hey, where's that SUNSHINE review at? I hope you're doing well, Jason. Your reviews haven't been around as often as before.
Posted to JRider's profile January 10, 2010
No new reviews? I shall return...
January 17, 2010
I hope everything's alright at your end, bud. I noticed that you've significantly slowed down with your reviews.
January 18, 2010
hey woop, yeah all is well. I know it's crap-ass excuse but I've been keeping myself so busy with watching that I've been slipping up on reviewing. I finished District 9, The Hangover, about four anime box sets, Star Wars the Clone Wars, and went back to the original Star Wars trilogy to listen to the George Lucas commentary tracks. It's like option paralysis every time I sit down to pen up a critique. Thanks for asking though, and I can give you this hint of what's to come: Look into an anime property called Sands of Destruction from FUNimation/ Sega. If it finishes as strong as it has started, you may see another 5 star review from yours truly. How have you been bro?
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