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reviewed Snow White and the Huntsman. June 08, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
Snow White And The Huntsman
Overall, Snow White is an entertaining two hours, but I can't oooh and ahhh without some ughs. This flick boasts some sweet and creepy special effects like mysterious black shards that obey an evil queen …
reviewed Lost and Found: A Novel. March 26, 2012
Lost and Found: A Novel
   I've not read Ginny Yttrup before. Her book, Words, ended up on a lot of favorite lists and I looked forward to what I would find in Lost and Found.      Lost and …
reviewed A Stand-Up Guy: A Novel. March 26, 2012
A Stand-Up Guy: A Novel
   Michael Snyder writes characters I'd like to hang out with. His anti-heroes, and I use the term to mean messed-up but good-hearted, tug at my maternal heart strings. Every one of his …
reviewed Supermarket Vegan: 225 Meat-Free, Egg.... March 26, 2012
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Supermarket Vegan: 225 Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Recipes for Real Peoplein the Real World
   What you see is what you get in this cookbook. There isn't a breakdown of why to go vegan or what vegan looks like. Instead the book gets right to the recipes. And the ingredients in …
reviewed Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-Based Recipes.... March 26, 2012
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-Based Recipes for Peak Health
I haven't checked out Brendan Brazier's previous two books, but, since my public library had Thrive Foods, I did indeed check this one out.      Brazier's why to go plant-based …
reviewed The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 17.... March 26, 2012
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
The Happy Herbivore Cookbook: Over 175 Delicious Fat-Free and Low-Fat Vegan Recipes
   I made the following recipes from The Happy Herbivore.      Oatmeal Cookies   Fruity Oatmeal Bars   Chicken Style Seitan -- (which required these as …
reviewed Larry Crowne. March 26, 2012
Larry Crowne
Claire Danes does an amazing job of portraying an amazing woman.    Temple Grandin does not see, think or feel things like the average person. Her photographic mind is wired to visualize …
reviewed Temple Grandin (movie). March 26, 2012
Temple Grandin (2010)
Claire Danes does an amazing job of portraying an amazing woman.    Temple Grandin does not see, think or feel things like the average person. Her photographic mind is wired to visualize …
reviewed Despicable Me. January 28, 2012
Despicable Me
I usually feel distracted while watching an animated film. I rarely "want" to watch one. When I do view one I will because someone else is or very highly recommends it and hands me their copy. I had heard …
reviewed Good Hair. January 28, 2012
Good Hair
Good Hair is good entertainment and a fascinating look at culture and beauty.    Chris rock gets to the heart of hair. Specifically the hair of black women, and the products, and the …
reviewed The Baker's Wife. January 28, 2012
The Baker's Wife
   Erin Healy blends supernatural gifting and challenging topics and bakes up a satisfying, fragrant, crusty-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside read.      Audrey was married …
Start Something That Matters
   Companies that care about environment or people as much as lining their pockets are companies I like to support and frequent. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I like to buy organic …
reviewed Courageous (2011). December 26, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
       If you are reading reviews you are interested in seeing the movie. You  are also probably aware that the same guys who brought Fireproof produced and wrote Courageous. …
reviewed The Big Year. December 26, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Big Year directed by David Frankel
You'd think a movie, based on something as low key as birdwatching, would be a tough sell to Hollywood. Folks tramping around remote areas, waiting, watching, sipping from thermoses to catch a glimpse …
Running Away to Home: Our Family's Journey to Croatia in Search of Who We Are, Where We Came From, and What Really Matters
   I love the books that come out of an inner drive to find something that is missing in life. The ones where the author connects into that empty spot and discovers something about him/herself …
reviewed Flight of Shadows: A Novel. December 09, 2011
Flight of Shadows: A Novel
   If you love futuristic sci-fi/fantasy books put this one on your list. Not so future America has become segregated into a large, protected colony ruled by religion, or outside of those walls …
reviewed The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feel.... November 04, 2011
The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great,
  Alicia Silverstone's Vegan/kindness tome went with us on a recent road trip. The passengers in the car passed it around and read up on some of what Alicia had to say. She gives great information …
reviewed Composing Amelia: A Novel. October 19, 2011
Composing Amelia: A Novel
Composing Amelia is a well-written novel that explores a lot of difficult issues. Prayer, childhood shaping, real “Christianity” vs. social, mental illness, marriage and faith, and each of …
reviewed Vegan with a Vengeance : Over 150 Del.... October 19, 2011
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Vegan with a Vengeance : Over 150 Delicious,
   I'm not a cookbook collector. Oh, I collect books and have a whole wall of bookshelves to prove it. But I need my cookbooks to be more than pretty decoration. If they don't work for …
reviewed Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless M.... October 18, 2011
posted in Healthy Lifestyle
Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the
   When I get a cookbook, I look through the recipes and try a few that sound good to me. And if there are five or ten recipes I will add to my life recipe file, I consider the book a keeper. …
Amish Values for Your Family: What We Can Learn
   I'm not in love with Amish fiction, which seems to be on the top of the book pile of popularity. So, I've not read any of Suzanne Woods Fisher's novels.      …
reviewed Holy Guacamole. September 10, 2011
Holy Guacamole
Holy Guacamole is a sweet, spicy story with a crazy adventurous storyline. A famous television chef, with a few issues, runs a cooking boot camp. A wanna-be chef signs on as a student, and he's seriously …
The Corruptible: A Novel (A Ray Quinn Mystery)
   The Night Watchmen Detective Agency is in business. At the helm are the dynamic duo of Ray Quinn and Crevis.       Ray still struggles with his war wounds from …
reviewed Forks Over Knives. September 01, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Forks Over Knives
   Folks are sure to scream "radical" and "propaganda" and the like once this film gets a bigger following.      Of course, there will also be the comparisons …
The Opposite of Art: A Novel
   Athol Dickson writes like no one else. He is a storyteller with impeccable timing and the ability to wend oddities and knowledge into the narrative of his books. His writing is compelling …
Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding
Many of us wonder what comes after death. A few are convinced that we become dust and that’s that. Others are certain that there is a Heaven and we’ll all end up there at some point...if we …
reviewed The Social Network. August 20, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Social Network
    In the opening scene of Social Network we eavesdrop on a conversation between Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) and his girlfriend. At the end of the scene Mark's now ex-girlfriend …
The Me Project: 21 Days to Living the Life You've
   I hadn't read Kathi Lipp before I received the review copy of The Me Project. Kathi is an engaging author who doesn't hide her humanity behind a glossy mask of perfection. I began …
reviewed The Canary List: A Novel. August 15, 2011
The Canary List: A Novel
   An intriguing premise that begins with a poor foster child who is just seeking peace and some understanding adult help. As circumstances warp into worst case scenarios for all involved, the …
reviewed Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger.... August 15, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
For number 4 in this series, this bad boy isn't a stinker. I did miss Bloom and Knightley, but Depp is still good/bad ol Cap'n Jack, and Rush is back as well bringing his creepy elements to the …
reviewed Iron Man 2. August 15, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Iron Man 2
Plenty of action. Plenty of drama, partying, flirting. But it lacked the heart of the first film (pardon the pun) and felt more choppy and predictable. There was one very satisfying relational moment, …
reviewed Sarah's Choice. August 15, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Sarah's Choice
   This film is better than I thought it would be. Sometimes, when I view a Christian film I brace myself for excessive cheesiness, emotion or poor quality. Sarah's Choice is mostly well …
reviewed Morning Glory (2010). August 14, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
   Imagine the old Mary Tyler Moore television show with a glossy remake and you've got an idea of what to expect from Morning Glory. Rachel McAdams plays Becky, and this girl has grit and …
City of Tranquil Light: A Novel
   I had this book in my stack for months  before I picked it up and began to read. Once I was two pages in, I was hooked and had trouble putting it down.       …
reviewed Happy Hour. August 14, 2011
Happy Hour
   Four women, each with struggles, bond through their Napa Valley wine connection.       Kat, bitterly divorced, newly married and blending two families while owning …
reviewed The King's Speech (2010). August 14, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The King's Speech (2010)
   I love Colin Firth and had this film on my radar. The royal life is always fascinating and of course the time frame, pre-WWII was of interest, so I finally took the plunge and rented a copy. …
reviewed Plaguemaker. August 12, 2011
   I purchased this book because I love Nick Polchak and I found out he was in it. He is. But his appearance is a mere sliver. But, within a few pages, I got sucked into the story of biological …
reviewed Dry as Rain. August 12, 2011
Dry as Rain
    Dry as Rain is a completely different book than Gina Holmes’s freshman release, Crossing Oceans, but it is as well-written as thought provoking as Oceans. Told in first person …
Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther (Lost
   The story of Esther is one of my favorites.The time and situation is one that horrifyingly fascinates me...so very fairy tale-like…a beauty pageant is held and the long shot wins the …
To Be Perfectly Honest: One Man's Year of Almost
   I’m feeling a little ambivalent about this book. On one hand I was amused at times. After all, the premise is a terrific idea. A comedian, who by definition gets paid to exaggerate …
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