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Movies I HAVE to see this year (2014)

  • Feb 3, 2014
2014 is upon us, and again this year is looking be be a great year for movies (well superhero movies at least). So check out my list, and if you are up to it check out my lists from previous years. 

Movies I have to See:


The Lego movie
I know what you are thinking, "Lego movie, super lame, like that awful battleship movie."  That's what I thought too.....until I watched the trailer. Now I know, I know lots of movies have great trailers but turn out bad *Cough Cough Ironman 3 Cough*, so not much i can say to justify purchasing a ticket to this film. So like most movies looks like I gotta take a leap of faith on this one. 

I will say though until I played my first Lego game (Lego City Undercover) that same thoughts I had about this movie I had about the games, and now I love the games. So hopefully this movie wont let me down. 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Sequel to 2011's Captain America the First Avenger and the Third Movie in Marvels Phase 2 movies. Captain America The Winter Soldier is a movie I'am pumped up and excitedly looking forward to. 

I'm pumped to see this movie for multiple reasons the first being seeing how Steve Rogers is coping with this new world hes been thrown in. At the End of the first Captain America he wakes up and is in 2011 New York, then the next time we see him he's in the Avengers defending the world against an alien invasion. You gotta admit that's alot for a guy from the 40's to take in after such a short period of time. with this movie I want to see how he deals with it all. Internet, cars that part themselves, computers that can fit in your hands etc. 

The Second reason is two fold, I cant to see how this movie will eventually lead up to the second Avengers movie and if there is anything that mentions either Hank Pym or Ultron. The second is I want to see if this movie is going to incorporate any of the plot details from the Marvel Agents of Shied TV series. Im really really looking forward to this one April is too far away. 

The Amazing Spiderman 2
Back in 2011 I was one of the people who absolutely hated the idea of a Spiderman Reboot. HATED!!!!! But the movie came out and although we didn't get any Avengers references I actually really liked it. As much as i like Andrew Garfield's Spiderman,  Tobey Maguire's Spiderman will always have a place in my Comic book movie. 

I was really excited to see the first trail for this film, it looked awesome. It seemed like they redesigned the Spiderman to make him look more animated, (bigger eyes) it was cool. But the main reason I want to see this............ELECTRO. This version of Spiderman's Classic nemesis is...............different, and i don't think I've seen Jamie Fox play a villain before so it will be interesting to see how everything goes. Also in the trailer are glimpses of The Rhino, Green Goblin and Easter Eggs to Vulture and Doctor Octopus. 

Excited Much? Yes Yes I am. I just hope they don't over do it with the humour. 

300 Rise of an Empire
300 came out when I was 16; because I was living at home with my mother at the time it wasn't a movie i could go out and buy for the house. (We had a unified DVD collection.) But when I moved out I eventually bought it, watched it and loved it. I loved the fight scenes the action was awesome, the style was wicked. I loved the characters too, mainly because i totally wanted to be a Spartan after that. 

Like many movies (Ghost Rider 2, Johnny English 2 etc) I wasn't expecting a sequel for this movie.  Yet here it is. From what ive heard this movie will take place a little bit before, alot during and a bit after its predecessor. It will detail the Battle of Artemisium and give alittle back story to Xerxes and how he became who was in 300. 

Despite what you see in the trailer I totally and going to watch this movie for the story...................and the action, but more for the story. It doesn't seem like a crappy sequel so I look forward to see this.

X-men Days of Futures Past
X-men Days of Futures past. This movie had me sold from the moment the reports said it would feature the cast from Both X-men First Class and The X-Men trilogy. I literally went to see the Wolverine (which I wasn't a fan of) for the after credits scene that teased this movie. 

I've got questions though, questions I want answered, the first one I know the answer to but still want an explanation.  HOW IS PROFESSOR XAVIER BACK!!!!! We all saw X-Man The last Stand we saw Jean or Phoenix kill him. If you were paying attention to the film there mention of a man who was born without a consciousness and a small debate about weather or not he was truly alive. The after credits scene shows that The professor has transferred his consciousness into this man. What id like is a proper fully fleshed out explanation of this.

The other big this is this Trask Industries thing, they have been mentioning this company from The Last Stand so I'm hoping that we get alot of info on it in this movie. 

There's other little things too like Magneto fully getting back him powers, does that mean the cure didn't work?  Did other mutants who got the cure get their powers back. What about Wolverine does he get his Adamantium claws back? And whatever happened to mystique after she lost her powers? 

Im hoping to get answers for these questions. 
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy, think of them as The Avengers in Space. Look Im not going to lie to you guys before the film announcement I never knew who these were, Like X-Force, The Inhumans and Donald Gill I only just recently learnt about their existences in the Marvel comics world. 

What really drew me to This film is the possible connection it has to the Avengers; Thanos, as some people know one of the members of the Guardian's Gamora is actually Thanos's adopted daughter so it  will be interesting to see how that will work. I'm really hoping to see an Appearance from Thanos himself and how it will connect to the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. The after credits scene from Thor Dark World is the only connection we have so far. 

At this moment in time no official trailer has been released so you will have to look at this camera recording from last years comic con. 

Transformers: Age of Extinction
I wasn't expecting another Transformers film for a long time, yet three years later here it is. While I wasn't expecting the movie I was happy to learn that it wasn't a reboot, even though it features a new human cast, and redesigned Transformers. 

Now with this film being a sequel there are somethings I want to see answered, like the public's view on the transformers, the fallout from the invasion of Chicago, possible advances being used by the humans (there were a ton of alien space craft littering the streets of Chicago there better have been some freaking scientists and engineers down there studying them) and who the new badguy will be. Megatron is a very well known badguy  but I'm sure there's more than just him. (excluding Unicron) 

Despite all this I'am pumped to finally see the dinobots in the franchise. Grimlock looks totally badass in the teaser trailer.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes; when that movie came out in 2001 I thought it was ridiculous, I mean how do humans get beaten by apes. At the time however I wasn't aware that the film  was a remake, I never knew about the films from the 60's that came before it. Nonetheless I watched it and I wasn't a fan. 

In 2011 when Rise came out I decided to give the series another chance. It was a good movie. I enjoyed it. I had to suspend belief abit though as I still don't think a bunch of apes could fight people. For what it was it was a good film. Now with the second film Im really looking forward to seeing what happens next. I mean we all kinda know whats going to happen next so i guess I just I want to see how it will all play out. 

The Expendables 3
Ive been on Lunch for a while now I think anyone who knows me knows I love Action movies. LOVE EM. So with this I really don't have an explanation about why i want to see it other than The Cast and the possible action explosion that awaits potential viewers. The First Expendables movie was great although a little slow paced and not lots of action but still a great film. The Expendables 2 was a step in the right direction featuring tons of action lots of Easter eggs and self referencing humour. 

With this new movie Im hoping that they include elements of the first while keeping the overall tone of the second one. Cant wait for this one. 

The Hobbit There and Back Again
With this one still being in development there really isn't much to really look at but that doesn't mean I cant have it on this list. Sure its not going to be out till the end of this year but I'am still looking forward to it. The last movie ended on a Cliffhanger so I really want to see the conclusion of that. Also how his movie will lead into Fellowship of the Ring (if it does) also interests me. 
Kung Fury
If you haven't heard of this film I wont ruin it for you. So instead I'm going to just type out a list of words then make you watch the trailer. The trailer is the only explanation I need to explain why I want to see this one. Ok here goes.

Norse Chick
Kung Fu
Flying Ferrari
A Power Glove

Ok here's the trailer. 

Edge of tomorrow
I once heard someone describe this movie to me as a Sci-fi version of Groundhog day. I guess that's what drew me to it. The Trailer looks interesting to all hell. The movie is about an alien invasion of earth and the soldiers who are fighting in the war, the main focus though is on a soldier who is sent to fight who dies then comes back to life numerous times. 

I love action movies and I love Sci-fi so this one will be a two week watch for me. Two weeks meaning I'm going to watch it two weeks after it comes out so to not fight crowds. 

Godzilla (2014)
Ok guys I'm going so say something, OK you are not going to like it so just hear me out. I liked the 1998 Godzilla Movie..........Ok calm down, put the pitch forks and torches down just hear me out. 

Godzilla (1998) came out when I was 7 years old, 7. Now I was aware of Godzilla before that movie, i was aware that it was a Japanese thing and that he looks really different in those movies that was about it. I never had internet at that time so its not like I could have  on gone line and looked it up. So picture this little 7 year old kid who loves dinosaurs and action, who sees the trailer for the film. Obviously I'm  going to be hooked. Even now I'm 22 and guess what I still like that movie sue me. Wait where are you going PUT THE PITCH FORKS DOWN!!!!!! 

With this new Godzilla movie im really hyped up to see it though, I like that its based on the Toho Godzilla and that he is going to be portrayed as more "a force of nature then an animal" according to someone. I love the scale, Godzilla in this movie is massive and based on the trailer it looks like its going to make Godzilla out to be something feared, which I love. 

With That I leave you with the trailer and take my leave as a massive angry mob has shown up outside. 

What did you think of this list?

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July 31, 2014
There is some good stuff here.
March 11, 2014
Nice list and I wish I had time to see all of these too but I am lucky at all if I can get to the theater once a month. As a point of note, Jamie Fox was a type of bad guy in Dreamgirls (he was an evil fictional version of Gordy Berry).
August 31, 2014
I wonder what the Godzilla movie looks like?
February 28, 2014
That's a pretty safe list, though, nothing that comes all that surprising. GODZILLA definitely looks good, but looks can be deceiving, too. GUARDIANS? I don't know. i wasn't as won over by the preview as most (but, then again, I usually hate previews). LEGO MOVIE just doesn't interest me; couldn't say why. The next APES movie I certainly hope is as impressive as the last one. I have absolutely no hope for the last HOBBIT sequel; the first was awful, and the second was only a modest improvement. EDGE OF TOMORROW, I know, is based on a book; but I swapped emails with a few folks who thought the book was kinda/sorta bland. EXPENDABLES 3? No thank you. Not after they crapped all over audiences with the second one, and then cast Jackie 'I Hate America' Chan and Mel 'I Hate Everyone' Gibson in it; I'll wait 'til I can see it free on cable. I personally predict (though hope I'm wrong) that X-MEN will disappoint. 300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE (again) looks solid, but remember what I said about looks. TRANSFORMERS really blew its wad with the first one, and they've been cashing checks on no creativity since then -- though I'll admit the third one had a decent premise that just kinda/sorta got derailed in all of its own noise.
February 28, 2014
What about Captain America and Kung Fury
February 28, 2014
KUNG FURY might be mildly entertaining. It's hard to say when it comes to broad comedy like that. The only thing that concerns me about CAPT. AMERICA 2 is those rumors about how difficult Chris Evans has become to work with on the set (prima donna behavior) and the tabloid trash about how Marvel's quietly looking to replace him. Taking Cap out of the decidedly pro-American WWII era and placing him in today's far more cynical era (with even the stalwart anti-U.S. Redford making an appearance) is a gamble with some folks who like just good ol' fashioned fun comic book flicks (like me), risking the politicization of a character in favor of a message. I have a cautious 'we'll wait and see' attitude about it ... but, hey, I'm always accused of thinking about films way too much.
February 28, 2014
And lastly The Amazing Spider man 2?
February 28, 2014
Oh, sorry. I hate the Spider-man franchise. Way too much CGI for me. I'm more of a practical effects guy. I'm a huge Superman fan, and I kinda/sorta struggled with MAN OF STEEL for the same reason. My personal opinion is that if it's honestly going to take that much CGI to bring anything to life, why not really do it right and just let Pixar due the whole damn thing? I'm WAY too old-fashioned for my own good.
February 28, 2014
Any movie that isn't on this list that you are looking forward to this year?
February 28, 2014
Meh, not really. I tend to just sit and gel these days, ya know? I think the older I get, the more jaded I get about big budget tentpole flicks. There have been so many disappointments over the years, so I gravitate toward the smaller pics these days, and I watch a ton of foreign flicks. I mean a ton. (You've probably seen some of my review posts here.) NEED FOR SPEED looks like it might be fun. THE RAID 2 looks like it might have more depth than the first one. The original GODZILLA is getting a limited release, and I've never seen that up on the big screen, so if it plays near me then I'm there. I have some hopes for HERCULES: THE THRACIAN WARS as it's based on a pretty killer graphic novel; that's due this summer, I think. Maybe the next SIN CITY flick will be better than the first (it was alright, I just wanted more story, which this one might have). Otherwise, I just take 'em as they come.
February 28, 2014
I forgot about the new Sin City movie. I thought the first one was ok, although a little boring, but ok. Ok enough that i bought it on DVD. Need for Speed is a movie I will wait for to come on cable. Not paying cash to see that. Those are games that wont transfer well into movies. Not to mention that lately the games themselves have been getting worst and worst. Im not happy with EA right now.
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