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My Favorite Episodes of Star Trek Enterprise

  • Feb 24, 2012
Star Trek Enterprise isn't really liked that much by Star Trek fans. Im not to sure why but that's part of the reasons I made this list. So people could check out a few of these episodes before they drew their conclusions. So Enjoy. Just like my Star Trek Voyager list but with Enterprise episodes.

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My favorite Episodes of Star Trek Voyager
Dead Stop
Taking Place directly after Minefield, Dead Stop chronicles Enterprises journey after the events of the last episode. Because of the Massive Damage Done to the ship because of the Romulan mine Enterprise is Stuck at a top Speed of Warp 2.1 trapping them a decade away from jupiter station; Captain Archer sends out a distress signal.

A few hours later the signal is answered by a Tellerite frieghter, pointing them to a repair Station. The Station as it turns out is Fully automated, on top of that it agrees to fix the Ship in under two days for a very low price. Captain Archer has a bad feeling about this repair Station, and rightfully so as inside it houses a terrible secret.
Singularity was another one of those really funny episodes. Under the strange radiation of a Black hole the Enterprise crew start to obsess over trivial matters, eventually everyone passes out and Tpol is the only one unaffected. This Episode is filled with Funny lines and some hilarious dialouge. This is also the episode to introduce the "Tactical Alert", what would later become known as the "Red Alert" condition.

A Part form the really funny Side story involving Trip being hit on by one of Doctor Phlox's Wives, this was actually a good episode for another reason. T'pol is Diagnosed with Pa'nar syndrome; in Vulcan society anyone caught with this disease is Stigmatized, T'pol cant go to Vulcan for help or risk losing her career.

This episode was a contribution to Viacom's HIV Awareness campaign in 2003, so it draws alot of parallels to the issues people who have that disease face today. The message in this episode was just to bring to light the prejudice.

Enterprise is still in severe shape after the Attack by the Xindi. The Ship is riddled with holes and hull fractures, 14 crew members are dead and the Warp core is damaged beyond repair. Only the aft torpedo launcher and three Phase cannons are functioning. Despite the Damage (no pun intended) Enterprise comes to the aid of a small ship in distress. Archer tries to convince the captain to give The Enterprise their Warp Core but he Illyrian wont have it. 

Hoshi soon decodes a message from Degra (found in Archers escape pod) that contains coordinates and a Stardate of where they are supposed to meet. Without warp drive though they will never make the rendezvous. Out of desparation Archer decides to rob the Illyrian ship of thier Warp core. A decision that will haunt the crew for the rest of thier lives.

On the Way to meet Degra the Enterprise Crew encounters an alternate version of its self. Lorian (the offspring of Trip and T'pol)is the captain of the vessel. He explains that Enterprise went back in time accidentally because her impulse manifolds reacted with a subspace corridor causing a rift in time. Enterprise emerged in the 2037; not wanting to contaminate earths history Archer decided not to return. Enterprise becomes a generational Ship.

Believing that they stand a better chance working together the two begin to share resourses. Eventually problems arise when Lorian And Archer are not able to see eye to eye.
I'm not gonna lie, the only reason I like this episode was because A massive Space battle happened in the middle of it. The Battle to Stop the Xindi Superweapon. The Xindi Reptilians have stolen the Superweapon and are on a course for Earth, not only have they stolen the weapon but have kidnapped Hoshi Sato. Archer convinces the Xindi-Aquatics to help them save Earth in exchange for Enterprise to find a way to disable the Delphic Expanse Spheres.

Once they catch up a Massive fleet Consisting of Enterprise, Xindi-Aquatic, Arboreal and Primate vessels attack the Superweapon. The Battle for Earth is on.

What did you think of this list?

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February 25, 2012
Good review and pictures too!
February 25, 2012
February 25, 2012
You are very welcome.
February 25, 2012
Enterprise wasn't so bad. I actually enjoyed some episodes on it. Plus--female Vulcan....Brrrr...LOL! You know if add a real profile pic you'll get more of your lists featured in the Lunch homepage. If you prefer not to, I understand.
February 25, 2012
Your like the third person to say that to me. There is nothing wrong with my profile pic. This pic I use I use for all my profiles across all the sites im apart of.
February 25, 2012
oh, sorry no pressure. I did not know that folks have told you that before. The site (I know it sucks since really good write ups can be ignored) require a real profile pic for reviewer's stuff to be featured (I guess it is more of a face behind the reviews/lists).  I really like your list and I think I should feature it on the homepage regardless of a real photo or not.... Your profile pic is fine for me, you just have some great lists that I feel that you should be featured more...
February 25, 2012
I think its a stupid rule too. I mean Im real im here. Regardless of Profile pic. This picture is one I use to define myself. Thats Why I use it. Im Canadian and im a gamer. What better way to say that than havign a Canadian Flag on a Nintendo Ds lite. But whatever. Im just here to share my opinion. Thanks for the comment dude.
February 25, 2012
Oh, please hit the feedback button so the team can be aware how some members feel.
February 24, 2012
I've seen some of Enterprise, enough to get a good taste of what the show was like anyway and I'd say that you hit some good points. This show actually started to be about something when they pulled the plug on it. Brannon and Berman really screwed the pooch on Trek in the long run sadly. Thankfully JJ Abrhams helped bring it back.
February 24, 2012
As much as I did (dare I say) enjoy Abrams 2009 Trek, I dont give two ****s about his universe. Vulcan being destroyed dont care Why? Cause its in an Alternate Reality. The Prime Star Trek universe still has so much Story to tell. Make a new movie about that, progress the story. Starfleet in the 25th century thats what i wanna see. Not some Alternate timeline 23rd century story.

Anyways thanks for the comment Dude. Yes I really Liked Enterprise Alot. I dont get why most Trek fans hate it so much.
February 25, 2012
I actually did not care about Abrams' universe either. I feel that he dumbed it down--and the scene with Spock as a kid being bullied goes against the Vulcans' established code of logic. It was a little sad that the concept needed to be watered down so that it could make a killing in the box-office.
February 25, 2012
It is sad. Not to mention I noticed alot of areas where the dialouge didnt make sence. I would have much prefered to see the movie they scrapped in favor of this one.
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