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My Favorite Sci-fi Openings

  • Apr 28, 2011
  • by
Every Television show has that opening before the episode starts. Wether it be a full on 30 second orchestral piece or a quick 2 second title card. Every show has one. In my opinion though you can always find the best ones in Science fiction tv shows. Heres a list of my favorites. (sorry there isnt much theres few shows i watched)
SGU Logo
Let me start with this one as, its because of this opening that gave me the idea for this list in the first place. The Stargate Universe theme as it stand right now is my all time favorite Opening theme/title/credits (whatever there called). What made this whole scene perfect was the music. Don't get me wrong all the music in SGU is phenomenal but this one really stood out for me. It has a mysterious feel to it ending with awe. I cant help but smile every time that guitar riff plays as the titles pop up. Its amazing

Not only the Beginning but the End music is also great.
The Stargate Atlantis theme is another one of my favorite Stargate themes. Its lively and sounds adventurous. Perfect for SGA as that's what that show was. There was lots of laughs lots of action,
 lots of adventure (not unlike SG1) and when need be lots of drama.

Star Trek: Voyager
One of my all time favorite Star Trek openings. This one was a Win-Win for me as I loved the visuals and the music went perfect with it. The part where the Star comes out from behind the planet and the part where Voyager is flying above the planets rings you cant help but feel a scence of wonder while watching it.

Star Trek Deep Space 9
I never watched DS9 much but thanks to SPACE channel I'm slowly catching up. This is my second favorite Star Trek opening, this time though its just the music. Despite its dark tone DS9s opening its lively and majestic. To me it has an "everything is gonna be alright" feel to it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsOE73pxpys
Doctor Who - The Complete Series 5 [DVD] Starring Matt Smith
Who doesn't love flying through that wormhole. I sure do and with Series 5 its even better. When it comes to doctor who I'm assuming series 4 is the one with David Tennant that's the only Doctor Ive watched (thanks again SPACE channel). Doctor Who is...........an odd show at best but still very likable. So when i heard there was a new series coming soon i jumped at the chance to catch one from the start. (unfortunately because of time constraints Ive missed alot of episodes) 
Anyways i cant really put my finger on why i love this opening so much, i just watched it one day and fell in love. Its fun to watch i guess. 

Terminator_The Sarah Conner Chronicles
I'm a Terminator Fan. I love the series, Robots, explosions, more robots, and more explosions, What more could a guy ask for? Anyways while i liked the TV series i wasn't its biggest fan (i still watched it though) Anyways as you guessed one of my favorite things about this show was the opening. On top of the always awesome Terminator music, (you know DADA DUN DADA DADA DUN DADA)is this awesome animation showing an 800 series terminator being constructed.I thought that was Awesome as its not until Terminator Salvation do you see the 800 series rolling off the production lines.
Knight Rider
OK yes i know I wasn't around when the original show was airing but i did catch the reruns as a kid, and even in 1996 they were still as awesome as they were in the 80s (or 70s). As i got older i started having more appreciation for the old school types of music and i think that's why i like the opening to Knight Rider so much. that old school techno/electronic beats lay it on me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94UDaYcUg68

And yes even though the 2008 series SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED!!!!!!!! I still kinda like the opening music they used for it. The blending of old and new I'm a sucker for that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE_h0yAoxAg&NR=1

What did you think of this list?

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