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My Favorite ships from Battlestar Galactica

  • Apr 18, 2012
  • by
You know the drill, these are my favorite ships from Battlestar Galactica. Ive made many of these lists so you should know what to expect from here.

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Battlestar Galactica
No Galactica isn't on here just because the show is named after it, I honestly genuinely like this ship. Galactica is a remnant from the First Cylon War, its 40 years old and still in its original configuration. At the time of the fall of the Colonies Galactica was away for its decommissioning ceremony. This and the fact that Glacticas Computers arn't networked is what saved it from being destroyed by the Cylons.

Instead of going back to the Colonies to fight off the Cylons (which is what Adama wanted to do), under advise from the New President of the Colonies (Laura Roslin) Glactica instead became a protector for the civilian ships after a mass exodus from Colonial Space. Never to return.

I like Galactica Mainly because I think its a cool ship. I like the look of it, I also like the fact that Galactica is still capable of fighting even though its enemies are more advanced than it. Its an awesome ship. Built to last, even after it was horribly damaged after the Battle of New Caprica it still was able to continue defending the fleet. A truly amazing ship.
Battlestar Pegasus
Season 2 Episode 10, Pegasus. Pegasus is an Advanced Battlestar of the Mercury-Class. The Pegasus is found 6 months after the Exodus from the Colonies. Prior to The Fall Pegasus was to be in drydock for a 3 Month overhaul of its computers. During this time its networks were down. When the Cylons Attacked the Shipyards  Admiral Cain ordered a blind jump out of the combat zone.  Before reaching Galactica, Pegasus and her crew carried out Hit and run attacks on the Cylon fleet, Some successful others not so much.

Pegasus is bigger and more better armed than Galactica, in addition to this Pegasus also has Viper MKVII Production facilities and Dual landing bays in each fight pod. This ship was a real asset to the fleet, as great as Galactica is Pegasus was a much better ship.

Unfortunately the Pegasus is lost a Year later after the Battle of New Caprica, leaving Galactica once again as The Fleets only protection from the Cylons. I remember watching the Episode Pegasus, I think I screamed out of Joy when they found the ship; the people of the Fleet had been through so much at that point so I as happy for them. Although Commanded by a heartless witch Pegasus offered hope to the fleet.  
Astral Queen
The Astral Queen was a Former Starliner, now a prison Ship tasked with carrying inmates to their pardon hearings on Caprica. In the miniseries The Astral Queen is found in the fleet of civilian ships brought together by the President. It is later with Galactica at Ragnar Anchorage in preparation for the Exodus from the colonies. The ship was home to Tom Zarek a prisoner serving a 20 year term for a bombing on Sagittaron, he would later go on to become a Quorum of 12 Delegate to full blown President of the Colonies, but only for a short time.

At the battle of the Ionian Nebula the Astral Queen was damaged by a Cylon missile. Apart from serving as the fleets prison ship Astral Queen isn't very special or important. Its actually on this list only because I like the look of it.
Cloud Nine
Cloud 9 is a very large Starliner in the fleet, it provides a place for the fleet to relax, it features very lavish hotel rooms, and numerous Lounges and bars. The most striking feature of the ship is its large dome, inside is an artificial environment complete with gardens, grass, trees, and even a holographic sky. Cloud 9 is also an open port there is tons of traffic going to and from this ship.

Prior to the settlement on New Caprica Cloud 9 is destroyed by a Nuclear detonation that takes out 3 other ships with it. The Destruction of Cloud 9 was a low point for me because I felt that the survivors deserved it. After all the crap with the Cylons, and Admiral Cain, and the Black Market thugs and the Demand peace movement, the People needed a place to get away from there worries, a place to live like people again. Cloud 9 offered that.
The Zephyr hails from the Colony of Libran, if your wondering its the large ringed vessel. After the destruction of Cloud 9 it Becomes the ship of choice for the Fleets R&R spot. The Zephyr was built in a time where gravity plating was too expensive to integrate on a ship of its size, so it generates its gravity through centrifugal force by the rotation of its large ring.

Like the Astral Queen, at the Batle of the Ionian Nebula; the Zephyr is hit by Two Cylon Missles, causing extensive damage to its ring section. However by the next episode we see repair operations being done on it.  Admit it we all know the Zephyr is a cool looking ship, that ring makes it stand out from all the other ships in the fleet.
Viper MKII
The Viper MKII is a Space superiority Fighter from the First Cylon War, by the time of the Fall they were obsolete and had been entirely replaced by the more modern Viper MKVII. As part of its conversion into a museum ship Galactica had a squadron of 40 MKII's on board.

the Mark II was capable of both atmospheric and outer space operations.  Equipped with two wing mounted kinetic Energy weapons the mark II could take on both Cylon raiders (New and old) and Cylon Heavy Raiders. (they could also be equipped with missiles) The Mark II was also a  quick and agile craft it could make neck snapping maneuvers that could instantly transform it from the hunted to the hunter. In the hands of an experienced Pilot they could out maneuver and out shoot the improved Cylon raider even while out numbered.

Vipers could be launched from both Planetary bases and Battlestars, but were more often launched from the latter. Depending on the Class of Battlestar any where from 60 to 120 Vipers could be parked on board. The Viper Mark II is an obsolete craft but a very well built one, it succeeded where the Mark VII failed.
Now don't get me wrong the MKVII is a great craft, but when I say it failed I'm  basically talking about the events of the miniseries. Because the Viper MKVII's were equipped with the CNP (Command Navigation Program) they were susceptible to Cylon infiltration. This is what caused the Fall in the first place. The Colonials were crippled by this virus so they could not fight back. Dozens of Battlestars and hundreds of Vipers were taken out in a few minutes.

Unlike the MKII the MKVII contains integrated Avionics and is more Computerized than its predecessor, after the removal of the CNP program this makes the MKVII very difficult to pilot if not in the hands of an experienced pilot. Like the MKII the MKVII is capable of being launched from either Battlestars or planetary bases, unlike the MKII it features Three kinetic energy weapons instead of 2.

The MKVII's look cool but aside from the design colour and addition of an extra cannon there really is no difference between the MKII and the MKVII.
Cylon Raider
The Cylons answer to the Viper, the Raider. What the raider does't have in skill it makes up for in sheer numbers, raiders are deployed enmasse from Cylon basestars. Unlike Raiders from the First Cylon war these ones do not have a Crew of three Centurions on board, instead they are completely self sufficient. While on the outside they are metal on the inside instead of circuit boards and computer chips are live tissue and organs making raiders almost "alive" so to speak.

Like Humanoid Cylons when raiders are destroyed they resurrect in another body allowing them to learn from their mistakes. Fortunately Raiders intelligence level is many times lower than that of a Humans so in a one on one fight with a skilled pilot it will probably lose. Despite this raiders are just as fast and just as well armed as thier Colonial Counterparts. One advantage Raiders have over Vipers is the fact that they have an FTL drive built right in, allowing them to jump ahead of the Cylon fleet and Scout possible routes. Almost like the Raptor does.  

Cylon raiders look very menacing, especially with that red eye piece, and the way they deploy from a Basestar is very similar to the way bats come off of ceilings. Very cool
The Raptor, work horse of the fleet, OK One of the Work horses of the Fleet. The Raptor is a Multipurpose Vessel; its duties include scout missions, and reconnaissance missions, Marine Assault, Medical Transport, Electronic Countermeasures, Search and Rescue Operations, Escort, Evac Craft and Many Many other things.

Raptors while not as big are just as tough as the Battlestars they launch from, they are radiation hardened, and can survive a prolonged period even in a dense Star Cluster. Raptors have been around since the first Cylon War, they are versatile and very tough craft which is probably why they have remained in service for so long.
The Blackbird was a Stealth craft constructed by the Galactica Deck Crew, Chief Tyrol got the Idea to build it after having to put Viper 289 down for scrap. During the course of the Episode various Crew members help with the craft, Starbuck, Dee (Put together communications) Jammer, Helo (suggested using carbon Composites for the skin) Cally, hot Dog, Diana Seelix, Figurski, and even Colonel Tigh (supplied the engines for it).

The Ship was test piloted by Starbuck, and later christened Laura in Honor of the President. Because It was made to be a Stealth  craft the Blackbird was not  normally equipped with weapons but it had the ability to be. It also had FTL drive salvaged from a scrapped Raptor. Unfortunately the Blackbird didn't last long as it was later destroyed at the Battle of the Resurrection Ship.

It sucked to see this ship go as everyone invovled put alot of work into this ship. Also it kind of reminds me of the Delta Flyer. (A shuttle put together by the Voyager crew)

What did you think of this list?

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April 22, 2012
These pictures are real cool- definitely!
April 23, 2012
Why Thank you. Which one do you like.
April 24, 2012
Cloud Nine and Raptor are my faves.
April 24, 2012
Cool. Any particular reason
April 26, 2012
I like the content.
April 18, 2012
Lovin' your lists, Man. # 10 looks really bad ass.
April 19, 2012
of my favs the Zephyr is definatly number one. The Blackbird is a cool ship though. The episode where it gets built is one of my favs
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