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My Favorite video game Trailers

  • Mar 7, 2012
  • by
Video games are becoming the #1 Source of entertainment around. Every year they get bigger and better, not only the games but the trailers too. Nowadays video game trailers have such high production values, if you didn't know better you would think they were trailers for movies.

So here is a list of my Favorite ones. Beware head exploding awesomeness may ensue.

(A Lunch Featured List)
Aliens Colonial Marines - Wii U
In terms of Trailers this one in pretty basic, but the multple levels shown kinda helps to ramp up the tension. These guys are having a hard time fighting off these aliens, and whenever you get the game you will too.

Far Cry 3
Modeled after a "home video" this Farcry 3 trailer shows what happens to a bunch of friends targeted by some rebels. If you didn't know better you would think this is a trailer for a new movie. Its not, this is FarCry 3 and the way its shaping up this looks like a contender for Best looking game of 2012.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron

You guys are gonna hate me so I might as well just spit it out. I wasn't  the biggest Transformers fan until the Micheal Bay came out.  As a kid every once in a while I would watch the cartoon but I really wasn't dedicated to it. If there's anything that caught my Attention with Transformers it was THE DINOBOTSSS!!!!!!! As a kid I loved Dinosaurs I was the biggest Dinosaur fan you could find, So what Happened? Why Am I speaking in Past Tense, well I grew up.

But then I saw this trailer, and All I could do through the whole thing was smile Ear to Ear, I LOVE THIS ONE. Of all the trailers on this list I can easily say THIS is my SECOND favorite one. The Music was good too.

PS3 Long Live Play

I may not be a Sony Fan boy but Damn those guys can make some great commercials, and this one is the best. But First Ive gotta make you watch it to get the Awesome Epicness of it.

For those of you who didnt catch it, that Person they were refering too, "Micheal" Is YOU the player. You the Gamers, this commercial is a celebration of you. For everything youve done for these characters. Weather you own a PS3, Xbox360 or a Wii this commercial will bring a tear to your eye and make you proud to be a Gamer. WE are no longer the geeks of the world. BE PROUD!!!!!

Call of Duty

This commercial is more for those who play Call of Duty online, Its really funny and true in a few ways. I remember when I first watched this I couldn't help but reminisce about the days I used to be a Noob. Ahhh good times, All those bettys I stepped on, all the ammo I wasted, The Mp40. Good times....................... Not only that but this commercial features one of my favorite AC/DC songs "Shoot to Thrill" No matter how old they get, AC/DC will always rock.

Call of Duty Elite

I think its odd that I'm writing a List on commercials cause if there is anything in this world that I hate more than Noob tubers, Campers, Slow Walkers, Slow Drivers, Late Buses, Canceled shows, Spiders, Hard muffins, Red Delicious Apples, Crappy Cell service, Slow internet Connections, Children (Joke......only the bratty ones), Rage quitters, trolling, greifers, dirty car seats, hypocrites, and subscription services………………………………….(*catches breath*) Its commercials. And this is a commercial for a Subscription service.
So I should hate it right? Well no I don't, while yes I do hate the Call of Duty Elite service itself; I thought this commercial was really funny. I think I've even seen TheLengendofKArl online once. But that could have been some imposter. They didn't have their mic on.

Anywhoo heres the trailer

Gears of War 3

Any trailer that can produce an emotional response is a good trailer in my opinion. The Gears of War series consistently puts out some amazing trailers, so for the last game in the series you know they had to pull out all the stops.

As you can see that this battle isn't going well and by the end of the video they are close to being over run, you cant help but to ask yourself "how are they gonna get outta this one" I answer your question with another "who says they do?"
Bit Trip Complete

This trailer is nostalgic for two reasons. One as you know the Bit Trip Series chooses to look like the old games of yesteryear. So for all the gamers that grew up during the dawn of video games you may like this one.
For me though its nostalgic for a completely different reason, Ive played all the games in the series, I remember when I first picked up Bit Trip Beat and fell in love with the game, all the times I died in Runner and the Frustration of Core. This trailer brought back memories of when I played these game both with friends and family.

Simple but awesome.

Max Payne 3

Max Payne, I was first introduced to the series in the seventh grade, I had the first game on the Game boy Advance, and played a Little of the second on PS2. I like this trailer mainly because it shows us Max years later, hes not the young, Neat well dressed freshly cut haired Character we are familiar with. He's older, bald, and hes even gained some weight.

This is not the Max Payne we are used to, thats why I like it. Very rarly do you see a well known Video game character go though a change like this. The series is growing up and I cant wait to see it.

Mass Effect 3

This is the First Trailer for Mass Effect 3,

As you can see things are not going well for earth, London is in Shambles and that Sniper guy is probably dead. Everything is gone to hell. But then at that last Part When Sheppard walks away after witnessing the Destruction on the planet, you cant help but feel alright. Helps on the Way, we wont go down without a fight.

Rayman Origins

The Rayman Series has been around for a lone time. Now Ive heard the series is very good, but Ive never played any of the games, to be honest I wasn't really intrested. Then At E3 2011 were are treated to a trailer of the newest game.

After watching this, I think I may actually buy this game. It looks to have a bunch of humor and just plain fun. But we have been tricked by good looking trailers before.
Driver San francisco


If youve read my review for Driver San Francisco then you know I loved that game mainly for the 70s cop feel to it. Not only in the game but this is also evident in the trailer. Just listen to the music and watch how its all put together. Ubisoft did a really good job on these.
See the full review, "Hmmm Not the greatest Multiplatform Wii game. But far from the worst.".
Dead Island

Warning this Trailer contains disturbing Content.

For a long time its been considered Taboo in media to kill children, Even if its some sort of sickness, much less violently. But leave it to video games to push the boundaries, and cross the lines. (Modern Warfare 2)

I think that is why this trailer is so disturbing to many people, (even me, I still find it hard to watch this one) its because we are not used to this imagery. Not only that but the music plays a big part in this, I'm not to sure how to explain it.

Now I dont like this trailer just because some kid got killed, (I'm not some twisted psycho)  but because of what I mentioned above, this trailer really went far past the boundaries we are used to. Thats why I like it..

OK lets get back on a Lighter note, Lollipop Chainsaw A game I'm REALLY  looking forward to, Why.......

Its obvious , I mean Look at it, its a game directed by Suda51 (creator of the No More Heroes Series) and you can tell its no joke cause this is the kind of Wrong, immature , sick sense of humor the guy is known for. I like this trailer cause based on what I see this game Looks like alot of fun...............................................................................................................................................................

And A Zombie Killing Cheerleader is All kinds of HOT!!!!
Star Wars: The Old Republic

I have a Saying I goes a little like this, Star Trek is Fun, Stargate Is Cool, but Star Wars is EPIC" And After you watch this trailer you will see what I mean. I need to say nothing more.

No More Heroes 2 Desparate Struggle

No More Heroes is one of my Favorite Video game Series (trust me Ive got many). This Trailer was shown at E3 2009 it was the first time fans got a look at the gameplay, not only that but I think this trailer is really good at setting the tone for the game. This is not just Travis trying to get laid, this is a battle for revenge. "LET THE BLOODSHED BEGIN".......................again.

See the full review, "The Sequel to one of the greatest Wii games slashes its way to a console near you!!!!!".

What did you think of this list?

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March 09, 2012
Action-packed pictures!
March 09, 2012
why thank you.
March 09, 2012
You are very welcome.
March 09, 2012
Ka-Bam! My head just got blown.... LOL!!
March 09, 2012
LOL my work is done.
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