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My Most Hated Sci-fi bad guys.

  • Feb 2, 2012
  • by

And Here I thought those video game bad guys were awful. Take a look at these guys.

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Most Hated Video game Bad guys

The Ori

Millions of years ago the Ori were once the Alterans along with the ancients they lived together in Unity. Eventually a split formed between them when the Ori started becoming increasingly religious, and The Ancients devoted to Science. Eventually the split became so bad that the Ori attempted to kill the ancients, to avoid war the ancients moved to the Milky Way galaxy. Eventually both groups ascended.

10000 years later the Ori reemerged and attempted to Convert the Milky Way to Origin (their Religion). Anyone who didn't accept their teachings were brutally killed, with their Vast motherships and legions of soldiers the Galaxy didn't stand a chance. The Ancients wouldn't Intervene because it went against their "non-interference beliefs"

The Ori really got under my skin. You see I grew up in a very religious family and when I was a kid I wasn't allowed to question certain things lest be told to go up for prayer or knell at the alter for an hour.  That and the fact that most religions are so strict and dictatorial "don't were this" ,"don't eat that" , "don't believe that" "don't listen to this". I have no Problem with people that want to believe these things but some things with religion I just don't agree with.

The Ori killed people who didn't covert to their religion, without remorse and called them evil for not believing what they do. I have personally seen this kinda thing happen at the church I used to go to (not the killing, but the condemning).

People should be free to believe what they want and not have to fear reprisals. Freedom of Speech FOREVER!!!!!!

The Shpere Builders
The Sphere builders are Transdimentional Beings and are also a faction in the Temporal Cold War. Because we live in a different Dimension the Sphere Builders cannot survive here, In order to they have to transform space to fit their needs. That is were the Delphic Expanse Spheres come from, they reconfigure the space so that they can live in it.

The Sphere builders also have the ability to examine timelines, both Alternate and Prime, looking ahead they saw that in the 26th century the Federation would push back their invasion of the Milky Way and force them back to their dimension. So using their abilities

They Contact the Xindi in the past and manipulate them into revering them as "Religious Figures". When they finally have the Xindi where they want they manipulate them further by telling them that earth will be the destruction of their home. In retaliation the Xindi Launch an attack on earth killing 7 million people.

These guys are manipulators, they took advantage of the Xindi are forced them into a conflict that didnt have to happen. The Sphere Builders were cowards, never doing thier own dirty work Unless they really really had to. And messing up timelines...........not cool at all.
Xindi Reptilians
The Xindi as a whole were not bad guys, to them all they were doing was defending their home when they attacked earth. Most of them could see reason when Archer stood before them to present his evidence on the "The Guardians" (aka The Sphere builders). And some even helped to Stop the Xindi Superweapon from Destroying Earth.

The Xindi Reptilians on the other hand were not so reasonable. Ever since they learnt of Earth existence all they wanted to do was to destroy it. The Reptilians are belligerent and aggressive, they make the Klingon's look chill. They have this blind hatred of earth that I really do not understand. That's why I hate them so much. They are way to hardcore.

When the Ancients fled earth over 40 Million Years ago they moved to the uninhabited Pegasus Galaxy, there they seeded planets with Stargates and human beings. Unfortunately one of these planets housed a creature named the Iratus Bug; this creature fed on the Humans there and over a period of Millions of years evolved into the Wraith.

The Wraith are along lived vampiric race that fed on the life force of Human beings, they are very strong, long lived (some are over 10000 years old) very intelligent, and possess telepathic abilities. The Wraith eventually went to War with the Ancients 10000 years ago and won; not because they were more powerful but because they outnumbered the Ancients 8-1.

The Wraiths only weakness is that they are not a unified race, because there are so few humans in the Pegasus Galaxy they are constantly fighting amongst each other for food. On a few occasions they have Teamed up with the Atlantis Expedition to either take out a mutual enemy or whenever they need help with something.

Honestly the Wraith I don't see all of them as bad guys mainly because feeding on life forces is how they survived its something they cant change, its not their fault they are like that. But the Wraith that feed on people for  twisted pleasure (with is about 99% of em) or to scare people are the ones I don't like. The Wraith are also not trustworthy there are times when they have betrayed their alliance with the Atlantis Expedition when it could have been beneficial for both parties.

Berzerker drone

After finding out about the elusive bridge and gaining control of the Destiny's systems, the expedition decided to investigate a large debris fields. Its there in that field the Destiny Expedition encountered the Beserker Drone. The Beserker Drones were created by an unknown race, it is assumed that they died out a long time ago. The Drones main purpose is to find and destroy any technology that isn't theirs. They are controlled by a larger unmanned control ship, when a control ship is destroyed the drones go inactive. Because the control ship does not have weapons of its own drone have to both defend it and attack at the same time.

On their own Drones are very weak, like the wraith their strengh is in numbers. Drones are capable of tactical reasoning and will go after weak points as well as go on suicide runs if they notice their weapons are having no affect.

Drones are ANNOYING!!!!!!! Around the last few episodes of Stargate universe they were a constant pain in the @$$. If they wern't attacking Destiny, they were blocking the ship from recharging.  And because Destiny is an old Ship (almost 50 Million years) it cant keep fighting them. Lest be destroyed


"The Cylons were created by man. The Were created to make life easier on the Twelve Coninies. And then the day came when the Cylons decided to kill thier masters. After a long and Bloody struggle an armistice was signed. The Cylons left for another world to call thier own. No one has heard from or seen the Cylons in Forty Years."

And then forty years after the first war the Cylons returned and out of nowhere attacked the Colonies AGAIN!!!! This time crippling thier defenses with a virus then nuking thier cities and planets, in mere moments 50 Billion humans were dead and the colonies gone. Only 50,000 Survivers remained, and for four years were chased through space by the cylons. 

This is why I hate the Cylons they should actualy be second on this list because they are my second most hated. The First Cylon war happened because the cylons were treated like slaves by humanity, thats understandable. They went away and after forty years came back to attack the colonies AGAIN and FOR WHAT? To wipe out humanity, WHY, they signed an armistice humanity left them alone. I dont understand why they had to attack them.  

Another thing is the Cylons felt that they were justified with what they did, they acted all high and mighty aftrwards like they were superior and morally better than humans. In reality they were just as bad and hypocrites (especially the human models). That really got under my skin.

"Thousans of Cylons lives are about to be extingushed, God will not forgive this sin"
What about you? You killed billions of innocent defensless people. For no reason your no better.
I gotta stop before I break something


Replicators were created along time ago by a very advanced android named Reese, she originally created them as playthings but she eventually lost control of them when they learnt how to copy themselves (aka replicate)

The Replicators became a plague in the Asgard home Galaxy, they began to learn at an extremely fast rate that overwhelmed even the Asgard. Eventually war broke out between the two and the Asgard kept pursuing more and more desperate means of stopping them, they one even went as far as trapping a replicator controlled planet in a Time Dialation Field to  at least slow down their advance.

Not only in the Milky Way but Replicators were a pain in the Pegasus galaxy also. The Pegasus Replicators were created by the Ancients to Fight the Wraith. Unfortunately that plan failed and the Ancients disposed of them. However not all the replicators were destroyed and after 10,000 years spawned an entire civilization.

Eventually the Atlantis Expedition found a way to reactivate the replicators attack code and they once again went to war with the Wraith. The Replicators became a problem when they decided to cut off the Wraith form their food source by destroying human worlds. Leading to the Battle of Asuras.

Replicators are like the Stargate version of the Borg. They are way too strong, and way too intelligent. Luckily in both Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis the replicators were defeated permanently.

The Drej
Because they only appeared in one movie not much is know about the Drej and thier history. In the year 3028 the Drej discover that human beings have created a masin ship that can create a planet. In fear that Humans will become the dominant race in the galaxy the attack and destroy the planet, leaveing humans nowhere to go.

I hate these guys cause they...........blew up the planet, they are jerks. They jumped to conclusions and brought about the destruction of a species that had no intention of harming them. That annoyed me.

What did you think of this list?

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February 10, 2012
This is a cool list. You have baddies on here that aren't often seen on lists of this nature. My only gripe would be with the Borg. As a fan of classic Doctor Who, I've always looked at the Borg as a Cyberman ripoff.
February 10, 2012
GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!! How DID I forget the Daleks. Anyways thanks for he comment.
February 10, 2012
Wait what do you mean by "You have baddies on here that aren't often seen on lists of this nature." im kinda lost
February 10, 2012
What I meant was that most bad guy lists include your standard Darth Vaders, Daleks, Khan, and even Ming the Merciless. I like that this list doesn't really address them and points at other bad guys for specific reasons instead of just being "popular."
February 11, 2012
Oh well. Darth vader is a cool guy and so is Khan. Thats why they arnt on here. I like those guys I dont hate em. I like Cylons I like Borg but I hate em cause they are terrible. I hate them. Thats why they are on there. My Most Hated Sci-fi bad guys. You know what I mean.
February 17, 2012
Thanks for the wesome Comment though
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