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My favorite Music videos

  • Feb 4, 2014
  • by
I Love music, I love listening to it, I love hearing it. Music is my friend when no one else is, its there for me when I need it. I can't go a day without listening to music. I like alot of songs but most of them do not have associated music videos. Luckily there are a few that do, so here is my list of favorite music videos. 
Go with the Flow
This music video is awesome. I love the Black, White and Red Style that it's filmed in. Very trippy in a way. I really don't have to say other than it looks cool. 

Cant Believe it

Anyone who knows me know i'm not a big fan of Rap music. In fact the only thing i like about this song is the video and the fact that Toronto is mentioned. (YAY Toronto). Its unique though because you usually don't see a rap video filmed with this kind of style. Its different so I guess that's what i liked. I also thought the use of the lyrics in the video was clever too and the running circus theme. 

Say you like me we the kings
The song is OK, I like it, but for me its not mp3 worthy. The music video on the other hand is what I like. As a gamer there are so many references in the video its crazy. You might actually say I like the song because of the video, which is strange cause that's kinda backwards. Still not downloading this though. 

Good life song
Some of the same reasons why i like The "Cant Believe it" video is the same reasons for liking this one. It different. Rap music videos are typical, slow motion, flashing scenes with the beat, over sized chains, half naked women cars with over sized rims, Blah Blah Blah. This video is not that, and that I liked. 

Wolf Like me
TV on the Radio is a cool band, this video is even cooler; from the Silent Movie, grainy, B-movie style to the Stop motion wolves. I kinda wanna be a werewolf now too. OK not really. 

All the politically charged lyrics aside this music video was a unique one for Eminem. Featuring animations resembling South Park (almost) the video also showed clips of then President Bush Osama Bin Laden and other imagery. I liked it. And I thought the message Eminem was trying to convey was good too. 

mumford and sons-- little lion man
It was really hard to choose between this video or the video for The Cave. Both are videos I like ALOT but with this list I tried not to use videos from the same bands more than once (That's cheating to me). In the end obviously i chose Little Lion Man. Like the song the video is simple there's not alot really going on in it and too me that makes it seem more personal. Mumford and Sons is a band I have really come to like alot. I hope they keep making music for a long time. 

Morris Brown

Outkast was always made very awesome music video for their songs, Hey Ya made you just wanna get up and dance along (I didn't cause I cant dance) and Roses was....a bit more chilled but cool Nonetheless. Then in 2006 we got hit with this. Outkast never really made typical Rap music videos but even for them this was.........for lack of a better word different. Not a bad thing though it was a bit creepy at some points (faces in the walls....singing) but overall enjoyable. 

Chop Suey

When I'm in the mood for something loud or energetic I always listen to SOAD, I love their music with its high energy that just pumps you up. The effects are what make this video one f my faves from these guys, its abit weird, a little unhinged but Oh so great. Gotta love that Snorri Cam technique and Serj Randomly eating Chop Suey. 

Crazy Gnarles Barkley
Styled after the very well known Rorschach inkblot test, Crazy's music video matches the trippy lyrics in the song. In addition to various insects, the faces of Cee-lo and Danger mouse are also morphed into the inkblots. Trippy, psychedelic , awesomeness. 

Empty Walls
Yet another music video/song that's very political in nature. Many scenes in the video mirror The September 11th attacks and the subsequent war on terror that followed. I feel it was supposed to be a sort of commentary on how war has been trivialized by the media and  such. The last scene in the video shows a soldiers funeral procession and the children in the daycare looking on. 

I don't remember when i first saw this video (it was a long time ago) all i remember was liking it because of the 80's Cop TV show theme that it had. When Star trek 2009 came out and I heard this song again I looked it up and became reacquainted with this video. I liked it back then and I still like it now. 

Times like these
The Foo Fighters always made very funny yet great music videos. This one was just random though (which is why i liked it), here you have these guys performing  a song then all of a sudden people start throwing stuff at them. And as the song progresses its gets more and more insane, TV's, furniture, two cars and even a house is dropped on them, yet they emerge unscathed. Not sure what the video is "about" but I got a good laugh out of it. 

What did you think of this list?

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