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My most Hated Badguys/Enemies (Video Games edition)

  • Jan 29, 2012
  • by

We all have them, that one fictional character weather they be bad guy or good that you just cant stand. They make your blood boils and your teeth clench. GGGRRAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *punches computer screen*

Here is a list of my most hated Bad guys from different Video games.

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Lets start with Razor cause he is actually the Inspiration for this list.

Razor is a Boss Character from Need for Speed Most Wanted, when you first meet him he is on the bottom of the Blacklist (#15). He forms an instant dislike of you. Especially because you've just Slapped one of his cronies in a race. Eventually comes race time, your Awesome AWESOME tricked out BMW GTR3 can easily DESTROY his puny Mustang. But something happens in the middle of the race, your car shuts down and you lose. And Because your racing for Pink Slips he gets your car. And leaving you to be arrested by the cops.

Its pretty obvious what has happened Razor that Cocky good for nothing A@$$ole knew he couldn't win the race, so he messed with your ride while you were not around. Basically he Cheated and what pisses me Off even more, HE STILL THINKS HE's HOT S#!T after he had to Cheat to beat me. Cause in a straight up race I WOULD HAVE DESTROYED HIM.

AND HERE'S WHATS WORST, he uses your car to beat the rest of the Blacklist racers so when you eventually have to race him ITS AGAINST YOUR OWN WHEELS!!!!!

As you can tell from all the Caps Lock and Swearing Razor really got underneath my skin. I hate cheaters, I cant stand them. Whether it be people Online or characters in video games. Cheaters stink.
If you've played Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 then you know who Vladimir Makarov is, if not here is a small biography. Vladimir Makarov is a Russian terrorist (I know real original eh?), he used to be Spetsnaz, after an incident with the UN he was forced to leave the armed forces. This is the catalyst for his hatred of the west.

Makarov has no Morals or conscience, this is the guy who(********SPOILERS******** )

allowed an American Deep Cover agent to infiltrate his terrorist cell, then carried out a terrible massacre in an airport (ON  HIS OWN PEOPLE) then killed the Deep Cover Agent to make it look like America was responsible for the Attack. Kick starting World War 3. And America wasn't enough, in Modern Warfare 3 he also started Attacks against Germany and The United Kingdom.

Makarov is easily the biggest Jerk on this list. He is everything I hate in a bad guy. I hope for the sake of the human race there isn't actually people out there like this.
Anton Girdeux
Anton Girdeux is a French Mercenary, and a top member in Erich Rhoemer's crew, he is his second in command. You first meet him after disarming 4 viral bombs in the DC memorial Park (with the help of the CBDC). You find him in the Lincoln memorial wearing full body armour armed with a flame thrower.

If I were to face the guy now knowing what i know I could definatly take him out in 5 mins. But back then when I first faced him I was like 12 years old, he destroyed me. I think I actually went through 2 controllers trying to take this guy out. If you stayed one place too long he would get you with the flame thower and It was an instant kill.

Anton was a pretty ok guy on his own, but man that boss fight was awful.
Shinobu, In my opinion THE hardest assassin in The First No More Heroes game, she is the only Boss to give me so much hell I actually stopped playing the game for months. (i beat her eventually but that was luck). Shinobu is an 18 year old assassin when you meet her she is actually in high school. She is not a bad person she just mistakes Travis for someone else, which is part of the reason she fights so hard against you.

Shinobu was annoying to me for one reason, SHES TOO FAST!!!!!! Imagine having the Wiimote and Nunchuck in your hand trying to dodge these attacks which are flying at you from all over. Not Only that but when you do manage to get a hit on her she dodges it. GRRRRRRRRR.

I think when I beat her I actually yelled out in happiness I was like "FINALLY!!!!! GOD" Man She was a pain. Although The Music that plays in the background of the fight is really epic, Ive got it on my MP3.

Note: this is PS3 gameplay

Ruyji think of him as the No More Heroes 2 equivalent of Shinobu. On top of being super fast and really really strong when by some miracle you get his health down to half his sword spawns this MASSIVE dragon made of energy. AND IT FOLLOWS YOU around the field. Depending on your health anywhere from one to 3 hits could kill you. I tell ya this guy made me stop playing the second game for so long.

Once again though he's not a bad, he really isn't its just that he is a really good fighter. At least the background music hypes you up for the fight so while your getting your butt kicked you can listen to some good music.


Did you watch this video? Did you see what this thing can do, Even to high rank hunters? Did you see it charge? Did you hear it scream? Did you see its tail?

Yes folks this beast is the Diablos and of all the Monsters In Monster Hunter Tri, THIS one is the most difficult to beat. That's why whenever I see someone solo one of these and beat him applause are in order, cause that takes skill.


William Birkin
William Birkin was a researcher at Umbrella, he is notable for discovering the G-Virus. William was a brilliant scientist and started working at Umbrella at the age of 16. After the death of James Marcus, Birkin was promoted to a higher position but eventually started to disagree with his superiors. After he had finished his development of the G-virus he had planned to sell his research to the US Government.

Unfortunately for him Umbrellas CEO Oswell E Spencer instead sent Umbrellas Security Service after him, and like James Marcus 10 years before him Birkin was was gunned down in his lab and his research stolen. As he lay dying he injected himself with the only remaining sample of the G-virus.

William Birkin serves as a boss character in many different levels of the Darkside Chronicles. Because of the properties of the G-virus you face him many times and he has many different forms. During the course the game you face him a total of five times and everytime he comes back hes bigger and twice the strengh of his last form.

Birkin was a pain. A real pain especially when your low on herb's and he reappears. I cant could how many times I screamed out "JUST DIE ALREADY!!!!" only for him to come back again.  Man the G-Virus is awful.
Garrador's serve as a type of Mini boss in Resident Evil 4, they are big hulking creatures with body armor and VERY large claws. Because Garrador's are so dangerous their eyes are stitched shut, that's why they hunt using sound.These guys are brutes and they are not very smart but if they catch you in one of their rampages its over for you.

In total you face about 6 Garrador's in the game (two at the same time once and trapped in a cage with another).  Its not that they annoy me they are just really difficult to deal with, cause their weak spot is on their back and that can be hard to get to. (with out making any noise might I add)
The NPCs in the Pokemon Games
In every game there are NCP's (Non Player Characters) sometimes they help you, sometimes they don't. In the Pokemon series they are a mix of both, but the ones that really annoy the hell outta me are the ones that hide in bushes or behind trees and force you to battle them.

Yeah getting in a great battle can really help your pokemon but seriously you gotta give me a break. This is especially worst when you just start the game and have yet to get to your first poke center so you get some potions. Goodness me.

What did you think of this list?

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January 31, 2012
Awesome list, I especially dislike #7! I've only had one experience playing online with one of these but, it was enough to put me off it for, well, ever. You can also add the videos directly in your answer- just select text editor and choose the film strip, then, add the embed code into the box. Voila!
January 31, 2012
I know I can. But the computers I use are out of date so it wont work.
February 01, 2012
Oh really? They won't even let you copy and paste an embed code? Bummer!
February 01, 2012
Well its not that. The computers are terribly out of date. They are still running Internet Explorer six. Even this site dosent worrk sometimes. Also for some reason in IE6 on youtube the embed codes are not avaliable to you. Cause its the "lightweight" version
February 01, 2012
Well, that's too bad, at least you get to still add the links.
February 02, 2012
Indeed thats why i put em there
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