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Shows/Series I Follow.

  • May 13, 2010
  • by
Everyone Has there favorite TV shows. Some like Game Shows, others Dramas, and others Science Fiction. Here are mine

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shows/series I want to follow
Number one, Supernatural. This is first on my list for a reason. Supernatural is a mix of light humour, Action/adventure, Drama and of course Rock. Of all the shows Ive watched so far Supernatural is the realest. Yes I said realest!!!! and when i say realest I mean the characters feel so real and so do the situations that they are in (even though they are no way in hell possible, Zombies come on).
The show has its own distict style that I cant really put my finger on but what everit is it works great. I havent seen a bad episode yet and Im looking forward to Season six.

Deadliest Warrior
Honestly I dont know why I like The Deadliest Warrior so much, but all i know is Ive seen Every single episode and even If im not intrested in the warriors I will still watch the show. Maybe I like it beacause I havent really seen another show like it on TV, or is it because i get to see all these cool weapons tested out on slabs of meat and gel torsos.

Maybe I like it becasue at the end of every episode theres a simulation fight that shows how every weapon was used and how much damage they can really cause to someone whos not a gel torso or slab for meat. Well whatever it is. I like it and I will continue to watch deadliest warrior because its so awesome.

1000 Ways To Die
No im not a twisted psycho path who likes seeing people get hurt, but you gotta admit some of the deaths on this show were really funny. I remember when I accidentally found 1000 ways to die on TV I thought it was the dumbest show ever, but unbeknowest to me I was being gradually pulled in until now I know the schedule and almost all the episodes. 1000 ways to die is a great show, so just incase your were wondering yeah Snorting fire ants will kill you and so will so will hanging upside down for a few hours. Say safe people use common sense.

Star Trek
I dont mean to get mushy on you guys, but do you know why I like Star Trek? Well its because Star Trek represents what I would love to see humanity achevie one day. Imagine it No wars (On Earth) disease's or money (yep I said money) Just human beings working on improving themselves and making life better for each other.
Thats why I get really upset when i wacth the news and see crazy stuff like a man going into a kindergarden school an hacking up little kid or polititains stealing from people. Until we can solve all of our problems will will never get there. Thats why i like Star Trek its like an escape to a better world, a world thats not so fictional if you think about it.

Now heres a show thats informative on purpose, yes informative, full of science and explosions. Mythbusters is all about well busting myths. So If youve ever wanted to know the answer to "can a plane take-off from a treadmill?" this is your show. Oh yeah and did i say there were explosions? All these experiments are done in the name of science so while your watching things blow up I gurantee you will learn something, or your money back.

Yes I like manswers, and no its not because im a chauvinistic bastard. Manswers is just a super funny show. The questions are ridiculous, and the anwsers shocking. Filled with tips on how to score certain chicks, or how to avoid "The Dump of Death"  Manswers has something for everyone. Suprisingly the show can be really informative at times and shockingly you may actually learn something.  Did you know you could make a taser out of a Camara?

Stargate Series
What can I say Im a Nerd. I like the Stargate series not only because its filmed in Canada (:D) But because it has everything I like to see in a sci-fi series (space battles, great stories, cool technologies) and then some (humour, Its Canadian, references to other Sci-fi series). But although Stargate is has its laugh out loud moments it still can deliver the drama and action when it needs too.

Deadliest catch, you know I dont know why i started watching this show, but i did. I enjoy it, why i dont know but i do. Deadliest catch really shows just how dangerous crap fishing really is. I remember when i first heard of the show I was like "oh great another reality TV show" While yes it is a reality/documentary TV show, unlike Big Brother House or The Simple life these men face true danger.
As I wacthed the show more and got to know the crews and their situations I honestly felt part of the team so when something bad happens like the sinking of the Ocean Challenger or Capitain phil dieing you really feel it of them. Unlike Star Trek or Supernatural when something bad happens in Deadliest Catch it cant be written of as an Alternate Reality or Time Travel. Its all real its all happening.

Whats not to like about Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe being subjected to things you wouldnt go near, or the gross things people do for a living. Whatever it is Dirty Jobs is a great show Like most shos on the Dscovery Channel dont be suprised if you come away from each episode with something new to share with your friends.

One of the things that makes Dirty jobs so good is the Chemistry between Mike and the crew. this is one of the few ive seen where the host dosen't complain about camera men being in the shot, and the host themselve even filming things. Mike usually always talks to and makes jokes with his crew. Some call that being unprofessional, I call it having fun doing what your doing.



What did you think of this list?

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September 18, 2010
I should turn my daughter's son Benji on to Deadliest Warrior. He's only 10 but he's really into that sort of stuff and I don't think he knows about that show.
September 18, 2010
That shows pretty gorey. Your sure a 10 year old should be watching that
September 19, 2010
You'd be surprised what my daughter let's them watch. She showed them DISTRICT NINE which I thought was too old for them. (She has twins) They don't like horror movies much, but Benji is all about weaponry.
September 19, 2010
weaponry eh. Deadliest Warrior it is then. Season two ended a few weeks ago. They should still show reruns though.
September 20, 2010
He got a real charge out of watching Top Shot.
September 21, 2010
never heard of that show.
September 21, 2010
It was on the same channel that carries Deadliest Warrior I think. It featured people who were very proficient with various types of firearms competing against each other with weapons of all types raning from bow and arrows to assault rifles.
May 14, 2010
I love Supernatural as well! It's good stuff, though sometimes I can't go to sleep at night because of it.... :P And I also dig documentary-esque/exposé shows like Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs. Great list! :)
May 17, 2010
YES THANKYOU!!!!!!! Why is it so hard to find supernatural fans. Everyone one I talk too dosent watch it. Did you see the season finale. What did you think?
May 17, 2010
I haven't watched much of it lately since I got rid of my TV, but I did manage to catch the season finale and it was friggin' amazing! Wonder how they're going to top that one :P
May 18, 2010
Who do you think got out. Sam, or Samifer
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