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Shows/Series I used to follow

  • Jun 3, 2010
  • by
Every human being has shows that they are faithful too till the end, but sometimes those shows either get too much or too stale, or canceled. Heres a list of Shows I used to follow.

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Shows/series i watch

shows and series I want to follow
Smallville Ahh small ville. You roped me in because I wanted to see Supermans Story from well before he became superman. But eventually I got tired (around season 8) the stories (IMO) got increasingly dumb, Zod was a regular pain in the rear end, Chloe got powers, is the guy in love with Lana or not? and seriously Its season 8 and the guy still cant fly. This show stopped being good and became a Soap opera. Ugh note to self never watch TV shows based off of old comic books.
Honestly I have no reason, I just stopped. I mean come on how many more times are you gonna take a group of strangers and leave them on some Island we've never heard of before. And do you honestly expect us to believe you really leave them there. Well all know once the cameras go off they are probably chowing down on some nice food.
Lois, Stewie, Peter, Brian, Meg, Chris & Brian
I was always a simpsons fan anyways. plus also this show was killing too many of my brain cells anyways, anymore and I would be scared for life.
X-play is a cool show, they got comedy, they interview prominent industry heads, they are one of the first video game TV shows Ive ever watched. So why did I stop watching it? Well becasue I didnt like their reviews. If you watch enough you realize that those guys are super super biased to the nintendo wii console. Now if you ask I will be the first to point out that yeah the console is lacking MUCH but there are some really good games on it. on X-play a generic shooter on Wii gets a 3 out of 5 while one on 360/PS3 gets a 5 out of 5. I hate biased people Ugh.
Knight Rider
Cool talking car, Ford Ford Shelby GT500KR, re boot of an awesome series. How in the hell did they manage to screw this up. Well the TV movie was........ok but after that everything else sucked..................more. I mean come on KITT could Freaking transform into a police car, pick-up truck, and Van (all Ford models by the way) that was completly stupid, and on top of that they changed the whole KARR story around too the guys a bloody robot now, yeah a robot... Arms, legs machine guns and rockets launchers the whole deal. This show was so flawed from the start, instead of focusing, FOCUSING!!!!!!! on the relationship between Michael and KITT, they decided to give us a bloody love story and thought that if they threw in slick visuals (which they were not) we wouldnt care about the crappy stories they threw together. Honestly.
Terminator_The Sarah Conner Chronicles
I will admit, I got hooked into this show eventually, but you know what deep down inside I still hated it. The show took place along an Alternate timeline, that in and of its self pissed me off alone. The show thought by its self was ALOT!!!! better than Kinght Rider 2008, and although it had its little love stories the series its self was good. There were some intresting plot elements and nuff fan service. And although I hate the show I was kind of sad to see it canceled.
Now House, dont worry I have nothing bad to say about House. House is and hopefully will always be an amazing show. Hugh Laurie is an awesome actor and the shows writers are great. I stopped watching house though mainly because I moved. Yup around season 7-8ish I moved to another part of town, were I used to live I only got very few channels when i moved I got alot more I eventually got to watching lots more things and tuning in every monday to catch House started to slowly slip away. Now you may ask "well why no tstart watching it again?" well i wont because i have a rule, if I miss the begining of something I refuse to watch it. That is why i will never watch a show like 24, The Shield, or Prison Break, once I miss the first season (or 2) I will have missed so much that I would have to play catch up far too long. Dumb rule yeah i know.

What did you think of this list?

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September 18, 2010
You can always play catch up with House etc on NetFlix. I only  get basic cable so I've never had the chance to see series like Dexter, but thanks to NetFlix I just polished off the last of Season 4. I'm with you on Survivor though--although I get a kick out of reading a friend's reviews of the show.
September 18, 2010
yeah Netflick i really want to get that. But not until i get another job.
September 19, 2010
I have the one that's priced just under $10 a month. You can get all you can watch in a month, but only 1 at a time. For me that works out to about one a week. Plus you can stream them for free too.
September 21, 2010
stream them for free? Link me
September 21, 2010
Well you do have to have a NetFlix membership. But there is no limit on how many you can stream. You can watch two or three a day. I watched 12 episodes of Dexter back to back once on my computer. Was my butt ever sore. You can hook it up to your TV too but you have to have something like Wii to do that. There are some sites where you can watch movies for free but I'd have to check those out. Jet Eller told me one was showing his great flick NIGHT FEEDERS, but I forgot the site's name since I own a copy of the movie and have NetFlix too.
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