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Shows/Series that have been Canceled that I still follow.

  • Jun 7, 2011
  • by

A few weeks ago i found out that Syfy had Canceled Stargate universe. Being a fan (it eventually grew on me) i got super super pissed. So after an angry rant/tirade on Twitter, i decided hell let me just do a list honoring all my favorite/awesome series that have been canceled by giant douche bag networks.

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SGU Logo
Ok If you guys read an eariler list of mine will be happy to know I finally got into SGU. Every week since the dawn of season two ive been discussing and Live tweeting with Fans. I loved every episode of  Stargate Universe it was an amazing show. The music the acting, the stories were alll amazing. They surpassed even (in my opinion) Atlantis and Sg-1 in terms of all these things. Universe was just a bigger better show and in season 2 it was just getting better and better.

Then the inevitable it was announced during the break between season 2.0 and 2.5 that Syfy had canceled the show. According to them it was low ratings, others believe it was the move from Friday nights to tuesdays (during the fall) that killed the show. Whatever it maybe SGU is gone and im sad as I was just starting to get into this amazing show.
Star Trek: Enterprise
The latest entry into the Star trek TV Series, Enterprise took place in a time line not really explored much in Star trek cannon the 22nd century. The show followed Captain Johnathan Archer the Crew of the Enterprise (NX-01) as the first men and women to boldly go where no man has gone before. Thats right Enterprise took place 100 years before the Original Star Trek. Ironically this star trek has a special place in my heartbecause it was actually the first one started following. The first episode i saw was "in a mirror darkly part 1" i remember it so well cause i was wondering "why is the crew leaving the new one (Mirror NX-01) and going onto the old one (defiant)" See at the time i was a star trek noob and never knew the full story. I eventually watched all four seasons on DVD and caught up with everything.

I will admit the first two seasons of the show where kinda boring but season 3 with the Xindi story arc really picked it up, season 4 was also great too, but like SGU ratings is what caused this show to die off. Its a shame though cause like I said before the show was improving and I was really looking forward to the possible season 5 that was gonna feature the earth-romulan war. *sigh* hopefully one day us Star trek fans will see that. I miss you Enterprise.
Caprica (2009)
I never caught much episodes of this show either but when I did man I wasn't disappointed. See I never watched Battlestar Galactica and i was a little upset that i missed such an awesome show. So I made the decision to become a fan of the series. I started by watching anything of BSG that I could get my Hands on I read the Wiki, I bought both The Plan and the miniseries on DVD (I was lost the whole way through the Plan) and then I eventually ordered the first two seasons on DVD (as i type this now they are still in the mail on the way to me)

While waiting I decided to watch Caprica i figured "hey its a prequel right" why not watch this and get the whole story from the beginning". So i broke my rules I watched Caprica even though the show already started and ive missed key episodes (i used the BSG wiki to fill in the holes) and it was a great show. Very different from BSG. I loved it then.......well you know what happened Syfy axed yet another great show. I never got the details as to why this one was canceled but i was super sad nontheless. Caprica was awesome and im currently looking for it on DVD. Ive had no luck though. Caprica you were awesome and i hope to see you again soon. #saveCaprica
Drive (tv show)
Drive whats drive your asking. (i assume you don't know as Ive asked lots of people and they've never heard of it) Drive is a short lived TV series that aired on FOX. It revolved around an illegal street race put together by unseen People who's only contact was through cell phones. Guess who starred in this.......guess...........actor Nathan Fillion who also starred in another Awesome Short lived series called Firefly (i got that DVD in the mail too) Drive aired  for 6 episode when i came to an abrupt end. I did some research a few years back and wondered why the show was canceled as the Rantings (according to my research) where super high throughout all the episodes that's aired. Based on what i know FOX didn't give a reason for cancelling it. It just ended. Although only 6 episodes Aired Drive was a fun show to watch. I really liked it, both my mother and i did. AWWW Stupid networks.

Everybody Hates Chris
Everybody Hayes Chris was a funny show, when i first saw the preveiw for it i thought it was gonna be no good. HOW WRONG WAS I. Everybody hates Chris is a show about the life of young chris rock as he was growing up. While not entirly accurate all the time the show was still nontheless enjoyable. Seeing all the different escapades Chris and his friend would get into, his fathers obsession over saving money. And if you think I had alot of fun watching it you should have seen my mother. Reminiscing about all those 80s stuff records and tapes and what not.

The show had a decent run, it lasted four seasons and had 88 episodes. It lasted longer than i thought it was. Im not entirly sure why but for some reason CW TV didnt pick the show up for a fifth season. I can't say im upset though cause based on the ending you could say it was perfect timing. Everybody hates chris was a great show, it could be laugh out loud funny and very touching at times. Im glad i got into it.
Stargate Atlantis is the spin-off to Stargate Sg-1 it takes place in the Pegasus galaxy on the ancient City of Atlantis. While it had many similarities to Sg-1 one of the main differences between them is Atlantis's darker plots. the End of Elizabeth wier, the replicator story lines and even the wraith. I noticed the trend from season 3 onward, despite the darker plots Stargate Atlantis still managed to be full of humour and very lighthearted. Im not too sure why SGA was canceled from what ive read its a number of differant things, corporate greed, not wanting to pay the cast extra for another season, one rumour even said it was axed to make way for Stargate Universe. Whatever the case may be SGA was an awesome show the ending was too abrupt hopefully MGM changes thier minds and gives us that SGA movie we've all been waiting for. Make it happen guys.

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