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Spacedocks, Starbases and Space Stations.

  • Jul 19, 2012
  • by
 So far I have made lists about the Starships and Starfighters. But no matter how big and bad ass  Starships, (even Battlestars)might be there are still places they call home. Every science fiction series calls them different, they may be orbiting a planet or are built into an asteroid. Some are called Starbases others Space Docks, but in general they perform the same tasks.

They are there to refuel or resupply ships, Transfer over new crew, upgrade or repair ships, and many more. As cool and awesome as starships are; they cant contiune to go one being cool and awesome with out these starbases.

So here is a list of  the Starbases and that help to make Starships so cool.
Death Star

Obviously the death star had to be the first one on this list. Why? Because its the most famous. So where do I start to talk about this thing?

The Deathstar is MASSIVE, I don't need to tell you that. Its the size of a small moon and is lined with hundreds of anti-aircraft and ship to ship weapons. Despite sporting an impressive array of arms it all pales in comparison to the Deathstars main weapon, The Superlaser. The Super Laser is capable of blowing up a planet in one shot, but it can also attack ships, as demonstrated in the Battle of Endor where it took out multiple Rebel Capital Ships, which is like firing a nuke a Nuke at your house cause you found a spider on the wall. (though that is understandable)

The Deathstar also had dry dock facilities built into it for the maintenance and repair of The Empires Numerous Star Destroyers, and Hangers for its Tie Fighter squadrons and ground support vessels. Even though it was so massive the Deathstar could also move, it wasn't as fast as most other ships but it could still reach its locations in a reasonable amount of time.

Fortunately both of the Deathstars featured in the Star Wars movies were destroyed by the Rebel Alliance.  Despite being a devastating weapon and a "Technological Terror", the Deathstar is easily the Coolest Space Station on this list.

Deep Space Nine
Originally a Cardassian Mining Station Deep Space 9 was eventually abandoned and claimed by the Bajorans. Because they didn't have the resources to maintain the Station The Bajorans applied for Federation Membership. Soon both the Bajorans and Starfleet had control over the station.

When the Dominion War broke out DS9 became the most important asset to the Federation as it was very near the Bajoran Wormhole. The Wormhole crossed 70,000 lightyears from the Alpha Quadrant to the Gamma Quadrant putting it in a strategic position to defend The Federation from Dominion Attack.

During the War it served mainly as a Repair, and Resupply station to Both Federation, Klingon and eventually Romulan Forces in their fight against the Dominion.

Prior to the War the Station served almost this same purpose, numerous well known ships Like the Enterprise-D and USS Voyager Docked with the Station to either offload crews or Supplies or to Pickup new recruits. After the War the Station was Involved in the Pathfinder Progect, trying to help establish communications with the USS Voyager, which was lost in the Delta Quadrant.
Ragnar Anchorage

Ragnar Anchorage is a Colonial Munitions Depot, suspended in the upper atmosphere of a Gas Giant. (the gas Giant is also known as Ragnar.) I'm not sure when it was built, but I assume it was during the first cylon war. By the time of the Fall of the Colonies Ragnar was still active.

When Adama got word of the renewed Cylon Attacks against the Colonies, he jumped Galactica to the Station to Re-arm the Old Battlestar and get it into the fight. The Station has the ability to Dock with a Battlestar and allow for easy transport for the munitions aboard. The interior of the Station is Rusty dark and damp, there are a bunch of small corridors and old piping lines the walls and ceilings.

Once Rearmed Adama makes the decision to abandon the Colonies and use Galactica to Protect the civilian Fleet. Its here that the Battle of Ragnar Anchorage takes place.

Scorpion Fleet Ship Yards
Like Utopia Planitia, the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards Orbit the Colony of Scorpia. The Yards are capable to accommodating Various different types or Colonial Vessels including Battlestars. Numerous Cargo trains Run along the length of the station; massive Fuel tanks are located at various point along it, and lots of Anti-aircraft turrets dot the surface.

During the Fall of the Colonies the Cylons attacked the yards with multiple Nukes, and a large squadron of Raiders. Thanks to the raidioactive fallout from the nukes Dradis was blind for both sides allowing the Battlestar Pegasus to Blind Jump out before being destroyed.
Last time I played the game Starfleet Commander; the Zeus class was the Ultimate ship a player could possess. It was the most expensive unit and only the most experienced players could obtain it. This ship can bring down every other ship in the game in only one shot and its massive weapons and shield ratings make it difficult to destroy.

The Problem with the Zeus is that it moves insanely slow, so using it to attack other players will not work in your favor. Usually this ship is used to defend against other players, people will think twice about attacking a planet with one of these parked in orbit.

I remember when I would read battle reports on the Starfleet Commander forums, there were some players who owned up to five of these titans. Those guys were the gods of the game.
Armistice Station
Built after the First Cylon War Armistice Station was to be neutral ground for the 12 Colonies and the Cylons to maintain diplomatic Relations. The Station was small, and was technically a large room with a table and two chairs. Every year after the War the Colonials Send an Officer, the Cylons would send no one. Ironically when the Cylons actually do visit the station they quickly destroy it.  The First Casualty of the Fall of the Colonies.

What did you think of this list?

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July 26, 2012
Great list Kingre. You mentioned you wanted to add more, but could not think of any. Well, you could check into other Sci-Fi series for some. The one that first came to mind was Babylon 5 of, well, Babylon 5! Also consider the one from 2001 a Space Oddysey, Moonraker, Alien Resurrection and more. There are others too, but half the fun is the hunt, so enjoy. ;]
August 19, 2012
Sorry for the late reply. I included stations from shows and series I watched and knew alot about. I didnt watch Babylon 5 so i didnt include it in the list.
July 19, 2012
Featured!! you are the king of creative lists!
July 19, 2012
LOL thanks. I wanted to add more, but I couldnt think of any.
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