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The Changing face of the Enterprise

  • Jun 16, 2012

The Famous USS Enterprise; as a tradition in Starfleet almost all of the Federations Flagships have been called "Enterprise". From the 22nd Century right until the 26th (I Assume). This is just a list of all the Enterprises over the years.

Enterprise NX-01
Name: Enterprise
Class: NX
Registry: NX-01
Captain: Jonathan Archer
Years Active: 2151-2161
Status: Decommissioned

The Enterprise NX-01 was Earths first Warp Five Starship. It was launched in 2151 under the Command of Jonathan Archer. Over the course of this ships service made first contact with numerous species including the Orion, Andorians, and Axanar. By its Third year, it was investigating an attack on earth by a mysterious race called the Xindi, eventually participating in the battle that saved earth from destruction. (Its not known if the Enterprise took part in the Earth Romulan War) By the end of its life in addition to its mission of exploration the Enterprise also took on a more diplomatic role; Transporting Delegates to Earth for the signing of the Federation Charter. As it Stands now the NX-01 is in a Starfleet museum on Pluto.
USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A
Name: USS Enterprise
Class: Constitution (refit)
Registry: NCC-1701-A
Captain(s): James t Kirk, Spock
Years Active: 2286-2293
Status: Decommissioned

The Third overall Starship Enterprise and Second commissioned by Starfleet. The Enterprise-A is a refit Constitution Class Starship.
After the Destruction of the original USS Enterprise, the Enterprise-A was put into service in 2286. During its shakedown it was called to investigate a kidnapping on Nimbus 3, where it was then taken over by Sybok. The ship was eventually recovered. In 2293 the Enterprise served as an escort to Kronos 1 the Klingon Ambassadors flag ship, there is was drawn into a conspiracy to derail the Khitomer Accords. After a tense fight with The Cloaked bird of prey, the Enterprise is contacted by Starfleet to be decommissioned.  The Enterprise-As last voyage was in 2293.
USS Enterprise NCC 1701-B
Name: USS Enterprise
Class: Excelsior (refit)
Registry: NCC-1701-B
Captain: John Harriman
Years Active: 2293
Status: Active (as of 2293)

The Forth Starship the bear the name Enterprise. The Enterprise-B was an Excelsior-Class Refit. It was launched in the same year the Enterprise-A was decommissioned. During the ships maiden Voyage (a quick run around the block, according to Captain Harriman) It's received a distress signal by two ships trapped in an energy ribbon called the Nexus. Because the ship launched without all its equipment (No Torpedos, No Tractor beam) it became trapped in the Nexus too when it moved to Transporter range to assist the two ships.
To free the ship James T Kirk went down to deflector control to initiate a Resonance Burst. As the ship began to get free, it is hit with a discharge from the Nexus that causes extensive damage to the engineering areas. Kirk is believed to have died from the accident and the Enterprise-Bs first mission became notorious for this.

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July 11, 2012
Excellent pictures too!
June 20, 2012
from here on, you are known as "starship man" ...man, you really put a lot of work in your lists of fictional ships. Very cool.
June 24, 2012
Thanks, for the unofficial title. I figured I should share my knowledge. It would be nice if there was some sort of badge for this.
June 24, 2012
Hmmm...let me look into that.
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