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Top 5 Sci-fi Space battles.

  • Apr 22, 2010
  • by
Yes if your a geek like me then you like em too. Ahh Glorious space battles what science fiction Tv show or movie would be complete without them. In this list i will talk about (in no particular order) the top 5 (in my opinion) science fiction space battles.

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The Battle of Coruscant
Ok lets get started with this one. In 2005 Star wars fans everywhere rejoiced, the final episode on the prequel Trilogy was finally here. When the movie came out viewers were blasted by this amazing battle that takes place over a planet. lasers and explosions everywhere. One of Star Wars Greatest battles.

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The Battle to Retake Deep Space 9 (Operation Return)
This massive, explosive and Epic battle took place in the 6th season of Star Trek DS9. With DS9 in the hands of the Dominion and the Cardassians Starfleet didnt have control over the Bajoran Worhole. This was bad as Enemy fleets from the gamma Quadrant could easily use it to get to the Alpha Quadrant and attack earth. This Battle was to re-capture the Starbase.
Watch the clip here
The Battle of Asuras
The Battle of Asuras took place over a planet called...........Asuras, it took place in the 4th Season of Stargate Atlantis. It was an assault on the Replicator homeworld with a combination of human and Wraith fleets. This was a very important battle as the replicators being nanite machines are super smart and were becoming a serious problem for both the Wraith and humans. See how it turns out watch it here

Universe Battle
This battle actually took place by accident. See An Alliance fleet gathered around Mr, Universe's planet, Why you ask? Well to destroy Serenity. See the crew of Serenity found out a very dark secret about The Alliance, and was planning on using Mr Universe's communication devices to broadcast it all over the solar system. This was unacceptable so The Alliance decided to destroy Serenity so the Secret wouldn't get out. The Crew of Serenity foresaw this and came up with a plan. They went deep into reaver territory and Destroyed one of thier ships,effectively pissing them off. The Reavers then decided to pursue Serenity and her crew. Using this chance Serenity Lead them all the way to Mr, Universe's planet to face off against the Alliance. Watch the clip here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX0IXHMuy7U&feature=related
Independance Day Battle
Ok this battle took place In the movie Independance day. Once David figures out how to disable the Attacking aliens Shields theAmerican Air force organizes a large scale worldwide counter-offensive against the Aliens. This was a very memorable and amazing scene. this movie came out in 1994 and this battle still meets the expectations of 2010. (Sorry Couldn't find a video)

What did you think of this list?

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September 18, 2010
I was never much of a fan of anything Roland Emmerich has done, but I really love SERENITY and FIREFLY.
September 18, 2010
im really sorry i didnt watch Firefly. I really regret that
September 19, 2010
It's out on DVD--there were only about nine or ten episodes I think.
September 19, 2010
i havent seen any. Ive cheaked.
September 20, 2010
I guess you've tried Amazon then.
September 21, 2010
im not a fan of buying from online. Too many hackers and scammers out there.
September 21, 2010
I was wary of it for a long time too. In fact I still am. I was pointed in the direction of a copy of CANNIBAL GIRLS (a flick I've been looking for for a long time), but I passed on it because I still only feel safe dealing with amazon and this flick was somewhere else.
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