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Top Sci-fi Fighter/Starfighters

  • Nov 15, 2011
  • by
While massive space ships are super cool and awesome lets not forget about the little guys. The little guys being the starfighters or fighters, cause lets face it when the big ships shields and weapons go down its these guys that sweep in an save the day. Here is a list of my favorite fighters.

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Top Sci-fi Fighters
Lets start with the F-302. After the failed X-301, the X-302 (prototype) or F-302 (production model) was entirely human built, and earths first hyperspace capable craft. The F-302 while capable of making a hyperspace jump its only used to make small jumps from planet to planet in a system. This craft was also capable of operating in both a planets atmosphere and in outer space. The 302s armament includes 4 wing mounted long range Air to air missiles, 2 forward mounted rail-guns. Unlike conventional earth made Fighter craft The F-302 has Inertial Dampeners built in meaning pilots can make sharp turns and quick maneuvers that would make other pilots in other craft blackout.

I'm a fan of fighters, Fighter Jets Fighter planes etc. So naturally I absolutely love the 302. It has a cool design (reminiscent of goa'uld Death Gliders) and are capable of taking one Wraith Darts 2-1.
Ori Fighter
They don't look like much but don't let that fool you, Ori fighters were just as tough and impossible to defeat as the Ori Motherships. Even worst the motherships carries 500 fighters each allowing them to overrun an entire planets defenses in mere hours without support. Ori fighters were equipped with one Ori Pulse weapon and were used as both a fighter and scout vessel. These vessels were also made to deploy transportation rings so that Ori soldiers could transport from the orbiting motherships. A small number of these vessels once took on an entire squadron of Goa'uld Death Gliders an Al'kesh without a single loss.

The Ori fighter wasn't seen much on stargate but when it was shown it was a heavy dealer of pain. I only wish that the SGC could have shot down at least one of them for study.
X-wing fighter
Ahh here's another one of my favorite starfighters. The X-wing apart form the Imperial Star Destroyer is the most recognizable star wars ship.  Im finding it really hard to start talking about the X-Wing as what can you possibly say about a fighter who destroyed the Deathstar a moon sized space station not once but twice...................ok I thought so.

Manufactured by the Incom Corporation the X-wing was "almost the perfect balance of speed and maneuverability" equipped with Twin laser cannons and MG7 Proton torpedoes and a top speed of 1050 k/mh the X-wing was a favorite among the Rebel Alliance.

A multi-purpose vessel it was used for combat, patrol duties or as escorts for important ships. These fighters distinguished themselves at the Battle of Yavin where the destruction of the first Deathstar occured
Why do I like the X-wing? They look super cool. I remember when I first watched Star Wars a new hope as soon as I saw these i fell in love.
Naboo Starfighter
Of all the Star Wars ships and fighters lets start with this one as of all the Starfighters of all the Sci-fi series Ive seen these are my top absolute favorite. According to Captain Panaka the N-1 Starfighter is the "pinnicale of Naboo military technology" And righfully so, what sets this fighter apart from other fighters is the fact that the N-1 comes equipped with a deflector shield. Apart from that the N-1 is pretty basic in both duties and amaments. It comes equipped with dual laser cannons and Proton torpedoes. Its duties usually were to patrol Naboo space and escort special or important crusers.

When need be the N-1 was also an amazing agile fighter but only against other fighters as space stations (e.g an Lucrehulk-class battleship) proved to be more difficult. Despite these the N-1's are great fighters and not only are they tough but they are also good looking. The N-1 Starfighter. awesome.
Viper MKII
The Viper mark II the primary Colonial space superiority fighter / attack craft. These craft are regarded as the instrument that ensured the Colonials never lost the First Cylon War. A sleek design the Mark II was capable of both atmospheric and outer space operations.  Equipped with two wing mounted kinetic Energy weapons the mark II could take on both Cylon raiders (New and old) and Cylon Heavy Raiders. (they could also be equipped with missiles) The Mark II was also a  quick and agile craft it could make neck snapping maneuvers that could instantly transform it from the hunted to the hunter. In the hands of an experienced Pilot they could out maneuver and out shoot the improved Cylon raider even while out numbered.

Vipers could be launched from both Planetary bases and Battlestars, but were more often launched from the latter. Depending on the Class of Battlestar any where from 60 to 120 Vipers could be parked on board. The Viper Mark II is an obsolete craft but a very well built one, it succeeded where the Mark VII failed. Hows the saying go? "They don't make em like the use to"
ARC-170 Starfighter
A distant relative to the T-65 X-wing The ARC-170 or Aggressive ReConnaissance Starfighter was the Primary fighter vessel used by Clones of the Galactic Republic. A notible feature with this fighter is that it sacrifices speed and manuverability in favor of firepower and Heavy armor. So instead of being classified as just a fighter is actually considered a Heavy Fighter/bomber. The ARC-170 had oversized Laser cannons on its wing tips much larger than those found on "normal" star fighters. The ARC also had a Class 1.5 hyperdrive with a range of 5000 LY (lightyears).

These ships were the rugged heavy hitters of the Republics fleet often going deep into enemy territroy for recon and long independant operations. The ARC-170 is one badass ship. They were even breifly used by the Empire after thier takeover of the galaxy.
Cylon Raider

The Cylons answer to the Viper, the Raider. What the raider does't have in skill it makes up for in sheer numbers, raiders are deployed enmasse from Cylon basestars. Unlike Raiders from the First Cylon war these ones do not have a Crew of three Centurions on board, instead they are completely self sufficient. While on the outside they are metal on the inside instead of circuit boards and computer chips are live tissue and organs making raiders almost "alive" so to speak.

Like Humanoid cylons when raiders are destroyed they resurrect in another body allowing them to learn from their mistakes. Fortunately Raiders intelligence level is many times lower than that of a Humans so in a one on one fight with a skilled pilot it will probably lose.

Cylon raiders look very menacing, especially with that red eye piece, and the way they deploy from a Basestar is very similar to the way bats come off of ceilings. Very cool.

Federation Attack Fighter
Believe it or not the Federation actually has some sort of attack craft. Seen mostly in Deep Space 9 the federation Attack Fighter was a fast agile craft its armaments like most other Star Trek ships included Phasers (2 Emitters) and Photon Torpedoes (3 forward mounted tubes) these craft could be configured to fire Quantum Torpedoes also. The Fighter was used extensively during the Dominion War, during Operation Return ,Commander Sisko used these ships to Lure the Cardassians into opening up there lines. While they were no match for the Galore-Class destroyers they were at least faster, these ships suffered massive casualties during the war.

These ships were also used by the Maquis, most notable the Val Jean Under command of the then Maquis Chakotay. The Federation Attack Craft was a cool looking ship and i would have loved to see it  on screen alot more. I wonder how a ton of these would fair against the Borg.

What did you think of this list?

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