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Top Sci-fi spaceships.

  • Jun 6, 2011
  • by

They say behind every good man is a strong woman. The same can be said for Science fiction series. Behind everygood series is an equally good Starship. Heres a list of my favorite Starships from these series.

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The Tardis
Lets start with A classic. The tardis is the rather odd ship Employed by The Doctor from the Doctor Who universe. Capable of traversing Time and Relative Dimensions in Space the Tardis is a rather unique ship. It features a camouflage type system where it can assume the shape of anything, its bigger on the inside and get this it has no shields or weapons to attack or defend itself Reflecting on The good Doctors personality.
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Colonial battlestar
(this is for Battlestars from the Re-imagined series)

Battlestars are described as "giant space going leviathans" ranging in size from 700m to 2.3km in length so you could say the term Leviathan is accurate. Battlestars are the heart of the Colonial Fleet in both the Cylon Wars they were the ones to take on the basestars. Armed with over 50 ship to ship and point defense turrets, KEW's and Conventional Nuclear weapons these were a force to be reckoned with. Its was theorized that had the Cylons not used the CNP computer virus to disable the fleet, the Colonials would have made short work of the Cylons new Basestars. This is evidenced in the fact that Galactica as old as she is can take on Two basestars for an extended period of time before facing any ill effects.

Battlestars are like Giant Space-faring Aircraft carriers, carrying up to 20 wings (thats 60-80 Vipers Galacatica and 90 to 120 Pegasus) and Numerous rapters, stored in there massive flight pods. On some (not all) battlestars are Viper and munitions production facilities, because these ships were designed for long deployments they cant go back to base to replace lost vipers so production facilities are a necessity. Battlestars are awesome ships.

Starship-Class, Class-1 heavy Cruisers, Constitution-Class however you call it there all the same thing. While the Constitution-class may not win any awards in the beauty pageant it is a more than capable ship, weather it be as a warship or keeping the peace. These ships could accommodate a crew of 400 and had a top speed of Warp 8. Armaments included Photon Torpedoes, and fore and aft Phasers. These guys were starfleets front line vessels for over 30 years, like their 24th century counterpart (the Galaxy-Class) some of Starfleets most notable officers serves aboard and commanded these ships.


BC-304 Daedalus class
After the destruction of the BC-303 Prometheus, The Tarui decided to build a newer class of ship. Unlike the Prometheus, Daedalus-Class ships had their advanced weaponry, transporters, Shields and sensors all built into the ship from the ground up (instead of tacked on). Featuring the latest in Asgard technology this class of ship was one of the most powerful in the Galaxy, taking on ship classes such as Hataks, Ori Motherships, Wraith Cruisers, and Replicator Ships. Armaments included Asgaurd Plasma Beam weapons, Horizon Nuclear Missile platform, Rail guns and Numerous Fore and Aft missile launchers.

The Daedalus-Class also had a intergalactic hyperdrive capable of getting to the Pegasus galaxy from the milky way galaxy in only 18 days. (4 if Powered by a ZPM) It was Capable of carrying 16 F-302 fighters. The Daedalus-Class was a very Boxy looking ship, but looked so cool at the same time.

USG Ishimura
Despite being a space faring Death trap The Ishimura is still an impressive ship. Being the First Planet Cracker-Class ship The Ishimura is capable of breaking down and Smelting entire planets and moons, its crew compliment is 1332. Employing a technique called "scan and catch" the ship would use its enormous gravity tethers to harvest mineral rich asteroids. Even though its a mining vessel the ishimura has a dedicated Medical wing for medicinal research. The Ishimura is also the first vessel of its size to utilize the Shock point drive.

Independence Day City Ship

Not much is known about these ships, all we know is that they are 15 miles in Diameter and have a very powerful Laser weapon on the Ventral side of its hull. This weapon in capable of flattening an entire city in one shot . These ships are also protected by a powerful energy shield capable of defending against both projectile weapons, amram missiles and even nukes.

On board is an untold number smaller fighters equipped with both shields and a powerful energy weapon that's can destroy an F-18 in one shot. Ironically their most powerful weapon is also their weak spot, one missile or suicide run with a fighter jet is enough to cause a catastrophic overload with will destroy the entire ship.

These ships were super cool.

What did you think of this list?

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November 23, 2011
Meh. I don't much see the TARDIS as a spaceship, and I hate the external look of the nuBSG battlestars.
November 24, 2011
Its all a matter of opinion. Remember the reason the TARDIS looks like a blue box is because of its camo ability. It can change into other forms.
November 24, 2011
as for the battlestars I will admit that Galactica looked very odd from some angles. I bet you liked Pegasus though. Right?
November 23, 2011
The TARDIS is the coolest ride in the universe. Nice list.
November 24, 2011
if someone were to come up to me right now and ask me which one of these Id like to command, the Tardis would honestly be my last choice. As cool a ship as it is. I wouldnt want it. Give me a battlestar. Thanks for the comment.
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